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I told you we should have taken the stairs. All these temples have stupid hyper geometry.
Black Mage, 8-Bit Theater

Why do we even have physics?!
Black Mage, 8-Bit Theater

You're not out there, you're in here. It's different in here. More different the farther inside you go.
Mirror Girl, Blind Lake

Jerry: (on the phone) Well, what street are you on?
Kramer: (looks out of the phone booth) I'm on 1st and 1st… How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe!
Seinfeld, "The Maid" (1998)

666-4850—A normal-looking house that, on closer inspection, has no right angles.

Are you sure that a floor cannot also be a ceiling? Are you absolutely certain that you go up when you walk up a staircase?

another dude falls into a hole on the structure
that is only there
because the dude who built this shit
like all the veticals are horizontals
and and the parallels are fucking
and what the fuck is a cosecant?

It's Bigger on the Inside!
Numerous Doctor Who companions

He looked around him and saw various constructions and buildings of every size, shape, and form. They all had one thing in common: they were impossible. Straight vertical angles connected parts at different horizontal distances. Pillars scattered everywhere that supported straight beams. Things far in the distance cut in front of things in the foreground. Slopes and steps went in endless circles, always going up or down but never getting any higher or lower. Wherever things could not touch, they did.

Jame: But are you sure this thing is real? It's so small.
Marc: Only on the outside. The Builders could be very playful about space.

I can barely glance at the dimensions of the pavilion's interior; my mind shudders away from the sheer impossibility of it. Where from the outside the pavilion seemed merely huge, from within it seems nigh-on infinite! Endless plains of satin cushions and deep carpets, divans, beds, pools, baths and fountains stretch away from me in every direction as far as my eyes can see. And not just upon one plane - there is no separation between up and down. Where there should be walls or ceilings, there are instead yet more cushions, rugs and divans.

The classroom was high up in the castle - on the fifth floor - and Harry knew that was as much explanation as he'd get for where a room like this was supposed to fit. It was becoming clear that Hogwarts simply did not have a geometry, Euclidean or otherwise; it had connections, not directions.

I felt myself drawn to the mystic light. I reached out, closing it in my hands. The faint glow escaped my fingers and began to spark brightly and spirit me away, unlocking alien memories of spiraling towers, endless deserts, and impossible geometry.

I turned my feet towards the far horizon, and still the city was before me. Once more I turned, and again, and yet another turning. With each freshly chosen course, I drew nearer to the city gates, and its towers and walls loomed higher. The gateway was the end of every road, and despair gnawed my heart.
Liber Malefic, Warhammer: Chaos Demons Army Book (7th Edition)

There is no magical barrier surrounding the Light College and no spell hiding it from prying eyes. Instead, it is built where lines of arcane convergence have created a location hidden within folds of space.
The Light College can be found on the left bank of the Reik in an area that a mere century ago was the home of many rising merchant families. Fortunes change, and the area is now lower class and sinking even further. The alleys and roads crossing the folds of space link up, but mapping them is impossible; the folds left by the Light College mean that the geometry of that area cannot properly be represented in three dimensions, let alone two. People who live there get used to finding their way around and try not to think too hard about the strangeness. Those who do are rumoured to either go mad or become wizards.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Paths Of The Damned - Spires Of Altdorf


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