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Quotes / Agent Scully

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Hugh Bliss: Don't you see? I can read your mind!
Sam: As the resident Doubting Thomas of this crime fighting duo, I consider it my civic duty to say: prove it.
Hugh: Ok! Think of something, anything!
Sam: (thinks) 6,373,411.98
Hugh: Six million, three hundred seventy-three million, four hundred eleven. Point nine eight!
Max: Sam?
Sam: Lucky guess.

Perry: No. No. No. That is...These are not things that happen. Vampires and evil weird brain parasites and giant mushrooms, No. We're supposed to have a...a movie night and a formal dance at the end of term and you'll come to me with boy problems or girl problems or menstrual problems but not all of this evil weird conspiracy...No! This needs to stop happening. I demand this stop happening. Just... be normal. Just...BE NORMAL!


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