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    A Clash of Kings 
Against a backdrop of incest, treason and murder the War of the Four Kings has begun.

Joffrey Baratheon, following the death of his father Robert, now sits upon the Iron Throne, but following the beheading of Eddard Stark, two enemies have revealed themselves. In the South, the king's uncle Renly Baratheon marches from Highgarden with the largest army of all the Kings, determined to stake his own claim on the throne with the support of House Tyrell. In the North, Robb Stark, seeking vengeance for his father and having won a stunning victory over the loyalist House Lannister outside the legendary castle of Harrenhal, now fights to free the North from the shackles of the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, in the west, an old, opportunistic foe of the King's house sees the chaos as a chance to make war anew.

As battles rage and intrigues advance, the players and the pawns all move across the board, but it may yet be up to the winds of fate to decide who wins, and who dies…

    A Storm of Swords 
As war continues to ravage Westeros, armies and armadas gather to continue the fight.

Rebellion and revolt rage across Westeros. Having saved the capital from King Renly, Jasper Baratheon prepares to march against the Reach to end the war in the south. In the North, a horde of barbarians drives south for the Wall, and few are willing or able to see that they represent a far greater threat than invasion, particularly not House Baratheon, which faces enemies within and without.

Thus the war for the Iron Throne continues, and, with the Greyjoys reaving in the west, Robb Stark, still undefeated, fighting for the freedom of the North and the incompetent Joffrey Baratheon on the Iron Throne, the future of House Baratheon, and Westeros as a whole, will still be decided by steel, blood and fury…

    A Feast for Crows 
For the first time since the death of King Robert, House Baratheon is in power in Westeros.

With a new throne to sit on, an heir on the way and peace across his continent, Jasper Baratheon, the first of his name takes steps to bring stability to Westeros. However he faces opposition from within his own court as his mother and her family struggle to conceal damaging truths from the new king which could threaten their position of power in King's Landing.

Meanwhile, as Jasper Baratheon sets about himself destroying the traces of the old Targaryen regime in Westeros, the Dragons in the east look to their homeland with vengeance in their hearts…

    A Dance with Dragons 
Darkness gathers over the heads of three monarchs as Westeros stands on the cusp of war.

In the sands of Dorne, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen stands ready to invade the Seven Kingdoms to claim his birthright. Worse for King Jasper Baratheon, he has no idea that this threat exists, and has left King's Landing to go to the Wall, in completely the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, at the Wall, the young Lord Commander of the Night's Watch struggles to maintain balance as he has to keep a union of Black Brothers from the Wall, men-at-arms from the south, Wildlings from beyond the Wall and Red Priests from the East from tearing itself apart.

With these problems, will Westeros be ready to face the armies of the dead descending upon them from the Lands of Always Winter?

    The Winds of Winter 
One war is grinds to a halt, but two more look to engulf Westeros in a tide of ice and fire.

In an unprecedented truce, the Pact of Fire and Fury, Jasper Baratheon and Aegon Targaryen prepare to rush north, to defend the kingdoms they both claim as their own from the threat of the White Walkers, who are even now standing before the Wall. Until the two kings arrive, only an unruly force of former Wildlings, sworn brothers of the Night's Watch, southron soldiers and red priests, under the command of the Young Wolf, Robb Stark and his northmen, will be there to hold back the undead and their icy masters.

However, as Jasper and Aegon rush north, their temporary alliance unstable at best, their chosen leaders must remain behind to keep the peace in the south. But, Jasper's Queen Arya Stark, and Aegon's Hand Jon Connington, both have a new threat to contend with, as the vast army of Daenerys Targaryen, a queen opposed to both Aegon and Jasper's claims, is poised to invade the weakened southern kingdoms to claim her birthright with fire and blood…

    A Dream of Spring 
The White Walkers are defeated and have been driven from the North once again.

Jasper Baratheon and Aegon Targaryen return from this victory to the south, where they must contend with not only each other, but the vast and fanatical armies of Daenerys Stormborn for lordship of the Seven Kingdoms, kingdoms all three of them claim as theirs.

All three leaders are ready and willing to fight: Jasper Baratheon, burning with religious fervor after his purge of the Red Priests in the North, brings his fury to bear on his foes in the south; Daenerys must balance her fanatical followers with the people she intends to rule, a task that would stretch any ruler; and Aegon Targaryen must command a fraying alliance of Reachmen, Dornishmen and Sellswords and hold them together long enough to achieve victory.

Winter is here and the smallfolk of Westeros huddle from the cold and the war. Lords and knights alike choose their sides, as the War of the Dragon and the Stag burns with a greater intensity than ever before.

But the night is darkest just before the dawn, and winter is coldest just before spring…



"I have had enough with people punishing those close to me for no reason. My mother tried to destroy my family. Renly tried to corrupt the rightful order, now the Targaryens are blaming me for supposed crimes that only came about for the actions of their ancestors. I have had enough of it. I have been wronged one time too many times, and there will be vengeance!"
Jasper Baratheon, Chapter 139 (TWOW, JASPER IV)

"I will rebuild Westeros my way, under my new crown. Besides: Renly, Aegon, Daenerys, the Ironborn, none of them, not even the White Walkers themselves can deny that I am King of Westeros now."

Jasper Baratheon, Chapter 186 (ADOS, THE KING)

"I wish that Jasper had been born first, he may not be perfect, for he doesn't wish to settle down at all, but he would be a far better king than either Joffrey or myself."

Robert Baratheon, Chapter 3 (AGOT, EDDARD I)

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