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Quotes / Analogy Backfire

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[After ripping Cell's tail off]
Android 16: That's put an end to your absorbing capabilities. Now you are like a bee without a stinger.
[Beat as Cell writhes in pain before calming down and standing up]
Cell: ...Not exactly. Your analogy of the bee... it's not quite accurate. When bees lose their stingers, they're gone for good. The bee dies. [screams and grunts for a minute until his tail regenerates] But when Cell loses his tail... well, he just grows another one.

PSA: [showing an egg frying in a pan] This is your brain on drugs. [beat] Any questions?
Jon: Yeah, I th-I think I got a few. So you're telling me that my brain on drugs is a healthy, nutritious breakfast that helps my brain grow? [beat] Shit, I should do some drugs!
JonTron, "Anti Drug Games"

Tobias: <Okay, we're at the hospital. I'll take a low pass, then tell you guys when to jump off. Kind of like an old war movie. You guys are the paratroopers.>
Marco: <Good example. Ever notice how in those old movies the paratroopers mostly get shot?>
Animorphs #6: The Capture

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