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Psychopathic Manchildren in anime and manga.

  • Friend from 20th Century Boys is a rare Magnificent Bastard version of this. As clever as he is, it doesn't change the fact that he is only trying to destroy the world because he never grew out of his childhood grudges.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
  • Ladd Russo of Baccano! can get pretty child-like in his homicidal glee, and is usually shown skipping, babbling excitedly, dancing in pools of blood, or any combination of the three.
    • In the light novels Tick and Maria are described as having the personalities of 12-year-olds. Speaking of, Tick qualifies in the anime as well.
    • Ladd's Loony Fan Graham Specter may also count.
  • Bambi from Bambi and Her Pink Gun is incredible childish in many ways, but also subverts this in others. While she's a psychopath who acts almost entirely on instinct, she's also a vain health nut who doesn't eat anything she hasn't personally boiled and will kill you if you so much as smoke near her.
  • Berserk: Before the Eclipse, many characters comment that Griffith has an almost childlike innocence about him (though since he would sometimes display this at inappropriate times, certain people would find it creepy rather than endearing). Indeed, one could interpret his dream of obtaining his own kingdom as a boyish fantasy he never did quite let go. Once he becomes Femto, he still tries to pursue this fantasy, but in a much more ruthless and remorseless way.
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  • The Big O's Alex Rosewater. "This is my Big! This is my dome! You can't have it!" Also, to an extent, Alan Gabriel.
  • Chaka from Black Lagoon is introduced as a Type B. He seems like a dimwitted yet likeable mook who harbors an almost childlike enthusiasm for guns and shootouts... then said facade falls down, and we're faced with Ax-Crazy. Who's also Too Dumb to Live, as Ginji eagerly proves.
  • Wonderweiss Margela from Bleach fits pretty well. He can't even speak coherently, but heaven help you if you don't let him play with your hat or aren't Yamamoto. Under Aizen's full control, appears to have limited understanding of his actions, will attack Aizen's opponents, but seemingly at random with no real indication he's enjoying the violence as such.
  • Diva from Blood+ is a very depraved type B. For example, in episode 24, she bites young Riku and drinks his blood, then childishly laughs and jumps around in a white and blue Pimped-Out Dress when caught by the heroes, before she captures Saya herself and almost kills her. Later, she will rape and kill Riku to impregnate herself.
  • Amaimon of Blue Exorcist is a demon king who displays childish Cloudcuckoolander tendencies, uses his visits to the human realm mainly for sightseeing, and is extremely fond of candy. He's also excited by the thought of killing people and treats fighting like some sort of "fun" game.
  • Kaminashi from Choujin Sensen turned out to be quite the delusional lunatic who believes that he brings salvation to good-natured women by killing them, thus "saving" them in a world he perceives as corrupted and rotten. The fact that he still believes he's innocent is even more disturbing considering how he murdered 5 female victims (including a 3-year-old girl) within half a year.
  • Chrono Crusade has Joshua Christopher, who was kidnapped by the Big Bad as a young boy and given powers that turn him insane. Although he's 15 in the main bulk of the story, he still sometimes acts like the child he was when he was kidnapped, treating attacking a girl as a "game" and pouting about pudding being ruined right before slaughtering the demons responsible. The anime version emphasizes the "childlike" side, including the ending having him lose all of his memories and reverting back to the personality he had as a kid, while the manga makes him more mature and aware but possibly more insane.
    • The anime also seems to treat Shader this way, by keeping her Genki Girl personality but changing her morality from a grey shade to nearly completely black, giving her a sadistic streak to boot.
  • Claymore:
    • Miata is little more than a child (who actually breastfeeds from Clarice to stay calm) though several other fighters don't realize this, what with her ungodly ability to kill masses of Yoma at a time. And, if necessary, with her bare hands.
    • Priscilla may count too, at least until she awakens.
  • Mao from Code Geass, whose child-like attitude is slightly justified by the fact that he was orphaned at a young age and never received anything even resembling a traditional upbringing. That does not justify the wanton More Than Mind Control he engages in...
    • It's even more obvious in the supplemental reading, in which he is, in a word, so innocent that he manipulates and kills people with evil impulses to stop them from hurting his beloved C.C..
    • Also, due to the young age at which C.C. gave him the Geass and the fact that it evolved at such a young age too, he's never really matured, or had a chance to.
  • Tongpu from the Cowboy Bebop episode "Pierrot Le Fou" is an unstoppable killing machine who is terrified of cats and reveals his childlike nature upon being wounded by Spike. Exposition explains earlier on that this mad, efficient killer was the result of experiments to turn him into what he is today, but the experiments had the unintended side effect of regressing his mind, and Jet remarks (paraphrasing Freud) that "there is nothing so pure and cruel as a child". His reaction to Spike's attack is the first time we truly grasp just how far back he's gone.
