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  • Wendy Oldbag attempts this on occasion in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She's in her seventies, so it's not exactly successful. Its chief effect is to cause here most common target, Miles Edgeworth, to lose his composure and demand that it stop.
    • Larry Butz also has them when doing his Ocular Gushers bit. It virtually never works.
    • Phoenix Wright is said to have them too. Particularly effective when getting information out of the soft-hearted detective Gumshoe.
      • Phoenix actually does have them in the flashback case "Turnabout Memories", but their effect is lessened by him being a dorky emotional college student.
    • Dahlia Hawthorne does this, and it does tend to work until her true nature is revealed.
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    • Her ex-boyfriend, Terry Fawles, does this in the courtroom lobby.
    • Detective Gumshoe has a more subtle version of this as one of his default expressions, and it's arguably the most effective example in the game.
    • Detective Fulbright also has these with a shy finger twiddle if he messes up in an investigation. They work until it's revealed that he doesn't actually feel any emotions.
  • There's a humorous subversion in Mana Khemia Alchemists Of Alrevis. In one of Pamela's Character Quests, she enjoys making medicine that are actually dangerous to anyone who drinks it. Problem is, all the victims (even ROXIS!), although they know of the med's effects, cannot refuse Pamela's offer to test them, because of Pamela's Moe eyes.
    • Another, more ironic example is Nikki.
    • This seems to be Pamela's, er... weapon throughout Atelier. A far less dangerous example occurs in Atelier Iris 3, involving the quest for decorating the Grimoire Castle's library.
  • In Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, the titular pair does this in an attempt to have the Lord of Games give them their old powers from previous games fails.
    • He winds up giving them back in the end, however, in case Nuts & Bolts didn't sell well. Not surprisingly, it did, lampshaded by Mumbo in game no less.
    Mumbo: Need to put floaters on boat, otherwise, boat sink like this game at retail.
  • Your Mabari war hound in Dragon Age: Origins can do this to anyone. It even works on Morrigan.
    • Maybe they should have tried it against the darkspawn horde...
  • Oddly enough, in Dragon Age II, Fenris of all people has a tendency towards this now and again, at least on a Hawke who's his friend; Merrill even namechecks the trope in a bit of party banter if Fenris is Hawke's love interest. It's remarkably effective, too...
    • Merrill would know. She's a master of this herself.
  • Sam & Max Save The World: Max tries to pull this off in "Abe Lincoln Must Die!" to get into the War Room, but fails.
  • Mylune, a quest giver in World of Warcraft, says that she'll "give you the big eyes" if you don't save the fawns trapped in a burning forest.
  • Emi in Katawa Shoujo is rather good at this. Even when Lilly has hardened Hisao, he still falls for it when Emi pulls it.
  • Ventus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep proves he knows how to do these when he asks Terra and Aqua to kill him to prevent the X-blade from being formed.
  • At one point in Little Busters!, Komari and Kurugaya are fighting over what nickname Kurugaya should have. She claims that even if Komari calls her Yui-chan she'll just ignore her, and demonstrates. In response, Komari gives such a sad, tearful look that Kurugaya takes a significant amount of damage.
  • Pokémon introduces the move Baby-Doll Eyes, which goes first regardless of speed and lowers the foe's attack.
    • Some Pokemon have this as an inherent aspect of their design. The oddest example would be Anorith, a Rock/Bug-type modeled after the prehistoric seagoing predator Anomalocaris.
  • Clementine from The Walking Dead has the option of breaking these out to win over any survivor of the player's choice in season 2. Even when she's not intentionally doing it, she's still adorable as can be.
    • Luke isn't bad at the puppy eyes himself, as he displays if Clementine chooses to sit with Kenny instead of him in episode 2 of season 2.
  • Enforced in Alice in the Mirrors of Albion, where Cheshire Jr. would show up near the end of a limited-time sale to convince the player to buy the "gift set" he's worked so hard to prepare.


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