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Quotes / American Horror Story S 01 E 11 Birth

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Violet: (To Tate) "One of these days this computer will be obsolete. People will have microchips implanted in their brains or something. We won't be able to watch YouTube. We'll be like all the others here, prisoners in a windowless cell."

Tate: (To Chad and Patrick) "You're gonna steal the twins? You pathetic homos couldn't steal the shit out of your own ass."

Chad: (To Tate) "I am quaking in my loafers. What are you going to do? Murder me?"

Hayden: "Hey bitches. Got that slime off my baby yet?"

Constance: "God, you are vile. You are not suited to raise children."
Chad: "Raise them? Oh, honey, no no no. We’re going to wait until they reach that adorable age — about a year or year and a half — and then we are going to smother them with hypoallergenic pillows. That way they’ll be cute forever."


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