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Quotes / Adaptational Wimp

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"I've never read any of the comics so I don't know what Silver Surfer's powers are, but isn't he supposed to be pretty strong? So why'd they make him into a wimp? Why is he fucking up rubber ducks and weeping like a crybaby?"
The Angry Video Game Nerd, Silver Surfer review, about Surfer's One-Hit-Point Wonder status in the NES game.

"Forget the epic demons of myths and legends, cause these ones are lame, unthreatening, and they smell like toots."

"You'd think Christine would call him out more on his behavior, especially since her arc in the first musical involved getting to the point where she wouldn't let this guy manipulate her anymore. But apart from one scene where she gets genuinely mad at him, she goes right back to being a doormat, nobly suffering for the sake of the men in her life. Eventually this get to the point she's reduced to being a MacGuffin with vital signs, but more on that later."


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