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Sometimes I feel like I have ruined comics for myself forever. Sometimes I will look at a normal comic, and think to myself, what the fuck are all these fucking panels doing on the same fucking page? SPREAD EM OUT DUDE! True story.
It is my fond hope that I have ruined, or will ruin, comics for everyone else too. Scott McCloud wrote what I am sure is a pretty good book called
Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. One day I hope to write a book called Ruining Comics: Forever. It will be a 1000 page book, and every page will simply be a photograph of my face.
Andrew Hussie

Do you identify with any of the trolls personally?
Gamzee but only cause he killed a bunch of them.
Andrew Hussie, via Tumblr

[I] had breakfast with Andrew Hussie at Denny's the other day, very enlightening. while our skillet scrambles were being prepared, he created a lengthy and complex narrative involving a conflict between the salt and pepper shakers. other condiments soon joined the fray as ancillary characters and Hussie asked for twelve extra placemats to keep track of all the storylines/parallel universes/alliances/etc. he wouldn't let me use the ketchup because "it's still dead in this timeline" and apparently i'd have to wait for a dream sequence (the waitress comes by and refills our coffee).
as we exited the restaurant, two geeky-looking teenagers dressed as salt and pepper shakers accosted Hussie, begging to know how the story ends. he smiled weakly and said "it never ends." he got into his beamer and that was the last I saw of him.

Yo, the name's Hussie, people call me the Huss
My first name's Andrew but that's rarely discussed
I'ma rap for you, and if you're not impressed
It's a good week if I can squeeze in a shower
And if by some miracle I get spare time
With a smile all the while on my massive lips
I've got some sorta weird infatuation with horses
Got my Chakras as blitzed as my linguistic forces
And all of the breadsticks at Olive Garden
I lurk outside of caves with a Toblerone
And I don't wanna hear your questions so just leave me alone!''

Villains always seem invincible until they die. It's the magic that keeps them around til the end of the movie.
Andrew Hussie


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