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Quotes / Achey Scars

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She had told him before that the injuries throbbed with a dull, constant and persistent ache.
Asuka, HERZ, chapter 2

You know Whitebeard. I've fought countless battles. I've received countless scars as well. But the only one that's aching right now is this one. [points to scar on right eye] Right here.
Shanks, One Piece

Ah! OMFG! My scar hurts!
Harry "Vampire" Potter, My Immortal

Katsuya: What's wrong, Miss Amano?
Ulala: Does your chest hurt again, Ma-ya?
Katsuya: Again...?
Ulala: After running into Deja Vu Boy, she got this mysterious bruise that nags her... She doesn't know how she got it...
Maya: (something to the effect of "Don't worry, guys. I'm fine.")
Ulala: Fine...? You sure about that?
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment


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