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  • Com'c features an art style that doesn't show eyes. As such, it is an i-less comic, i.e. a com'c.
    • The pun extends to the word used for an individual strip - Com'c strips are officially dubbed "str'ps".
  • Partially Clips, whose title is pronounced the same as "partial eclipse".
  • YU+ME: dream , where the Japanese word for "dream" is yume.
    • From the same author, Meaty Yogurt needs to be spoken aloud with an American accent for the pun to be apparent.
  • Spoofed in The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, where every strip is given an intentionally horrible pun-based title.
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  • Darths & Droids abbreviates to D&D. Lampshaded in the FAQ.
  • Work Sucks follows the characters at their jobs that happen to involve a lot of monsters and gadgets that have vacuum breath.
  • Claude & Monet, for obvious reasons.
  • In Level 30 Psychiatry, most of the strips have pun-based titles, one to the point that significant ones can be identified by the fact they don't.
  • Pretty much every single Whomp! strip has a pun for a title, like "Push and Pool", "Tragic Carpet Ride" or "Booty Sleep".
  • iToons combines this with Double-Meaning Title: it's both a pun on iTunes and a reference to the fact that it presents imaginary strips from other comics (i.e. iToons).
  • One-Punch Man is titled "ワンパンマン" in Japanese, which reads "wanpanman", which is a play on Anpanman, which the series pokes fun of.
  • Awkward Zombie's creator loves wordplay titles. The title of almost every strip in the comic is a pun of some sort.


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