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Punctuated For Emphasis / Web Animation

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  • Homestar Runner: Strong Bad's "sage advice" to Homestar in email 130: "DON'T! EVER! DRESS! UP! As The CHEAT! AGAIN! PARSLEY! SAGE! ROSEMARY! And THYME!"
    • This could also be a Punctuated Pounding, given that he's hitting Homestar over the head with a keyboard while he says it.
    • "Don't! Eat! Mah! CHICKEN WIIIIIINGS!"
    • The Horrible Painting, to Strong Bad: "Come. On. In here!!"
    • On the original Podstar Runner animation, showing an iPod menu, at the end, Strong Bad finds himself inside the menu and pounds against the screen to get out, "LET me! OUTTA the! TINY! BOX!", then suddenly shatters the screen.
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    • "DE! LE! TED!"
    • "Rondleman, you crack me up. Crack! Me! Up!"
  • Awesome Series: WHERE'S!! MY!! WIFE!?
  • There's this episode of Sailor Moon Abridged. I'm. Not. USELESS!
  • Red vs. Blue had Grif do this when he was out of breath, causing him to put emphisis on every word while he was sucking wind.
    • "Sir! We! Are going! To DIE here!"
    • "My name is Michael J. Caboose and I! Hate! BABIES!"
    • "My name is Leonard Church, and you will FEAR! MY! LASER FACE!"
  • From the beginning of Lazer Collection 3: Just. Pure. ENERGY.
  • This 8-Bit Theater animation: "HA... DO... KEN!"
  • In Ultra Fast Pony... Prince Blueblood... talks like this all the time! He sounds a lot like. William. Shatner!
  • DSBT InsaniT: Bill shouts "Dont! You! Dare!" when Alex is about to reveal his beta name in "The Camping Webisode".
  • Dreamscape: In the flashback in "Tale of the Unworld", Keela shouts "Sending! You! To! Oblivion!" before she shatters the Master of the Dammed's scythe.
  • "NoEvil": "Kid. Nap. Ing. Kidnapping!" Wrip's response to Calamity and Huey's wandering off in the after math of Corn's narrowly-avoided kidnapping.
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  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: Marneus Calgar has had enough of his underling's crap, and tricks him with a supposed battle tactic, complete with steps...
    Calgar: Step 4! I! CAST! FIST! *Megaton Punch*

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