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"Is that Kid Kool? What happened?? He looks nothing like the guy on the cover! Now that's what you call Kool! Shaking his fist at a wizard, a dragon humping his leg..."

"When Wily cites Asimov's law of robotics about harming humans, Mega Man obediantly freezes in Japan, speaking only in ellipses. In the West, the Blue Bomber instead declares that he is more than a mere robot and wishes death upon Wily, going against his usual moral justice and desire for peace. This odd, rapid tonal shift clashes with the game's otherwise light-hearted, kid-friendly approach and was possibly to make Mega Man a little more edgier for US teens. In either case, it's a one-time affair and no attempt of making the hero a vigilante killer ever came up again."'
Neil Foster on Mega Man 7, Hardcore Gaming 101

Fumito Udea: What do you think about the cover of the US version of ICO?
[Awkward silence]
Fumito Udea: I had some reservations about the package design, but in the end, ICO sold well in the US. So the package design must have been the right choice.
Junichi Hosono: I've sort of developed an attachment to the design over the years.
Kenji Kaido: After ten years, it grows on you.
Junichi Hosono: Even now, people still talk about it. You see it on Top Ten Worst Game Covers, and stuff like that.
Kenji Kaido: In that sense, that artwork leaves an impression on people.
Junichi Hosono: ICO and Mega Man are the ones people mention.
—The director, planner, and producer of ICO discussing its US cover

idk what it is but something about being in america really pisses kirby off
Tumblr post

Maniac Rage...If they localized anime like they did video games, that would be the localized name of Ranma 1/2.
DeviantArt comment

Joshua Wolfe: It had the worst boxart in the video game history.
— G4 Tech TV's Icon on Mega Man


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