  • Tamaki, the Promoter of Deadman Wonderland. When he isn't causing the deaths of or torturing inmates he's often found playing with toys in his office, including a Lego model of the prison and a dancing flower. He's also a bit of an RPG Otaku and sees the Wretched Egg as a Big Bad to defeat.
    • And the reason for the prison to exist on the first place? He was a bum man-child living off his mother when wretched egg caused an earthquake that destroyed his computer along with his game data!
    • There's also Mockingbird. He was by all accounts downright terrifying in battle and is one of the most powerful and feared Deadmen in the series this side of Wretched Egg, but outside of the ring, he was childish, playful, and didn't seem to take anything seriously except for his Morality Pet. Turned Up to Eleven when it comes to Hagire, who Body Surfed into him.
  • Misa Amane from Death Note is Type D- an endearingly naive Kawaiiko who has a very childish demeanor that persists well into her 20s, obsesses over fashion like any young girl, is completely boy-crazy, and was able to translate her Moe appeal into a successful career as an actress/model. All this is likely because her parents were murdered while she was still a child, trapping her in a perpetually immature state. Unfortunately for the world, this apparently happened before the Amanes had the chance to explain to their daughter that human life has an intrinsic value beyond being useful to Misamisa-chan, who latched on the man who used his Death Note to kill the burglar years after the actions that shattered Misamisa's mind. The results weren't pretty.
    • It's possible that she was just a nice, cute, but immature young woman at least partially driven insane by the Death Note. Given Light Yagami's flying leap off the slippery slope from an idealistic young man who thought he was doing the right thing to a maniacal tyrant willing to kill anyone and anything to further his raging god complex and Teru Mikami's astonishingly short break from a focused, serious lawyer with an inhumanly high standard of justice to a barely coherent Ax-Crazy psychopath, it's not too hard to imagine that the Death Note has an unspoken With Great Power Comes Great Insanity rule that Misa was affected by. For example after she permanently gives up the Death Note, she's completely harmless and probably quite fun to be around, unless you're Takada.
    • Light himself qualifies as Type C (flirting with D). When L details the psychology of Kira to the police, one of them suggests that they could stop him by no longer publishing the name of convicts in the news, as he clearly was getting the names of his victims from the media. L states that won't work because Kira will then simply start killing people he thinks are guilty and will further blame the police for any innocent people he kills, specifically identifying his childlike personality as the reason for this. Sure enough, Light does display lots of childlike evil throughout the series, such as killing the fake L for insulting him on national television and his need to gloat to L and Near when he thinks he's beaten them. His Villainous Breakdown at the end takes the form of a blatant temper tantrum.
    • Ryuk is type B-a cruel monster who sets everything off because he's bored.
    • Mello also fits this trope (type B and C). Although very smart and willing to actually do something, he cares far more about besting Near than he does about bringing Kira to justice, and is prone to violence. He also eats a lot of chocolate.
    • In the Light Novel Another Note, Beyond Birthday is type B, with some attributes of Type C. He also flirts with Type E.
    • Teru Mikami is an even more blatant example than Light. While Light's incredibly naive outlook on morality is based on the philosophical pondering of a high school student, Mikami's is based on the philosophical pondering of a middle school student. And Light at least has the excuse of being a high school student. In fact, his motivation for helping Light is purely due to a particularly bad case of middle school bullying that he blew way out of proportion.
  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!: In his first appearance, Lucifer reveled in the screams he caused and treated the fight with Maou and Emi as a big game as he destroyed everything around him.
  • Pinochimon from Digimon, anyone? He kidnaps Takeru in order to play hide and seek. While trying to kill his brother Yamato and the rest of his friends, and then Takeru himself. Way to go.
    • Arguably Diablomon from Our War Games. There isn't much known about it, but consider that the e-mails it sends suggests that it sees the battle as a game, and that the only sound it makes (in the original version) is a creepy childish giggle.
    • Yukio Oikawa from 02 is a more sympathetic example, never really maturing after he discovered the Digital World and especially after his best friend died. He finally starts growing up after he meets the father and son of his late best friend again and realizes that they must miss him even more than he does. Sadly, it doesn't matter since he's been possessed by Vamdemon.
  • Domu: A Child's Dream, one of Katsuhiro Otomo's lesser-known works, features Old Cho, a powerfully psychic but senile old man whose primary source of amusement happens to be wreaking mischief on his fellow tenants in a large apartment complex. Unfortunately, he also has a mean streak a mile wide, so his pranks are often lethal - and if he's denied his fun, he's prone to throwing tantrums. No one should be present when this happens. Fittingly, the one who faces and defeats Old Cho is Etsuko, a Wise Beyond Her Years Little Miss Badass with similar psychic powers and a Plucky Girl nature.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Emperor Pilaf acts like a Spoiled Brat and throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way.
