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"If there was only one thing that I could tell the entire animation industry, it would be that there's more to adult cartoons than shock humor. Every time a new adult cartoon pops up, it seems to do the exact same damn thing: purposefully try to offend people by spouting stupid ideas just to piss them off, and top it off, with as much sex, gore and raunch as possible."

"People wonder why adults are watching things like My Little Pony. If this is what adults are supposed to be watching, I'd rather gouge my eyes out. Adult cartoons need some serious help because more often than not, they tend to be like this. Shows like Mr. Pickles crop up when failures thrive. Right now, failures are thriving in adult cartoons. All you need is 22 minutes of shock humor with some "social commentary" deliberately designed to be "edgy", and BAM, you've got yourself a hit. Adult cartoons have the potential to explore the entirety of the human experience. They don't have to be insightful about it, but my god, they need to be at least adult about it. This is another reason why I tend to stick to kids shows. It's not only that I don't like watching the stuff, it's that with the current status quo, I all too often feel like I'm critiquing hentai for porn I don't feel that this is what adult cartoons are supposed to be like."

"Okay, so can someone please tell adult animation that there's more to their job than constantly trying to shock? That maybe South Park and Family Guy are still on today because there was more than that in their inception? [...] Most of these bad adult cartoons try to be South Park and fail, but now we're getting shit that's attempting to emulate the failures."

"[...] there's just as many ways to make a cartoon for adults as there are to kids[...] The majority of them are 22 minutes of shock humor with some "social commentary" deliberately designed to be "edgy." As strange as it may seem with the recent glut of copy-paste adult cartoons on the market there are many, many different ways we can tackle an adult cartoon. [...] I mean take a look at kids' cartoons and their variety. There are comedies like Spongebob and Dexter's Lab. There are adventure shows like DuckTales, action shows like Kim Possible, slice-of-life shows like Hey Arnold!, fantasy shows—high like Avatar and urban like Jake Long. There are science fiction shows like Ben 10. However, when it comes to adult cartoons [...] there seems to be only one genre. Adult cartoons are a comedy like the The Simpsons, a comedy like Family Guy, a comedy like South Park, or a comedy like Mr. Pickles. Once in awhile you get lucky and get a comedy and another genre combined like Futurama being science fiction and comedy. The only other genre that adult cartoons seem to want to tackle as a pure genre is slice-of-life, like King of the Hill or God, the Devil, and Bob [...] You know how I said that adult cartoons are pigeon-holed into comedy. Well, adult-oriented comedy is pigeon-holed too. At most tasteful you've got the classic sitcom just in animated form, but other than that it's just being as shocking as you possibly can. In live action adult-oriented comedy you've got: parody, slapstick comedy, deadpan comedy, sketch comedy, black comedy, and so many more. Yes, there are adult cartoons that fall into these sub-genres (Robot Chicken), but most of them are cringe comedy. And bad cringe comedy. A lazy or incompetent writer will show something fucked up in place of a joke; a good writer uses it to add to the joke. Using something fucked up in and of itself as the joke is kind of like holding your house together with hammers instead of nails. Everything is going to fall apart and no one will take you seriously. [...] Let's talk about shoehorning in sex, raunch, whatever. In my Mr. Pickles review I said that you had "the whole pallete of human experience open to you." And you do. In adult cartoons there is nothing you're not allowed to tackle, and for the most part, you can expect your audience to know what you're talking about. Using this privilege to write 22 minutes of animals getting their limbs chopped off is like finally getting the ability to drive the family car after months of asking, and crashing it. Into an oncoming train. On purpose. [...] What does it mean to be an adult? Well... it means more than you now know what sex is or have the ability to watch more violent things. Try to imagine where knowing what sex is or being able to see violence is the only thing that being an adult means. I don't have to. I've watched Mr. Pickles and Adult Party Cartoon. There's so much more to being an adult, and beyond the stereotypical midlife crisis. There are complicated issues—gun control, homophobia, drugs and addiction, abortion, censorship, political fears, faith and dissilusion, adultery, mental illnesses, and many others. Most of these you can't put in a kids' show without metaphore if at all. Here you can tell right what you feel, provided that you know what the fuck you're talking about. [...] Adult issues are not black and white. You want to get people to think about the issue; not just tell them what they're doing wrong. Make sure the argument and counter-argument are in the same episode too, you'll look like a major hypocrite if you don't. And make sure the moral is appropriate to the correct person. Don't force anyone in your story to do something they wouldn't realistically. Every adult issue is complex. That's what makes them "adult." [...] You will offend people. It's inevitable. There are plenty of people in the world who have extreme views that they're not going to bend on. They aren't angry that you're giving a counter-argument; they're angry that there's a counter-argument at all. That being said, just because people are pissed doesn't mean you're doing your job right. If you're purposely just pissing people off, then you fail. That is the biggest epic fail, ever. At the baseline, no matter what, when you're making adult cartoons, you're making entertainment—a funny or a dramatic story. There is virtually no reason to exclusionary. Intentionally pissing people off comes across to me as pointless at best."
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, on Adult Cartoon Part I of his Writing Tips series.

"Here in the West, we have this attitude that animation should either be a man-child comedy, or straight-up for children."

"Can we have one adult cartoon that ISN'T an edgy and offensive comedy please?"
Donnel Waddle Dee, Twitter

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