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(To Diego's dinosaurs, after realizing that they were actually humans) "I am... so sorry, please forgive me for hurting you..."
Jonathan Joestar, Jonathan Joestar, The First Jojo

Transmission from Arquillian battleship: DELIVER THE GALAXY OR EARTH WILL BE DESTROYED. SORRY.
Agent J: Ahh, that's bullshit!

"Sorry... Don't wanna hurt ya, Mother is making me..."
The Other Father, Coraline

"I have never before released my bristles to kill. Your forgiveness."
Pathfinder Neeyala, Farscape

"Ah...Uhmm, please stay away, okay!? It's dangerous!"
Sayo, before opening fire with a gatling gun, Negima! Magister Negi Magi

Seraph: You seek the Oracle.
Neo: Who are you?
Seraph: I am Seraph. I can take you to her. But first, I must apologize.
Neo: Apologize for what?
Seraph: For this. [attacks Neo]

"I'm... sorry.... run! RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!"
Hybrid, System Shock 2

Dororo: I'm sorry.
Giroro: Showing remorse for destroying the enemy. I can't believe you're the top assassin.
Dororo: I just don't like useless violence.
Giroro: You're soft.
Keroro: They're so serious...
— Victory scene, Keroro RPG

"I remember when I was in the army," he'd say, "and I was drunk off my ass as usual. And there was this huge guy playin' pool in the bar I was in. And I don't know why, but I just flicked a beer coaster at him, and it hit him right in the back of the head. And he turned around really slowly and he looked down at me and he said in this really tired way 'Do we really need to do this tonight?' And I said, 'Nah, you're right. We don't. Sorry.' So he turned around, and fuck me if I didn't just throw another one and hit him again, right in the back of the head. I don't know why I did it. No fuckin' idea. And I knew when I did it that he was gonna kick my ass, so I turned around and tried to run, and I slipped in a puddle of beer and fell on my face, and he just picked me right up and bashed the shit out of me. And the funniest thing about it was that the whole time he was punching me, he kept apologizing to me for having to do it."
Jim, Self-Made Man

How can you have a civil war? "Pardon me. BLAMBLAMBLAM! I'm awfully sorry..."

Seriously, we're on your side!
Sokka while laying waste to Earth Kingdom royal guards, Avatar: The Last Airbender

(Aang and Sokka are being forced by Hama's bloodbending to attack Katara)
Katara: Aang, I am so sorry!
Aang (pinned to a tree): It's okay!

"I don't blame you..."
Turret, Portal

I'm really sorry about this! RUN!
Excuse me, could you, um, RUN?
Oh please, oh please, let me miss!
Quick, quick, get out of the way!

“They could have programmed me to love, to forgive; but noooooo.”
Robobrain, Fallout 3

Phoebus: Alright, alright, alright, just give me a chance to apologize.
Esmeralda: For what?
Phoebus: *knocks her down and snatches her weapon* That, for example.

"You will have to forgive me, Commander, for fighting to preserve my destiny."

"I apologise, I really do: I hate brutishness, I despise rudeness, and you have been such a wonderful guest. But... I owe my own favours: there are contracts that bind me. Samael says that you are to go no further. I am more sophisticated than this, and you deserve better, but... this will get brutish."
Mephistopheles, The Secret World

I used the knife.
I saved a child.
I won a war.
God forgive me.
Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files, Changes

"Human. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye."
King Asgore, Undertale

(Sombra traps Coffee Talk in a crystal)
"I'm... Sorry. I really am. But at least this way... ...You'll be safe from me."
King Sombra, Ask King Sombra

"M- Mother wants me to hurt you... she says you're evil. F- Father Kaiser said so t- too..." The whimpering stallion grumbled as he walked along a wall, eyeing up Fluttershy and Winslow. "I- I can't make mom and dad mad... so I'm- I'm gonna hurt you as best as I can, okay?"

"Fluttershy, this stallion is extremely far-gone. Be wary." Winslow began to analyze his foe as he drew closer. "Here he comes!"

"I'm sorry!" Gar Nichts cried as he sprung at them both.

"I'm sorry about this, J'onn — you'll never really know how sorry! Now please -for both our sakes — just lie there till I'm gone!"

Guard: What... what are you? Spirit or man?
Szeth: What am I? I'm... sorry. [kills all the guards]

"This is the first time I have ever had to fight at full power. I might not be able to hold back. Apologies in advance."

Supergirl: Dr. Light, I think you're going to be really mad at me later. And I'm really sorry.
Dr. Light: "Sorry"? What for —
Supergirl knocks her out with one uppercut.

"This breaks my heart, Kara Zor-El."

With a cry of fury, Buffy ran back, slammed a great kick into the neck of one of the cantors, grabbed his book of spells, and sent it sailing over the edge of the roof. Then she grabbed the cantor, lifted him over her head, and ran with him protesting back inside the pentagram itself. She made sure of where she was going.
“Sorry,” she said, and pitched him towards M’nagaleh.

Oaken: [cheerfully] I'm sorry about this violence! I vill add a quart of lutefisk so we have good feelings. [He places a jar of pickled lutefisk on the desk next to Anna's possessions] Just the outfit and the boots, ja?
Princess Anna: Uh....

"I was asked to make you suffer. Um... I'm sorry. It's my job."
The Stewmaker, The Blacklist "The Stewmaker"

"Neville, I'm really, really sorry about this. Petrificus Totalis!"
Hermione Granger, Harry Potter

Sorry about this. I'm sure you're a good man and all... [Neck Snap]'s just that I needed a uniform and you were in the wrong place at precisely the right time.

Owlette: Dragon, it's us, the PJ Masks. We helped you before
Night Ninja: Ha! Silly PJs! The dragon obeys whoever holds the mallet, which is me now. Prepare to be blown away. Okay, dragon, let them have a little dragon breath! (hits the gong with mallet)
Gekko: Oh, not again!
An Yu: I'm sorry, I must obey once more. (closes her eyes, and then blows the PJ Masks off the mountain)

"If it's any consolation, I really am incredibly sorry about this, gentlemen..."

"Not even the best of contracts justifies killing as cruelly as I have just done. I apologize to this creature."
Toguro, Yu Yu Hakusho

The words also had the intended effect, as Jor used the opportunity to rush forward and slam his forearm into Kara's face. Stunned, Jor ripped the rifle from Kara's hands and knocked her to the ground. Jor brought the butt of the rifle down on Kara's head, and everything started losing consciousness. "I'm sorry about this, Kara," was the last thing she heard before everything blacked out.

"I'm sorry 'cause I like you, but I have to kill you."
Carlo, Deep Red

"Look I - I want to apologize to everybody here. Please, I'm gonna put everybody back together. I promise you. Well, first, I gotta put Elizabeth back together, because that's - That's the whole point of this. And then, I'm gonna take care of everybody. I'm gonna get to everybody. Just take it easy. First, we're gonna take a little trip to New Jersey. It's just right over the bridge. I've got an estrogen based blood serum there. It'll do wonders for you. Gonna make you feel like little girls, again. Just trust me, all right?"
Jeffrey Franken, Frankenhooker


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