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"If nature had a mascot, it would be Godzilla. When you do something wrong or misbehave, that's who they send. Godzilla represents the whole planet."

"There are seven beings that are not Gods,
that existed before humanity dreamed of Gods,
that will exist after the last God is dead.
There are seven beings that exist because,
deep in our hearts, we know that they exist."
The Sandman, The Wake

"As Ludwig flew, the world's night moved along with him. It wasn't a problem with the movement and placement of celestial bodies - it was much more absurd and terrifying. The shadowy regions themselves became akin to animals and accompanied him. No, that expression wasn't appropriate. After all, he was the darkness - the lord who dominated half the world. Even then, that idea only applied when you conformed to the concepts of day and night.
Naturally, darkness could be born anywhere.
Even when there was sunlight or artificial lightning, anywhere where the light was blocked would become the domain of Methuselah. Caverns, dense woods, the sides of buildings... Even the shadows cast by animals - humans included - were no exception. Therefore, the extraordinarily vast, black kingdom that began moving was actually all a part of Ludwig's body. He was a dependent of God - the personification of an aspect of nature, born through people's worship of the dark in the long gone age of mythology."
Dies Irae ~Interview with Kaziklu Bey~ on Methuselah.


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