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Quotes / Appeal to Audacity

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Bluto: What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer...
Otter: Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic... but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!
Bluto: We're just the guys to do it!

"While most con artists just try to sell you a shady Rolex for $50, every so often an ambitious grifter comes along claiming that he's actually Mr. Rolex, and that if you give him a million dollars, he will take you to a magical clockwork land where not only can you tell time... you can tell it what to do."

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