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Quotes / Acceptable Religious Targets

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"Dear ABC, I wish to complain about you always making fun of Christians. Why don't you have a go at Jews for a change? No-one's ever persecuted them. What a waste of taxpayers' money!" - Phillip Harley, Adelaide.

"If you do the routines I used to do, you genuinely get members of the Christian right coming up to you after gigs and online and going "Oh, yeah" — they love saying this, by the way — "Oh yeah, you'll make jokes about the Catholics. You'll make jokes about the Protestants. But you won't make jokes about the Muslims, will ya?! No, you're not that brave to make jokes about the Muslims!" [...] To which I always say: there are two main reasons I don't make jokes about Muslims. A: I don't know a single fuckin' thing about Muslims. And B: Neither do you."


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