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Quotes / Am I Just a Toy to You?

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Greg: We...we didn't fuse.
Rose: [Beat] What? [Laughs hysterically] You can't fuse! You are a human!
Greg: I know! That's the problem! I'm just a human.
Rose: That's not a problem! I love humans! You're all so funny! [Greg grimaces, seemingly heartbroken.]
Greg: Look... these last few months have been great-
Rose: Oh yes.
Greg: But I'm getting a little worried about the future.
Rose: Oh! Just ask Garnet.
Greg: I'm starting to wonder if you... respect me?
Rose: Oh, you're hilarious, Mr. Universe.
Greg: Rose, please! [Rose continues to laugh.] Can you just- [Continues to laugh.] Talk to me for one second, like a real person!?

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