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Meta Cooler: (having just regenerated an arm) Perhaps I should have explained earlier? My body is constantly monitored by the Big Gette Star's main computer. Any injury I might suffer is instantly detected and repaired - and whatever flaws in my design that allowed the injury are corrected. It's quite remarkable, really. In simple terms, of course, this means you can't win.
Goku: (grimly) I'll just have to try harder.
Cooler: By all means, try.

Uh-uh-uh! Can't beat me the same way twice.
Doomsday, Justice League Unlimited

Swanwick: Every time we hit it, we make it more powerful. We can't attack.
President: What're you saying, Calvin?
Swanwick: I'm saying it's unkillable.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, after Nuke 'em fails to work on Doomsday

"Upgrade in progress."
Cybermen, Doctor Who, "Nightmare in Silver"

"That which does not kill me can only make me stronger."

"Reidak had been utterly defeated.
In fact, he had been utterly defeated so often, Tahu Nuva had lost count. But each time, the Piraka got back up again, stronger than before. Worse, he never seemed to grow tired. If anything, he appeared to be more and more amused.
All six Toa, individually, had brought him down, only to find their attacks ineffective during his next attack. There was still the option of using their powers in combination, but if Reidak were to rise again after that and be immune to it... the thought wasn't a pleasant one."

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