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Quotes / A Lighter Shade of Black

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Person: Your book went to some revealing places. Were you worried at all that it would hurt BoJack or his career?
BoJack: That's a great question. I'd also like to know the answer to that, Diane.
Diane: Well, I think the truth is worth pursuing, no matter what. BoJack's not perfect. There are other celebrities who have done much worse things and it hasn't hurt their careers.
Person: Like who?
Diane: I don't know, like Mike Tyson or Sean Penn, or Josh Brolin, or Christian Slater, Woody Allen, Hank Hippopopalous, Bill Murray-
Person: Wait, wait, what about Hank Hippopopalous?
Diane: Well, all of his former assistants have made the same allegations.
Bojack Horseman, "Hank After Dark"

"You declared martial law and knocked down half the city. The Saints just saved a treasured monument. Who the fuck do you think the public will side with?"
Monica Hughes, Saints Row: The Third


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