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Today's forecast is really weird.
What If?, Alt text from Question 145: Fire from Moonlight.

The party had been over for some time. Shinji and Asuka strolled hand in hand on the edge of the lake. Its waters glimmered in the silvery light of both moons.
HERZ, epilogue

They flew in the savagery of Jupiter’s Red Spot, mightiest of maelstroms, the tempest to swallow worlds—and then, in a quieter part of that planet of skies, glided and beheld a golden heaven in which moons bobbed above clouds the size of continents.

The breeze, winter-cold, enters through an arched window. Through it, you can see a dark sky.
The sun is black. It squirms.
Sunless Sea, Zubmariner DLC, found within a certain Eye

And the Sun— Something's wrongSomething's wrong with the Sun! This isn't Krypton!

The star-system of Qward had twin suns for the last thousand years. The new one was rather small, as stars go, but a star is a star, for all that.


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