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Even in a BDSM themed world, a princess could use some ermine to show her status.

Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in webcomics.

  • 9th Elsewhere: In the first strip Carmen's latest foster mother is wearing a fur jacket as she tries to convince Carmen to come to her own welcome party.
  • Bound Adventures:
    • The series has most of the nobles and royals wearing fur trimmed capes.
    • Princess Irina has ermine trimming on most of her garments and accessories. She also has an ermine-lined Showgirl Skirt.
  • In Darken Jill wears a short fur cape when the group goes adventuring in the snowy mountains.
  • Dominic Deegan:
    • One of Amelia's dresses was trimmed with fur.
    • Miranda Deegan's mother had a fur muff, and she wore it in a way to show she was a Proper Lady.
  • Drowtales: Snadhya'rune loves wearing outfits trimmed with white fur (and damaging them is her Berserk Button). Even her sister wears such robes.
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  • Erstwhile: In the "Sweetheart Roland" comic, the title character at one point wears an ermine cape.
  • Fluffy Bunny Domination:
    • A toy wand she got had two white fur puff balls attached, making her imagine she could use it to turn into a Magical Girl, with a similar ball as a bunny tail.
    • She had an Imagine Spot of having a sugar daddy, and wearing a red dess and silver fox wrap. Unfortunately the context of that fantasy made it not appealing to her.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Agatha wears a sumptuous fur coat and matching hat when waiting for a Corbettite train at a desolate train station in the snow.
    • When Jenka shows up in Paris, she is wearing a rather impressive ensemble, which no longer covers her mouth and includes a fur stole. The fancy dress also makes her virtually unrecognizable to Agatha.
  • Karate Bears in this strip like to steal stoles.
  • Knights of Buena Vista is a Campaign Comic covering Frozen, and during Elsa's coronation it turned out that her cape was supposed to be lined with ermine, which Elsa sold for loads of cash. She justifies it by claiming it was too warm in the year to wear all that, and Anna's player mentions that she likes to wear her furs in summer. Anna later re-buys the ermine from Oaken for lining her winter outfit, which includes an ermine petticoat under the skirt just to help her freezing lower half.
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  • Benn'Joon of Looking for Group wears a Pimped-Out Cape that is trimmed with white fur. Later she gets a full length white fur coat for adventuring in the mountains.
  • Noblesse: Rozaria wears a black coat trimmed with white fur.
  • In Sinfest, Sapphire is a succubus who liked to wear a mink coat when walking to and from her job at the strip club.


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