    • General Blue technically qualifies. Although he has other reasons for disliking Bulma, his exact reaction regarding Bulma's attempts at seducing him is extremely similar to a little kid not wanting to interact with the opposite gender due to a fear of cooties.
    • Vegeta before his Character Development is completed. His determination to surpass Goku and constant bragging about how he's the Prince of all Saiyans sounds like a petulant spoiled brat throwing a tantrum because no one's kissing his ass. Especially in the Buu Saga: while fighting Goku as Majin Vegeta, he goes off on a big rant over how Goku's existence is insulting to him because even Goku's son was stronger than him at some point.
    • His fellow Saiyan, Nappa, doesn't fall too far behind. He fights by basically playing with his prey and has a tantrum when Goku beats him up.
    • Everyone in the Ginyu Force is this to one or another extent; Recoome is just the most blatant example. These are the ruthless elite soldiers of Freeza who also love to make very hammy Sentai poses to introduce themselves to friend and foe alike and decide things via rock/paper/scissors.
    • Even Freeza gets to have traits of this. He often behaves like a Spoiled Brat despite being at least 70 years old. This is shown in Resurrection 'F', where he whines and throws a temper tantrum that involves punching small craters into the ground when Vegeta beats him out of his Golden Super Mode. Another notable example is when he comments in hell about Goku fighting with Kid Buu.
    Frieza: Stupid little Saiyan monkey! *blows raspberry*
    • Android #17 is Type B, treating the hunt for Goku like a game and deliberately going the roundabout way of finding him for fun. Even more so (in fact a cross between B and E) in the Bad Future of Future Trunks' timeline, where his sister is one of these also to the point 'go on murderous rampage' is her default response to not getting what she wants; in fact, they spent twenty years going on random killing sprees and keeping score of the kills. When Future Trunks shows up and she wants to kill him to blow off steam, #17 agrees to let her do so, but remarks they'll be throwing away weeks of playtime if she does, treating it more like a game than their nemesis. Trunks actually calls him out on it before killing him.
    • In his second form, Cell literally whines and throws a temper-tantrum because Vegeta won't let him absorb Android 18 and reach his Perfect Form. After he is forcibly reverted to this form after Gohan makes him spit out 18 he attempts a spiteful Taking You with Me, the basic equivalent of a brat's Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum on a much smaller scale involving the Earth since he doesn't have his way. In the former case, Vegeta calls him on it:
      Vegeta: You're the one who started this game, and now that you're losing, it's no fun anymore? You're just a big baby!
    • Even in his perfect form, he had a giant Villainous Breakdown when Gohan completely surpass him after reaching Super Saiyan 2. He tries to destroy the Earth with a giant Kamehameha. When that fails, he actually screams like a child.
    • Babidi, despite being hundreds of years old, acts like a Spoiled Brat. He is prone to throwing tantrums, whining, and bullying others when things don't go his way. He also treats hurting and killing people like some kind of game, laughing in delight when Buu ate cities or when his former loyal servant Dabura was beaten senseless and devoured.
    • Fat Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z has no idea that what he's doing is wrong, and is single-handedly converted to good by Mr Satan / Hercule. Super Buu sounds increasingly intelligent once he starts absorbing people, but still throws tantrums when he's outmatched. Kid Buu, who doesn't have any desires that don't involve blowing things up.
    • Broly's motivation to kill Goku is that Goku's nonstop crying scared him and kept him awake for days on end when they were babies in the same "nursery". The English version plays this up with his Kiai, which sounds less like a Kiai and more like he's throwing a tantrum.
    • Chilled from Episode of Bardock presumably qualifies under this trope, as he has shown himself to be exceedingly childish, and yet was shown to be even more ruthless than even Frieza, notably killing one of his soldiers while in a good mood just because the soldier was unfortunate enough to just happen to be blocking his view.
    • Beerus, the Big Bad of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. While incredibly powerful, to the extent that he can curb-stomp Super Saiyan 3 Goku with one finger, his attendant Whis has to remind him to brush his teeth and eat his vegetables. He's also prone to losing his temper and responding violently to petty things: for example, he blew up North Kaiō's original planet simply because Kaiō beat him at a video game, and also threatened to blow up the Earth purely because he was pissed that Majin Buu ate all the pudding at Bulma's birthday party after Beerus explicitly asked him to share. Dragon Ball Super continues with this as, when he's told that traveling to Earth would take about 26 minutes, he complains that he could watch an anime in that time. (This same comment is made in Battle of Gods, but in a much less irritated and more matter-of-fact tone.)
