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Of all the furs that fell off a truck, the Robot Don's girl deserves the best.

Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in cartoons.

  • The characters in Alvin and the Chipmunks often attend events where Socialites are wearing furs.
  • A few furs in American Dad!, notably Haley's online game avatar, which is a Chainmail Bikini with a white fur collar, two things not to be expected from a Granola Girl.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender some characters wear fur just for style, such as Mai's fur-trimmed robe, and Toph's fur puff balls on her headdress (the water tribes wear pelts as a cultural dress, not a luxury).
  • In The Legend of Korra the first First Lady of Republic City wears a white fur wrap with her formal dress.
  • Many of the rich ladies in Batman: The Animated Series, and a few in Batman Beyond, wore a fur-trimmed coat or fur wrap.
  • Beverly Hills Teens has some, usually as a fur rug draped over chairs.
    • Bianca's most common fur is a brown fox wrap with her party dress. She also wears a renaissance-era Pimped-Out Dress with a fur neckline when auditioning for a play.
    • Nicky has a white fur coat and a skating dress trimmed with white fur.
  • A few in The Cleveland Show, including a coat Donna wore in a Blaxploitation film she did years before, and Rallo got in trouble for wearing nothing but a mink coat and underwear for a school picture.
  • Daria: Quinn's Pimped-Out Dress for a school play was trimmed with white fur to fit the High Middle Ages look of the scene.
  • In the "Thronecoming" episode of Ever After High, Apple White wears a Pimped-Out Dress with white fur sleeves.
  • The Flintstones: In one episode Fred is having some sort of problem, making him almost completely lethargic. Wilma buys an expensive fur coat of "genuine Siberian mammoth", knowing the cost will make Fred freak out. Betty grabbed a "sabertooth tiger stole" at the same time.
  • Futurama:
    • When Bender gets a Gender Bender (no pun intended), he dates Calculon, who gives Bender a fur coat among many gifts. At other times Bender is no stranger to the pimp coat.
    • A white fur jacket is a gift from the head of the Robot Mafia to his wife in Into the Wild Green Yonder. She was seeing Bender at the time, and he just relished the chance to "nail a dame in a fur coat".
  • Galtar and the Golden Lance: Rava, the niece of the Evil Overlord wears a white fur mini dress.
  • Goldie Gold and Action Jack: Goldie Gold is "the world's richest girl" who loves to go on adventures, and her standard outfit for this included a white fur jacket. She also has a winter outfit with an ermine-trimmed parka.
  • In an episode of Goof Troop, Pete takes Peg to the movies as a date, and Peg puts on a pink jacket with a white fur collar.
  • In one episode of The Jetsons, George and Mr. Spacely were in a competition where the prize was a mink coat, which each man wanted to give to his wife. They ended up in a tie and had a tug-of-war with the coat itself, causing it to tear. This worked out, since one wife ended up with a mink jacket and the other used the bottom half as a mink stole.
  • In My Litte Pony, Rarity the fashionista is often seen wearing a fur coat in winter. In the Distant Finale, she appears wearing a fur despite it being spring to show how successful she had been in the intervening years.
  • Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders: The outfits Gwenevere and company wore in the snowy mountains were fancy dresses and capes trimmed with fur.
  • The main character of Princess Sissi has a white winter coat trimmed with fur.
  • In the holiday episode of Sofia the First, Sofia wears an ice blue Happy Holidays Dress, but keeps her Graceful Ladies Like Purple theme with a cape and hat trimmed with white ermine, while her mother and stepsister also wear fur-trimmed coats.
  • In Star Wars: Clone Wars, Amidala wears Stylish Protection Gear on an ice planet, with a fur cape.
  • Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures: In the episode "On Ice", one of the girls was making pimped out dresses for a spring Fashion Show. When there was a cold snap, she made the dresses trimmed with white fur.
  • Raven in Teen Titans wears a fur-trimmed cape and tights when in extreme cold.
  • In Thunderbirds Lady Penelope has a long mink coat she sometimes wears.
  • The Tick: Fashion Model Mindy Moleford has a fur-trimmed coat she wore in the episode where Mole King successfully wooed her.
  • Totally Spies!: Several outfits have fur trim, to the girls' parkas, to a cheerleading squad wearing fur-trimmed dresses.
  • Winx Club: Headmistress Faragonda's sleeping gown is lined with fur and the matching shoes have furballs on them. In the comics her winter coat has fur as well.


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