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Punctuated For Emphasis / Radio

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Examples! Of! Punctuated! For! Emphasis! In! Radio!

  • From Adventures in Odyssey: During the "Darkness Before Dawn" arc, Richard Maxwell crosses paths with middle-management villain "Jellyfish". After being kept in jail about half a year longer than his sentence should have lasted, he isn't happy. As such, he informs him that apart from cleaning up his act, one thing hasn't changed:
    "I. Never. Forget."
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  • From the classic Barbara Frum interview on the CBC Radio show As It Happens: "WHAT! DID! YOU! FEED! THE! GODDAMN! CABBAGE?!?!"
  • Bleak Expectations: Pip Bin when his wife reminds him of the nursery rhyme "Undead Georgie felt no pain/Til Isabella destroyed his brain":
    Pip: What the hell. Kind of nursery rhyme. Is THAT?
  • Bob & Ray's "Slow Talkers of America" skit offers a nifty subversion of the trope, in that it's the relentless lack of drama that eventually sends the interviewer over the edge:
    Bob: (as president Harlow P. Whitcomb) ... the STOA... the Slow...
    Ray: Talkers of America, right. Now, you—
    Bob: ... Talkers...
    Ray: Of America!
    Bob: ... of...
    Ray: America! Of AMERICA!!
    Bob: ... America.
  • Cabin Pressure: "IT'S! A! CAKE!" (loud SPLAT!)
  • Journey into Space: At the beginning of every episode, a voice - either Guy Kingsley Poynter (Doc) or David Jacobs - intones "JOURNEY. INTO. SPACE!"
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  • Lights Out: "!"
  • Lo Zoo Di 105: The usual response to Herbert's lame puns.
  • NPR's On The Media with Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield always ends with:
    Bob Garfield: "And".
  • X Minus One: The show's title would be announced as "X! MINUS! ONE!".