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Castle: It's a game... This whole thing. The fake IDs, the dossiers, Luvania, the banking minister. It's all part of a game.
Hans: Come on. You're breaking the fourth wall here.
Castle: Listen, Hans, or whatever your name is, you see that woman? She's a real cop. There's been a real murder, and you are really under arrest. If you don't start talking to us, you're gonna stay in jail. Real jail.
Hans: You're telling me this is real?
Becket: Very.
Hans: I'm really in jail?
Castle: Yes, you are really in jail.

David Lightman: (logging onto a computer) Joshua.
JOSHUA: Greetings, Professor Falken.
David: (typing) Hello, are you still playing the game?
JOSHUA: Of course. I should reach DEFCON 1 and launch my missiles in 28 hours. Would you like to see some projected kill ratios?
David: (reading) 69% of the housing destroyed, 72 million people dead? (typing) Is this a game or is it real?
JOSHUA: What's the difference?

Are they filming a movie, dood? Where's the camera? I don't see it...
Oh, this...
It's not a movie, dood!
Mystery Room Prinny encountering two Giant Mooks, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance


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