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"Someone who's 70 now was in his teens during the 1950s and in his 20s during the 1960s. That's when a lot of language habits are formed... When I'm 70, I'm probably still going to be saying "wicked awesome", and the amount of irony I put into it will depend entirely on how senile I am by then."
Bryan Lambert, You Are Dumb

"We have been taught to tremble at the terrific visages of murdering janizaries, and to blush at the unveiled mysteries of a future seraglio."
Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers, 1788

"How do you manage the telegramophone whilst wearing gentleman's sport gloves? Stop"
— A electronic message received by Old-Timey Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner

"Broke bread"? Who are you, St. Francis of Assisi all of a sudden?
Stewie Griffen, Family Guy

Dr. Stephen Strange: [Thanos] could destroy life on a scale hitherto undreamt of.
Tony Stark: Did you seriously just say "hitherto undreamt of"?

Bandit: I don't suppose you wanna give me a ride?
Tohru How dare you make such an impertinent suggestion!
Kobayashi (later) You know Tohru...
Tohru Yes?
Kobayashi That old-fashioned way of speaking made you sound like an old geezer.
Tohru What?! No! It's fancy!


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