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"An absent minded genius. His inventions improve the quality of life for all of humanity, in between the whimsical toasters and mousetraps. Unfortunately, he accidentally left the keys to his time machine in the past."
Absent Mindstein's description, Atlantis Underwater Tycoon

(the Doctor puts a glass of water on the floor and stares at it)
Amy: Why did you do that?
The Doctor: Don't know. I think a lot. It's hard to keep track.

Dr Kromm was formerly a captain in the 1st Royal Artillery Regiment, but is presently a living, breathing hazard. He blunders about in dark glasses, even at night, waving his arms around madly as he speaks. Teacups, meerschaums and port glasses are the most common casualties of these antics. More disturbingly, he tinkers with explosives as he talks, then forgets them on the sideboard or under the chesterfield. Finally, he practices Hermetic alchemy without much attention to the proper rituals. This has resulted in some strange side effects, the most recent of which is a talking rat in the Duke’s cellars.
GURPS Wizards

Now, if I simply adjust the targeting ratchet by one degree... oops! Thank Sigmar they were only mercenaries!
Engineer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Career Compendium - The Ultimate Career Reference


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