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"When I read the book I remembered that children's stories are, indeed, where true horror lives. My childhood nightmares would have been quite featureless without the imaginings of Walt Disney, and there's a few little details concerning black button eyes in that book that make a small part of the adult brain want to go and hide behind the sofa."

"Would you turn me to a child again? "No, never, I am your Guide." You can see a small grin on the face of the master, when the puppet's in his place."
Sonata Arctica, "The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Real Puppet"

Petey: TA-DAH! The first drawing of an actual toad zombie! Look — it's walking inexorably towards you! Walk walk walk walk!
Alice: Thanks! I wasn't sure what to dream about tonight, but now I know.
Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson

"If you're trying to scare me... you're doing a good job!!"

"[Letting your young child watch The Fellowship of the Ring] would be like subscribing to nightmares."
— Swedish movie critic in a review in the Nerikes Allehanda. (At the time, seven-year-olds could watch the LOTR movies in theatres with a parent, and eleven-year-olds could go see it alone if they wanted).

"Sometimes fear is the appropriate response."
1, 9

"This movie is a goddamn torrent of traumatizing, horrifying images designed to scare the literal shit out of you when you're ten. (...) Poltergeist originally was, according to the MPAA's official website, rated R; however, director Tobe Hooper and producer Steven Spielberg were able to get the movie a PG. On appeal. That basically means that they visited the MPAA's office, held out their hands, and said, “Awww, c'mon!” and the film got a PG rating with no additional cuts or alterations. Millions of children everywhere were later scarred for life. Thanks, guys! I would forward my extensive therapy bills to Spielberg's office if I weren't sure I'd be greeted with a punch in the nuts and a Cease and Desist letter from his attorneys."

"This is not framed as a horror story, I swear."

"[This movie] should be boring enough to put you to sleep, but sleep is where the movie will fucking murder you!"
The Cinema Snob, on Santa's Christmas Elf (named Calvin)

"But the goblins weren’t the only terrifying part of this show. It’s supposed to be a magical show, about a magical toy store where magical things happen. But every character on the show that wasn’t human was the stuff of nightmares."
SMCBlogs, "Things That Scared Jordan As A Youngster", refering to the puppets on The Noddy Shop


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