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Quotes / Aeon Legion: Labyrinth

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A quiet day of surfing the internet at the local library was interrupted when Nazis kicked in the front door.
—Opening line

I hate this place.”

“I have no idea. All I care is that it works.”
—Alya explaining Time Travel

“Why do you stare at me like I’m a monster?”
—Hanns Speer while wearing a Nazi armband

“Genowhat? I am sure our quest for justice is quite overstated in the Americas. You shouldn't believe in such exaggerations. We would never do such a terrible thing. History will redeem us.”
—Hanns Speer

“Then how can you tell when you have become the villain then?”
—Terra's question to Alya

“I guess it depends on the person. I have known a few who saw the darkness in their own hearts, but that is a rare kind. Those who deny being lost in the dark will never bother to look for light. It is the nature of being a villain.”
—Alya's answer

”Well that was a lousy free psychic reading."
—Terra upon learning she is The Unchosen One

She walked out of the shadows of steel, footsteps echoing on metal as she stepped into the dim light.
Kairos's return

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