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"Lesley-Anne was a child beauty pageant queen (and she’ll be one forever….) who went on to star in Upstairs Downstairs, The Pink Panther Strikes Again, North and South, Dallas and Sunset Beach. Eventually, Lesley landed the role she was born to play: Jackie on The Bold and the Beautiful. Fun fact: Lesley plays Jack Wagner’s mom on the show even though she’s only 5 years older than his ass! Most actresses would shank a bitch over that, but Lesley is a true professional and thespian!"
Michael K., "Hot Slut of the Week: Lesley-Anne Down"

"Yeah, that's supposed to be his mom. I guess she had him when she was nine."
Morgan Webb, X-Play, discussing Grandia III.

"Hey Yuki, your mom is hot."
"Hey Yuki, your mom is, like, three years older than you. And you're on a first name basis."
"Soooo... you gonna hit that, or what?"

""Mother?" (He looks between Kitana (played by Talisa Soto) and Queen Sindel (played by Musetta Vander) "Did she give birth when she was 2?"" note 


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