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Quotes / A Hint of a Tint

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Tyalinne: Yield now. The odds are laughing in your face.
Nix: Your foolishness in thinking odds mean anything to a woman with my powers is mildly surprising.

Tyalinne: Please convey my apologies for the Queen.
Dyonne: My orders in terminating your life were to do so before you could complete the act of uttering a paltry apology. I promise it will be the only point of my mission that I fail to execute.

Jezebel: I neither expect nor desire to be loved. Frankly, I prefer to be feared.

Chaurise: You think that pointing a puny black twig at me will make me obey you?
Mandy: That’s a…
Jezebel: Mandy can surely identify the object that I’m holding in my hand.
Jezebel: That’s enough. If you will not choose life in the past, then receive death from the future.

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