    • Beerus' twin brother, Champa, hovers between this and Manchild. On one hand, he's more mellow than Beerus since he doesn't have a bunch of Berserk Buttons and not as prone to Disproportionate Retributions. He's even willing to share food, while Beerus nearly blows up the Earth over pudding. Then he tries to murder his entire team from Universe 6 for the 'crime' of losing against Universe 7 during the tournament.
    • Zamasu, the Big Bad of Super's Future Trunks Saga, has shades of this. His smugness and Ax-Crazy glee at attempting to kill Goku come across both as a petulant child holding a grudge as well as trying to rub his accomplishments in his face. He also holds the entire Saiyan race in contempt as thuggish animals simply because Goku is one of them. It's also heavily hinted that many of the actions he committed during his genocidal rampage was purely to spite Goku. And the main source behind his Start of Darkness? He's just pissed that Goku, a mortal, was able to defeat him, a god, in a simple sparring match.
    • Barry Khan is such a self-centered creep that when Videl, a married woman, rejects his advances, he can't handle it and goes so far as to try to ruin her marriage to Gohan out of spite. Videl sees through his actions right away and snubs him yet again, all the while remarking how pitiful it is that Barry is treated like royalty, yet is so insecure that he's willing to stoop to trickery and blackmail when he doesn't get his way. Immediately afterwards, Barry throws a screaming tantrum and pounds on his car with his bare hands, sulking like a child who didn't get what he wanted.
    • Zeno, the ruler of the multiverse. He's genuinely innocent and noble, but according to Beerus, this innocence is exactly why Zen-Oh is so dangerous, as he simply doesn't know the value of life, and due to the authority he holds and the power he wields, there is no one willing to admonish or scold him when he does do something wrong. This is why he can so casually and cheerfully threaten his subordinates with atomization, play "games" that involve destroying planets as a consequence without so much as batting an eye and even host a tournament that will led to the erasure of an entire multiverse as penalty for their failure.
    • Baby of Dragon Ball GT definitely lives up to his name; despite having the tactical cunning to outsmart and outfight almost every living Dragon Ball character, he's immensely immature. It rapidly becomes clear his revenge against the Saiyans is just something he's using as an excuse for his own desires. He's incredibly childish: focused mainly on taking things for himself, having the habit of "playing" during fights to the point of playing pretend (he melodramatically pretended to struggle against Uub until he was "done playing", and upon getting his Golden Great Ape form, he proceeded to pretend he had gone berserk just to play with his new powers), and having a childishly short fuse. In fact, during Goku's first fight with Baby Vegeta, he learned what Baby's biggest weakness was; he's incredibly susceptible to taunting, and will lose his cool even if his opponent is obviously bluffing. To top it all off, when he was finally defeated, he completely abandoned everything he had gained, and his mission for revenge, just to run away and save himself.
    • At this point, it's probably easier to say that, with few exceptions, every Dragon Ball villain is like this at some point because they refuse to believe that the heroes could possibly be better than them.
  • Jashin of Dropkick On My Devil is a thousand year old lamia, and yet acts immature and childish often manipulating Medusa into providing her with money solely to entertain herself. Aside from that, she spends a duration of the series trying to kill Yurine, and event fantasizes about bloodily killing her while laughing like a toddler.
  • Izaya of Durarara!!. One of the rare Manipulative Bastard versions. It becomes quite obvious as the series progresses that he sees everyone and everything around him as little more than toys to be played with until they break.
    • This is all lampshaded by the fact that Izaya plays a strange mixture of games he uses to represent the events around him. Meaning, he literally sees the world as a game. This is made even creepier by the fact that he repeatedly destroys the pieces by lighting them on fire.
    • In his spin-off, the characters are interviewed about Izaya, and a general consensus is that while he cannot be called good or evil, he acts on his own whims and is like a child given too much power.
  • Fist of the North Star the Fang Clan are a Bandit Clan of Ambiguously Human thugs led by their massive father. Who when not killing villagers for supplies, enjoy playing with Panda plushies and gushing over people or things they find cute.
  • Renge in the Flame of Recca manga, who is so childishly nuts she tore up a Teddy Bear just because it doesn't answer her when it doesn't have a speaking device, only to cheerfully laugh to ask for her Papa to get her a new one. Speaking of her Papa, Mori Kouran, she thinks her Papa's horrendous monstrous look after fusing with Tendou Jigoku looks EXTREMELY COOL. She doesn't end really well.
