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Patsy Walker: You're... not. Not even close.
Patsy: Are you serious? Death. Taxes. Cramps. The Babadook. Space aliens. Civil Wars. Climate change. Stalkers. Guys who call you ugly after you turn them down. Never being able to live up to what my best friend expected of me. Bed bugs. Hornets. Rent hikes. Dying alone. Not to mention LITERALLY EVERYTHING happening in politics right now! Have you seen the news?!
Mr. Sniffles: ........................................ D:

Mufasa: I'm only brave when I have to be. Simba, being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.
Simba: But you're not scared of anything.
Mufasa: I was today.
Simba: You were?
Mufasa: Yes... I thought I might lose you.

Triton: Any sign of them?
Seahorse: No, your Majesty! We searched everywhere! We're found no trace of your daughter or Sebastian!
Triton: Well, keep looking! Leave no shell upturned, no coral unexplored and let no one in the kingdom sleep until she's safe at home!
Seahorse: Yes, sire! (leaves)
"Oh Pony, I thought we lost you like we lost Mom and Dad!"
Darry Curtis, The Outsiders

"You do whatever you need to do to get him back his little girl. Anything you need, detective."
Captain Gates, Castle: "Target"

"When you're a young kid, imagery is probably what scares you the most. However, as you get older, it's ideas and concepts that frighten you even more."

I am the fire that leaves you homeless. A heart attack in aisle six. The prescription you cannot collect.
I am the boiled sweet stuck in your child's throat. The motorway pileup that leaves you traumatized. The food shopping you cannot do.
I am the reason you need a wheelchair. The flood that leaves you stranded. The empty house when you return from the hospital.
I am a crisis... and I don't care who you are.

Somehow, some psycho with a knife that they couldn't identify had become ten times scarier than any mad scientist or alien dictator that had tried to destroy them previously.

Marge: (reading note) "Dear Mom and Dad — We don't want you guys to split up, so we're driving the RV back to the dealer!?" (gasps) We've got to stop them!
Homer: This is a parent's worst nightmare: they've stolen a car and they're home alone!
The Simpsons, "Mobile Homer"

Nanoha: (on the verge of tears) I couldn't keep my promise. I said I'd be her mother, that I'd protect her. (now crying) But I couldn't be by her side. I couldn't protect her. I'm sure she's crying now.
Fate: (hugging her) Nanoha.
Nanoha: When I think about her crying alone, and that maybe she's sad or hurt, my body shakes and I feel like I'm about to go crazy. I want to go save her right now! But I [don't know where she is.]

Dany was near tears as they carried her back. The taste in her mouth was one she had known before: fear. For years she had lived in terror of Viserys, afraid of waking the dragon. This was even worse. It was not just for herself that she feared now, but for her baby.

Commissioner Gordon: That freak was going to burn alive a young college student with her whole life ahead of her to fill some black hole in himself.
Detective Bullock: You coming in to start our strategy met?
Commissioner Gordon: Yeah... soon.
Detective Bullock: You're at your daughter's aren't ya? Probably standing across from her apartment right now— making sure she's safe and sound.
Commissioner Gordon: So what if I am, oh great Detective Bullock?
Detective Bullock: Just saying if I had a kid, I'd probably be on that ledge, too, Jimbo.

Bill: Well, would you look at that? Those kids really care about you. And you care about them, don't you?
Ford: What are you - oh. Oh, no.
Bill: Perhaps torturing those kids will make you talk.
Ford: No, NO! NOT THE KIDS! YOU CAN'T-! (is turned into gold)

Cathy: It was him, wasn't it? He's never gonna leave us alone...
Jack: He'll never get that close to us again, honey. That's why he calls in the middle of the night. It's all he can do.
Cathy: You get him, Jack. I don't care what you have to do. Just get him.

"Climb! Stop those UCAVs at all costs! If we don't stop him, the entire country will go down in flames! We cannot let that happen!"
Captain William Rush, Time Crisis 4

I know the others think I stepped over the line bringing up Donna and Jason. There is nothing more horrible — and I have seen incredible horror — than the death of a child.

Being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time.
Calvin's dad, Calvin and Hobbes

My getting killed would be bad enough, but that is not the nightmare scenario. The nightmare scenario, sweetheart, is you getting kidnapped. You go out to a bar or a party in some club and you get up to go to the restroom and somebody comes from behind and puts their hand across your mouth and whisks you out the back door. You're so petrified you don't even notice the bodies of a few Secret Service agents lying on the ground with bullet holes in their heads. Then you're whisked away in a car. It's a big party with lots of noise and lots of people coming and going, and it's a half hour before someone says, "Hey, where's Zoey?" Another fifteen minutes before the first phone call. It's another hour and a half before anyone even thinks to shut down all the airports. Now we're off to the races. You're tied to a chair in a cargo shack somewhere in the middle of Uganda and I am told that I have 72 hours to get Israel to free 460 terrorist prisoners. So I'm on the phone pleading with Binyamin and he's saying: "I'm sorry, Mr. President, but Israel simply does not negotiate with terrorists, period. It's the only way we can survive." So now we got a new problem because this country no longer has a Commander-in-chief, it has a father who's out of his mind because his little girl is in a shack somewhere in Uganda with a gun to her head! Do you get it?!?
President Bartlet, The West Wing

When I was younger, I would have resented some of this stuff - it would have seemed ham-handed. Manipulative. I could have discern[ed] what they wanted me to feel and valiantly refused, or (if it were executed especially well) felt a version of it which might bave been similar in color or shape. I would feel it in deference to their craft.

That’s not really how it works now. Children carve something out of you, a place for themselves; people can twist the knife in that spot, and it just bleeds and bleeds.

No matter where you hide it, kids find it. And accidents happen. And things that aren't accidents. We have teenagers in this house. We have a gay teenager in this house. We have a veteran with PTS. This is the last house that should have a gun!

I didn't see IT (Her?) - But it sure saw me. Must've followed me to the house 1st night - and saw my daughter. 2nd night I Got back near dawn, already too late - broken glass, Amanda screaming. Wet boot prints on the floor... seaweed.
I put her in harm's way. My fault. She fit the profile. Part of the reason I got so goddamn obsessed. All those pics of those little girls... like seeing my own child in danger, over & over.
Mark Meltzer, Bioshock 2: There's Something In The Sea

Moses: Rameses, your stubbornness is bringing this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go.
Rameses: I will not be dictated to. I will not be threatened. I am the morning and the evening star. I am Pharaoh!
Moses: Something else is coming. Something much worse than anything before. Please, let go of your contempt for life before it destroys everything you hold dear! Think of your son!
Rameses: I do.

Marco was still asleep. Or pretending to be. A good-looking kid, but small. Already, in his early adolescence, the stamp of failure was on him. He was too sweet-natured and trusting to ever make it very far in a hard world. A world that would only grow harder for humans.
I looked at him, one last time, as the voice in my head kept begging and begging. <Let me at least say good-bye, let me hold him one last time, let me kiss him, oh my God, no, no, don’t do this!>
Animorphs: Visser

Alcmene: You know, all a mother wants to do is protect her children from all the pain in the world. Because you love them so much, you hold on to the illusion you can do that, and the truth is I couldn't.
Hercules: None of us can. I held that same illusion for my children. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

No man likes to see his daughter taking a pounding.
Zor-El, Kara Of Rokyn


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