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"In Christmas of '76, six months before it opened. I said to Carrie, 'Hey, you know what? They're showing the trailer at the Avco-Embassy. Let's go stick our heads in.' And all I know is that at the end of the trailer, it says 'A billion years in the making. Star Wars, and it's coming to your galaxy this summer,' and there's a big explosion, and some wise-guy in the back goes 'Yeah, and it's coming to late-night TV about two months after that!'"

"When this game was first announced, we thought it was going to suck. How wrong we were. How wrong we were."

"No one's ever gonna pay a dime to see a dwarf picture.'"

Forget it, Louis. No Civil War picture ever made a nickel.
David O Selznick to Louis B. Mayer on Gone with the Wind

Connie and I wrote that first episode and we sent it in to Jimmy Gilbert, the executive whose job it was to assess the quality of the writing said, and I can quote [his note to me] fairly accurately, "This is full of clichéd situations and stereotypical characters and I cannot see it as being anything other than a disaster". And Jimmy himself said, "You're going to have to get them out of the hotel, John. You can't do the whole thing in the hotel". Whereas, of course, it's in the hotel that the whole pressure cooker builds up.

2017 Paul: “Yes, Zelda will give the Switch a stronger launch than the Wii U, almost automatically. But even there, there are caveats. With effectively four new games at launch, you either have to like Zelda, or you won’t buy a Switch, it’s as simple as that. And while the gaming bubbles of the internet are going nuts over Breath of the Wild, it’s important to remember that it’s games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.. that are Nintendo’s absolute biggest hits, not Zelda titles (though of course they sell well). They are vast, complex RPGs, and while great games, have a smaller audience than many believe. That may change with Breath of the Wild, which could expand the series’ reach simply by being that good, but at launch, the Switch is in effect a $360 copy of Zelda, which is no small order.”

2018 Paul: While I will take responsibility for much of the stupidness here, boy was it really hard to imagine Breath of the Wild being that good. There was no talk of an anemic launch line-up for the Switch after it was released because quite simply, Zelda was the only thing you actually needed to play. There are system-sellers, and there is Breath of the Wild, on a different plane of existence altogether. And just when that glow started to fade, Mario Odyssey came along and was nearly as good on its own.

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