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Mr. Verres: Did you honestly think my strategy after hearing that someone from another universe was allegedly out to kill my son was to ignore it and hope for the best?
Elliot: That... seemed like what we were doing...

And oh yes, there's this murder mystery plot set up early on. Six different members of a military squad are introduced and established with names and slightly anemic personalities, but then it transpires that there's a traitor among them picking them off. You even have a boss fight with him, his face cunningly concealed by camera angles and bits of scenery. So, do you want to know who the traitor turned out to be? So the fuck would I, because the game kind of forgets about this whole subplot and hopes you do, too. "Hey, wasn't there some intrigue from the first half of the game we were supposed to be resolving, Metroid Story Writer A?" "Doesn't ring a bell, Metroid Story Writer B. Now let's make Samus's suit fall off again so everyone can see her bum." On an educated guess, though, the evil guy was probably the one with the evil moustache.

Illuso: I will fight you now.
Fugo: No, you won't.
Illuso: What do you mean?
Fugo: David Production is too lazy to animate this fight. That's why this arc is only a flashback.
Illuso: Oh darn, I guess you've defeated me.

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