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Quotes / Accidental Pervert

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(Sophie sits on Mark's hand on the bus.)
Mark: (thinking) Women don't like your hands under their bottoms, Mark. That's been established, that's a given.

"There is a bigger problem with Yuuki-kun: his propensity to fall without regard for place or time, and to wedge himself into girls... if I had to name this disease, as a doctor, it would be.... Cataplectic Indecency Syndrome"

"So, you want to get off me, or were you just getting comfortable?"

Yami: Watch out, Kaiba! There's a naked man behind you!
Kaiba: Don'tlookathispenisdon'tlookathispenisdon'tlookathispenis—gah, I looked!

(Joseph walks past Holo and a female Fermi.)
Joseph: Some ladies are walking by.
(Joseph does a respectful pose.)
Narrator: The pose Joseph took was one of respect.
(Holo and Fermi's skirts both fly up.)
Holo: Kyaaah, pervert! There's a metal part at the edge of my skirt... Because of that... it flipped up somehow!
Fermi: Wa... there's metal at the edge of my skirt too... For some reason, when this old man walked by, the metal part got pulled towards him and my skirt flibbed — flipped up! I messed up!
Joseph: Oh no! This isn't what it looks like!


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