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Quotes / Accidental Pun

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Sock: And what if I can't do it?
Mephistopheles: Then you're fired.
Sock: Ah-
Mephistopheles: That wasn't a pun.

Mr. Daidoji: Who the Hell are you?!
Hel: [chuckles]

Batman: Grimm wouldn't be the first hood to ape old movies.
Nightwing: "Ape".
Batman: Sorry. Unintentional.

Bella: [I]t may be that you should avoid simultaneously being around me and sharp objects.
Emmett: Edward is a sharp object.
Bella: Point. Uh, no pun intended.

"That wasn't a joke. That was an unfortunate coincidental pairing of words."
Angry factory lady, Drake & Josh

"Oh god, that was a pun! 'What's up with this ceiling?'. What's wrong with me? I'd punch somebody in the mouth if they said that to me."


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