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Gangstalicious: (rapping) I got shot!
Audience: I got shot!
(three dudes get on stage and shoot him)
Gangstalicious: Ooh, I GOT SHOT!
Audience: I got shot!
Gangstalicious: No, I got shot for real!
Audience: I got shot for real!
Gangstalicious: No goddammit! I got shot! Some niggas shot me! I'm bleedin'! I'ma die'! Somebody please help me! HELP ME! (collapses)
Audience (confused): No goddammit! I got shot! Some niggas shot me! I'm bleedin'...
Huey: (voiceover) It was 45 minutes before anyone called an ambulance.

Queen Narissa: The most powerful thing in the world. Ha! I don't think so. You have no idea who you're dealing with. You want a show? I'll give you a show. Back up and get ready for the main event!
Enchanted, after Giselle being revived by True Love's Kiss is mistaken as part of a show.

Peter: Come on, Brian. We had a deal!
Brian: Yeah, well, the deal's off! Me and the little shred of dignity I have left will be waiting in the car! (walks away)
Peter: B-Brian, come! Hey, don't you walk out on me! (beat) Hey...Uh, heh. Uh, I now command you to leave! Yep, keep going! Yeah, t-t-that's right! Yeah, flip me off! Good boy! (laughs nervously)
Family Guy, "Brian: Portrait of a Dog"


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