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Haylee: What kind of idiot buy this materialistic crap?
Steve: Huh, And we widen to reveal...
Stan: Look at all this cool stuff! A glow in the dark rake, a money suit, a giant Flava Flav clock and this robot frog that does amazing things when you speak Taiwanese. Nie hau ma?
American Dad!, "Francine with Wolves"

Mac: But the problem is, Terrence is stupid, and not just stupid-stupid, but really stupid. He'd never be able to devise a plan like this, so he must be working with somebody, somebody who could and would want to get rid of Bloo once and for all. But what I can't figure out is who — Who'd want to get rid of Bloo?
(all the friends' eyes widen)
(cut to the friends in the backyard standing in front of the Extremeosaurus's cage, which is unlocked and empty)


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