  • FLCL: Mamimi Samejima acts closer to an elementary school student despite being a high schooler, and is very clearly mentally unstable. This is one of the few things in the show that is not Played for Laughs.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Akito. He's essentially the same at age 19 as he was when he was little - a spoiled brat with a god complex and a crippling fear of abandonment. This is because she was horribly abused from before birth by her mother, who forcibly raised her as a boy due to petty jealousy and drilled in her mind the idea that nobody loved her, nobody respected her, and everyone would abandon her, which caused Akito to snap when she was in her early teens and become the Big Bad.
    • Ren Sohma aka the aforementioned abusive mother of Akito. Not only is her ultimate reason to abuse her daughter ultimately very bratty (being jealous because Akira, her late husband and Akito's father, loved the idea of being a dad), but at some point she tries to kill Akito... over a box that belonged to the dead Akira, simply because she believes everything Akira owned was hers.
  • Gluttony from Fullmetal Alchemist is a ridiculously strong Artificial Human with the temperament and intelligence of a young boy. Throughout most of the series, he's reliant on his "keeper" Lust to do the thinking for him (his main input being to ask her if he can eat people). When she dies, the poor guy suffers a nervous breakdown.
  • Gates from Full Metal Panic! is a mysterious man whose first act was to get rid of the subordinate who argued with him by kicking him out of an helicopter. An extremely volatile man with a ridiculous [1] attitude, Gates seems to enjoy big explosions and being cruel to people like a child likes crushing their toys, but with the difference of being 40 years old and not even bothering to hide it one bit.
  • Gundam:
    • Dark Action Girl Nena Trinity from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is an excellent Type D. She's pretty, spoiled, cheerful, friendly, mock-fights with her brothers, will happily invade your personal space and kiss you if she thinks you're cute, has a really funny mascot in the form of her purple Haro... but after being raised as a Tykebomb Artificial Human with no concept of morality, she will bomb your house if she's got to work while you have fun at weddings. And then she'll be all "Whoopsie! :3" when asked why did she do that.
    • In the side materials, it's strongly implied that there's a pretty good reason for this: seventeen-year-old Nena was kept in stasis almost from birth... and only woke up around seven years before the series starts. As such, her mental psyche isn't the same age as her physical body and she's a little girl in the body of a teenager; such stuff does a LOT in the mental/emotional maturity of anyone.
    • Wong Yunfat from Mobile Fighter G Gundam is one of the rare Magnificent Bastard versions, as well as a Type C. He loves eating chocolate and is seen in his pajamas as well as leaning on a giant teddybear at one point, and some of his reactions to being in a disadvantage can be seen as very childish... but Wong's own cunning plans and back-up plans make him far smarter and more ruthless than the average PSM.
    • Rosamia Badam from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam is a Type D as well, but in different terms: she's a 17-going-on-18-year-old Dark Action Girl who, outside her mecha, has the mentality and the fears of a little girl, latches innocently on whoever she sees as a Replacement Goldfish for her dead older brother, and is unable to take care of herself in a normal environment. In her case, it's very justified: Rosamia not only is a survivor of the infamous Zeon Colony Drop of the One Year War, which happened when she was a little girl, but was subjected to cruel experiments that messed up with her mind even more.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has Muruta Azrael, a psychopathic genocidal maniac, motivated by childhood grudges, and possessing the maturity level of a particularly vicious teenager.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny has Rosamia's even more handicapped expy, Stella Loussier, who while very efficient in combat, is a five-year-old outside of her mecha, sometimes screaming about how the "scary things" are coming for her, and flipping out in sobbing meltdowns at the mere mention of death. Her teammate and sort-of brother Auel Neider is only marginally saner, and while he can sort-of handle Stellar (as in, attacks anyone who tries to approach her) can be driven into a breakdown by the mention of his mother.
    • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE has a Type B in the grown-up Desil Galette. To put it in perspective: he was introduced in the first part as an Enfante Terrible, and in the second part he may be in his 30's but he hasn't actually changed his attitude and doesn't even really plan to.
  • Machina of Hayate the Combat Butler. He nearly kills Hayate, even stating it wouldn't be murder, and later on he turns into a giant snake. He also Gets very excited when his master gives him money to get something to eat and orders 100 hamburgers all at once.
  • The "Vampire" Clair Leonelli from Heat Guy J is a Mad Bomber who speaks very childishly (referring to his dead father as "Papa", for example), is prone to violent temper tantrums, and is described by one character as liking to "play with" his enemies before he kills them. He does have a Freudian Excuse, though, and his childishness is designed to make him seem fragile and sympathetic as much as it's used to make him frightening.
