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So we hope her voice is as grand as her clothes.

"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me"
Eartha Kitt, Santa Baby

Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in music lyrics, videos, album covers, etc.

  • In ABBA, the girls wore some furs for some videos, including a fox coat in the video for "Money Money Money".
  • The girls in AKB48 wear fur-trimmed dresses in holiday videos, which include Sexy Santa Dresses. In the video for "Merry Christmas", the girls wear short Happy Holidays Dresses with red fur puffballs in the dancing scenes. In the street scenes, one of the girls wears a white fur jacket.
  • Anne Murray wears a silver fox coat for much of the video for her song "Now & Forever".
  • Ayumi Hamasaki has worn furs in some of her videos and concerts.
  • In the video for the Big Bang song "Forever With You", the girl wears a white fur jacket and hat, and the two guys wear fur-trimmed jackets.
  • Britney Spears wore some furs for her videos, and some for public appearances, such as a white fox wrap over a white dress when at the 2000 Grammys, and a sable-trimmed dress for a magazine shoot.
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  • Christina Aguilera wore a white rabbit coat in the video for rapper Nelly's "Tilt Ya Head Back".
  • Alison Mosshart of The Dead Weather wears a brown fur jacket.
  • The album cover and video Music/Enya's "On my way Home" have her wearing a fur-trimmed coat and an ermine hat.
  • Faith Hill has worn some fox wraps in her videos, such as a scarlet fur wrap as a movie star in "I Love The Way You Love Me" and a silver fox wrap in "There You'll Be".
  • Hello! Project: Iida Kaori wears a brown rabbit coat over her shoulders in the video for "I Wish". Some of the costumes in the PV for Renai Revolution 21 are also fur lined.
  • Idina Menzel: For a photo shoot in 2013 she wore a blue faux fur wrap, and for a 2014 holiday concert at Bloomingdale's, she wore a black fur jacket.
  • In the Jay-Z song "Jigga What, Jigga Who" Amil sings the chorus and she appears in the video wearing a white fox fur jacket.
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  • Jennifer Lopez loves wearing furs in her red carpet appearances, and in the video for "Jenny From the Block" she wore a few furs, including bouncing around in a chinchilla coat.
  • The Jenny Lewis song "Rabbit Fur Coat" uses it as a metaphor when singing about her troubled past, but at the end does sing about the symbolic coat favorably.
  • In the Kesha for "Take It Off", she grabs a white fur coat from a car and wears it briefly.
  • Koda Kumi wears a hooded brown fur coat in the video for "Showgirl".
  • Lil' Kim is very fond of wearing fur, which can be seen in several of her videos, album covers, and public appearances.
  • Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground did the musical version of ''Venus in Furs", where masochism goes hand-in-glove with the right sort of fetish clothing:
    Downy sins of streetlight fancies
    Chose the costumes she shall wear;
    Ermine furs adorn the imperious,
    Severin, Severin, awaits you there
  • Madonna wore several fur in her videos an appearances.
    • She wore a white faux fur wrap in the "Material Girl" video.
    • A white mink jacket in the video for "Music".
    • She wore a long white fox wrap at the 1991 Academy Awards.
  • Mary J. Blige wore a white fur wrap for the cover of a Christmas album.
  • Monique Van Vooren had an album "Mink in Hi-Fi", and the cover was her in a white mink wrap, surrounded by a pile of other mink clothes.
  • Miley Cyrus wears a full length white and gray fox coat in the music video for "We Can't Stop", and has also worn it in several live performances since, such as her Jingle Ball performances in the winter of 2013.
  • Nouvelle Vague's video for their cover of "Eisbär" ("Polar Bear") features the singer laying on a polar bear rug. This is a song that goes something like "I'd like to be a polar bear, at the cold pole." Hmm...yes, so she says as she strokes the fur.
  • Pentatonix: Kirstie wore a white fur jacket on the album cover of "That's Christmas To Me".
  • Reba McEntire wore a white fox wrap in the video for "Does He Love You" and a white mink coat for the cover of her album "Merry Christmas to You".
  • "The Glamorous Life" by Sheila E includes furs in both the lyrics and the video.
    She wears a long fur coat of mink
    Even in the summer time


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