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You know what Cardassians drink in the morning? Fish juice. Hot fish juice. ...After six months, I was hoping the Klingons would invade.
Barry Waddle, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ("Trials and Tribble-ations")

Paris: Cold fowl in a bottle? That's just an expression, isn't it?
Neelix: No. It's actually made from the glandular secretions of an adult dunghill bird, found only on Potak III.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Parturition"

T'Pol: It's called gagh. It's a Klingon delicacy, but only when they're alive.
Hoshi: (squicked out) They look like worms.
T'Pol: They are worms.
Star Trek: Enterprise, "Sleeping Dogs"

Keima (referring to a box walking around on multiple tentacles): What is this?!
Elsie: It's your lunch.
Keima: What world has self-propelled lunches?!
Elsie: But if it's alive, it'll still be warm at lunchtime!

Not sure why everyone makes a big deal out of the blue milk. You get a carton of the regular and leave it out for a few months, you get the same damn thing. Though to be fair, I would hate to see what Luke’s aunt had to milk to get that stuff. There’s an outside chance she stood her ground against those stormtroopers and said, “Go on and fry us, assholes! You know what I have to do to get my family milk? Death is not something I fear anymore.”

Chris: We cut back to Damaskinos, a.k.a. President Vampire, who is eating… I mean, the only way I can describe it is “Blood Jell-O.”
David: I’d like to think that in the Marvel Universe, blood Jell-O is advertised on television by Vampire Bill Cosby.
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Blade II

"I'm warning you, Mr. Retief," he said hoarsely. "I've eaten sheep's eyes in the Sudan, ka swe in Burma, hundred-year cug on Mars and everything else that has been placed before me in the course of my diplomatic career. And, by the holy relics of Saint Ignatz, you'll do the same!" He snatched up a spoon-like utensil and dipped it into his bowl.
The Yillian Way, by John Keith Laumer

Is it too much to ask for already dead food?
Cale, Titan A.E.

"Just close your eyes and hold your nose! Look, you don't even need to swallow - see? Down it goes. I think it likes the dark."


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