  • Rip van Winkle from Hellsing is an excitable young woman who likes to sing opera beautifully and also enjoys killing things while laughing her ass off. She intends on conquering the world for Millennium.
  • Akura-Ou from Kamisama Kiss. One minute he is playful, happy and silly... the next minute he will brutally kill dozens of people for the most trivial of reasons.
  • Nova, Hikaru's Enemy Without from Magic Knight Rayearth's second season. She just wants to be loved by Hikaru...and by that, we mean cover her friends in large pools of blood so that only the two of them can "play" forever and ever.
  • The Eleven Scars in Mob Psycho 100 are all immensely powerful psychics, believing that their powers make them worthy to rule and be worshiped. The main characters, who all subscribe to A God I Am Not, face them and either subject them to a Curb-Stomp Battle from Mob, Ritsu, or Teruki or a verbal smackdown from Reigen.
  • Johan Liebert of Monster is a classic example. His goals and desires are highly simplistic but as an adult he pursues them with an appropriate level of sophistication. Exactly how childish he really is can be hard to judge given that he's an excellent manipulator.
  • Gozaburo Seto of My Bride is a Mermaid. While he's the boss of the Seto Clan and threatens Nagasumi, his wife Ren still sees him as a spoiled, immature brat who never left middle school and it shows. Sun even calls him out on it in the second episode ("I can't respect a father who won't even act like a man!").
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Tomura Shigaraki, one of the central antagonists, straddles between types B and C while playing this to the hilt; to the point where several other characters actually refer him as such. Even his comrades and the villains he tries to win to his side make note of his immaturity, his impulsiveness, and the tantrums he throws when he doesn't get his way.
    • There's also one of his underlings, Himiko Toga. While she blushes and swoons like a fangirl when talking about somebody she likes and gives people childish nicknames like "Mr. Handsy" and "Stainy"; she's also an accomplished serial killer with a blood fetish. The latter is arguably justified, as that's how her Quirk works.
  • Naruto has a mixture of villains who act mature and others who act like kids, though to be fair the same is true of the heroes.
    • Tobi aka Obito is a Type B. Depending on the viewpoint, his goal is either childish or overly idealistic: He wants to replace reality with a dream where everyone can be happy and the good guys always win. The psychopathic part comes from the fact that he is willing to kill lots of people to accomplish this, as he reasons that they will be resurrected anyway once he accomplishes his goal.
    • Madara Uchiha is a Type C: Incredibly powerful? Check. Head of his clan? Check. Co-founder of the Hidden Leaf, and, by extent, the shinobi village system? Check. So why does this trope apply? The over-arching plot: He threw a tantrum after eavesdropping on Hashirama and Tobirama Senju in their own home, and overheard Tobirama express his opinion that the title of Hokage should be voted on by the Village Elders and Clan Heads instead of just being handed to Madara because Hashirama wants him to have it. Ironically, Madara probably could have been voted Hokage if he didn't have a history of behaving this way. Also, he is extremely cocky.
      • And that's not to mention the fact that he acts like a child with a new toy when it comes to the Ten-Tails Beast, as well as when he's fighting Eighth Gate!Gai. Obito even calls him out on his behavior with the former! In the case of the latter, when he sees a surge in Gai's power, in some translations he calls out: "All right, I'm game! I'll play with you!"
    • Black Zetsu is a Type B. His whole motivation in a nutshell can be described as the desire to be reunited with his mother and does not matter that due to this suffering a lot of people because they are only part of the story which he created for the revival of his mother. Naruto even lampshaded this, calling him a child clinging to his mother's side even after millennia of living.
  • King Hamdo from Now and Then, Here and There is a power hungry ruler (with more than a passing resemblance to certain African dictators) who throws tantrums and calls for his assistant Abelia to comfort him when things go wrong. He thinks little of human life and often laughs maniacally. Ironic, considering he forces actual children to kill and die for him.
  • In One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy is your typical Shōnen childish Idiot Hero. So what happens when you remove his shadow and create a hundred-foot-tall monstrosity with it, using the body of an ancient demon warrior? Oars has all of Luffy's idiocy, childlike naivety, and personality, with none of the tempering kindness and concern for friends.
    • The Demon Guards of Impel Down, four bizarre Zoan users seem more animal then man but like to goof on each other and cower whenever their officer Sadi-chan is angry like them like children to an angry mom. They are also extremely sadistic, and love the brutalize prisoners.
