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It was "Chocolate Rain"
Wrote a song about that history
Chocolate Rain
Now I'm paid a hefty, hefty fee
Chocolate Rain
Listen to the funky rhymes I weave
Chocolate Rain
I move away from the mic to breathe
Tay Zonday, "Cherry Chocolate Rain"

My name isn't "Adam We." ...or is it? Who am I? What number did you call? Don't ever call here again. [hangs up] I guess I told him! Nobody messes with Adam We!

Adam West: (arranging the Batman actors in order) It should be Me, Keaton, Kilmer, Lego,note  Bale and that pretty boy Clooney.
Howard: Can we just all agree we're worried about Affleck?
Adam West: What's an Affleck?

Hi, I'm Michael Bay, director of Hollywood hits such as Transformers. And I demand things to be awesome.
Michael Bay from a Verizon FiOS commercial

CAT! What don't you understand about fucking cat, Edward? C-A-T. It's the first word you learn in a fucking book! FUCK ME! God-damn it! And if this guy over here, goatee boy, if you don't quit shifting around, I swear to God, I'm gonna smash your fucking lights! You hear me!?
James Gunn in an episode of James Gunn's PG Porn

Bill Corbett: And Adam West, in the role of... Adam West.
Kevin Murphy: He's pretty good at that.
Rifftrax: Omega Cop

"They'll like me for who I am, not like the last time when the internet got ONE LOOK at my human teeth and burned the place down!"