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"The duty of the fighter pilot is to patrol his area of the sky, and shoot down any enemy fighters in that area. Anything else is rubbish."
Baron Manfred von Richthofen

"Did you know? There are three kinds of aces. Those who seek strength, those who live for Pride, and those who can read the tide of battle."

"There are pilots like you in every generation. And I've felled every last one of them."

"In the early days. But we Apostles are war-weary. When I said we are immune to the touch of death, I meant we just don't feel its bite any more. No sense of grief, no loss, no regret, no sadness. Just an inevitability. When an Apostle dies, we put on our dress white and our ridiculous numbers of medals, and we get filthy drunk. We rage, we sing, we drink some more. We do it to show fate, or fortune, or whatever else lurks out there in the dark, that we don't care

[Voice drops slightly] We're freaks, Jagdea. Do you know why we're Apostles? Not because we're especially fine pilots. Not at all. We're Apostles because we've had unnatural luck. We should have died long ago, but there's been some oversight and our souls have not been claimed. So we go on flying, and killing. And eventually, the oversight is corrected."
Seekan, Ace of Aces, Double Eagle

Kei Katsuragi: If I'm up against the boy ace, I'd better step up my game!
Kamille Bidan: I didn't realize it until I had to fight him... he's really strong!
Kei: Glad you understand! I'll be even gladder if you back off!
Kamille: I can't do that! We can't let you go on like this!
Kei: Looks like I've gotta teach my wayward young friend a harsh lesson!


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