    • One of the newest members of the Blackbeard Pirates San Juan Wolf seems to apply. In his past, he was a Pirate who committed crimes "so atrocious they were effectively erased from history itself", a bounty likely to be in the upper multi-millions, and when caught offscreen, was transferred to the lowest level of Impel Down, and to earn his freedom from there, was forced to kill everyone in his cell on orders from Marshall D. Teach and co. Also, he is the largest man alive in the show, easily dwarfing Oars at least four time over, and is compared to a walking Sears Tower. But, in his first appearance, he peeks out from Marineford HQ's main building like a curious child, has an expression like he was caught stealing from a cookie jar when spotted by Mooks, expressed surprise that a Vice Admiral knew his name, and was scared by Whitebeard and hid while the rest killed him.
      • His classic "They found me!" line, which is all the more hilarious when you look at this size comparison pic: yes, the circled person is one of the regular giants.
    • Later chapters in the Dressrosa arc reveal Doflamingo to be this. His despicable nature and cruelty, along with his desire to "destroy this world" are simply him being the Spoiled Brat he was as a kid and throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that he didn't get what he wanted, being denied his "rights" as a descendant of the twenty kings who found the World Government by the other World Nobles because his father happened to be one of the few sane people in Mariejois and left the city with his family to live the commoner life. Despite all his rants about being an adult who doesn't have time to play Luffy and Law's "kiddy games," it's blatantly obvious that despite being so world-weary, he hasn't really matured at all from when he was a kid.
    • Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin is a grown up woman who loves to have tea parties with delicious sweets and baked goods. Wouldn't seem so bad except she's willing to decimate whole islands for wedding cake ingredients alone with little room for compromise. Case in point, willing to destroy Fishman Island since they couldn't deliver their allotted candy despite the machinery being destroyed during Hody's attempted coup and them willing to continue the order once it's fixed. Plus likewise threatening to kill people who don't come to her parties and singing and dancing about said tea parties with lyrics that the strawberry jam can be the usual or be made of people's blood. And if that wasn't enough, she suddenly goes on a rampage not long after singing this song and begins eating anything she can get her hands on, just because there was a certain sweet she wanted to eat and didn't have it. Even taking years from the lifespan of one of her sons when he tries to calm her down, all because she's too enraged to listen to reason until she finally gets it. Just... Yeesh. What's worse is that these rages are completely unpredictable; even she doesn't know when she's going to get a craving, or for what, and they always manifest without warning.
  • Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts might as well be the king of this trope due to his nasty habit or slicing up dolls with scissors and causing the tragedy of Sabrie. There's also the Will of the Abyss, a whimsical and childlike being that rules over the hellish alternate reality of the Abyss. She veers wildly between moods, acting like an innocent little girl one moment and casually plucking a man's eye out the next moment. It's because she once shattered her own mind and memories to protect her sister and Oz, leaving her completely insane.
  • Jack Winslow of Power Stone is a really 100-year-old crazy who was orphaned at a young age and lost at sea. Lack of human contact might explain his behaviour.
  • Kirika Kure of Puella Magi Oriko Magica is completely unfamiliar with the concept of maturity. Among other things, she throws tantrums at a moment's notice and drinks her tea with enough sugar to make it into syrup. She's also hunting down and killing other magical girls. Although her motive for doing so is because she was asked to by Oriko, whom she is obsessively in love with, rather than her childish tendencies. (Then again, killing others because Oriko tells her so could be seen as childish too, as she does so to please said person and get praise from them than of her own will.)
  • The villain from the second episode of Pumpkin Scissors shows signs of this, in that he kills the people in his charge as part of a fun game, and is hinted to be capricious to the people in his court.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • Gyokuro Shuzen is a mix of Types C and D. She's a powerful and beautiful vampire and the one-time matriarch of the Shuzen family... whose Evil Plan is nothing but her throwing a temper tantrum because she was insanely jealous of the fact that her husband Issa loved his mistress Akasha Bloodriver more than her. Everything Gyokuro does throughout the series (joining Fairy Tale, trying to Kill All Humans, etc.) is her way of spiting the long-dead Akasha.
    • Mizore and Kurumu's respective mothers, Tsurara and Ageha, are given this treatment in Capu2, having held a grudge against each other since high school over a boy they both had feelings for (who didn't even like either of them back), and using their daughters' relationship with Tsukune as an excuse to continue their old feud.
  • Ni Jianyi's pupil who is only known as Kami-sama in Saiyuki is a sadist who loves to toy with people while pleasantly torturing them (evident by "helping" Goku get rid of a pendant ball embedded in his leg). When the Sanzo group stormed his castle, he played games with them as if they were in an amusement park. They eventually found him in his room surrounded by stuffed animals which were actually the souls of people he had stolen. And once he started to lose, he threw a temper tantrum.
  • Eva-R and Eva-Q in Seikon No Qwaser are conscious of and delighted with being playthings, meant to suffer and die for Eva Silver. And yet in a backwards way, they regard any prospective dominant (i.e., anyone they look at) as their plaything, and are quick to break any 'toy' who isn't breaking them to their satisfaction.
  • Exaggerated in Servamp. Tsurugi is a pretty on point example. For starters, while doing paperwork, Tsurugi rarely does actual work and prefers to frantically beg For forgiveness and often does origami with the sheets. When he does do the work he writes it entirely in hiragana as a small child would. In a chapter where he's shown eating dinner, he has his legs brought up next to him and when he's finished, he leaves what appears to be food all around his plate as though a toddler had been eating there. A little more on the scary side is that due to his magic causing him to become unstable (if he wasn't already), Tsurugi becomes unable to remember if he is either seventeen or twenty-three when his real age is twenty-six. He also is fond of giving everyone nicknames, mainly by shortening their first name and adding the suffix 'chan'. Tsurugi has been shown to enjoy pranking people in dangerous ways, such as climbing into Mahiru and Kuro's room, jumping onto their table from an air vent and suddenly pointing guns at them. When The Mother invites him to become her eve, he suddenly begins crying like a kid. Later, his spirit exits his body and takes the shape of a small boy, referencing his mental state. Just remember, he is one of the most dangerous C3 magicians who regularly shows little concern for others and loves fighting vampires.
    • Tsubaki also has this, but not to the extent of Tsurugi. He's known to laugh hysterically at random things before abruptly calling them boring. His subclass Berukia also takes the form of a doll.
  • Kishin Asura from Soul Eater has this side to him, although it only really shows during his final breakdown in the anime.
  • Sword Art Online:
    • Akihiko Kayaba trapped thousands of people in a virtual world of his own making with no way to log out other than to clear the game, walked among them as a player and rallied several of them around himself in one of its most powerful guilds, with full intention of betraying them as the games Final Boss, and made it so that anyone who died in the game was Killed Off for Real. In his final conversation with Kirito and Asuna, he reveals that he did this all so that the imaginary play world that he always dreamed of would be as real as he could possibly make it. He also seems to be oblivious to the moral and ethical implications of his actions. To the point where the fact that he is responsible for the deaths of 4,000 people, is simply an abstract statistic to him.
    • Sugou Nobuyuki, the main villain of the Fairy Dance arc, is arguably even worse than Kayaba, but with none of Kayaba's redeeming qualities. While he can put up a respectable front, Beneath the Mask Sugou is a physically weak, morally spineless coward who just wants to slobber all over Asuna, both in-game and over her comatose body in real life, and throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Best shown when Kayaba's Virtual Ghost overrides his control of the game and gives Kirito admin privileges; Sugou whines and throws a tantrum, griping about how even in death, Kayaba's getting in his way and taking everything that Sugou considers rightfully his. Immediately afterwards, when Kirito gives him a small cut on the cheek with the Pain Absorber set to 0, Sugou has a minor Freak Out! and whines over the pain like a child with a scraped knee. Made even more blatant in the original Japanese; Sugou uses the gentle-masculine "Boku" (normally used by little-boys) to refer to himself (instead of the coarse-masculine "Ore" or gender-neutral "watashi" expected of a grown man), further accentuating that beneath his Mask of Sanity is a pretentious Spoiled Brat.
  • Kano from Texhnolyze. He's eloquent, intelligent and charismatic, but that doesn't change the fact that he sees the world as one big playground, and himself as the only real person in it.
  • Umineko: When They Cry: the Stakes of Purgatory seem to have some elements of this. Oh no, their new toy broke...
    • Depending on how you interpret the series, you could probably include Beatrice, Eva-Beatrice, and Erika in this trope. All the witches except (maybe) Virgilia are prone to Immortal Immaturity, though in Lambdadelta's case her childish behaviour is just an act, and Beatrice is later revealed to be only 19 years old and not a thousand as she claims. Though when you take her upbringing as Yasu into account, you can't exactly blame her. Maria gets excused because, well, she is a little girl.
  • Dilandau Albatou of The Vision of Escaflowne fame, the spiritual predecessor to Clair above, might be an even more obvious example, as when he's not fighting he spends much of his time throwing fits and having nervous breakdowns over things that range from understandable to entirely petty. While Clair above shaded into both Type B and Type C, Dilandau is squarely in B territory.
  • Pegasus J. Crawford / Maximillion Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh!. He steals people's souls (including a small child's), tries to take over a company by killing the CEO and pursues Ancient Egyptian artifacts with no regard for anyone in his way, all to bring his wife Back from the Dead. In his spare time he watches cartoons and loves them to the point that he creates a DECK based around them. In the anime, he becomes a good guy later on, though. (Ether type C or type B.)


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