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Black Widow wouldn't be a proper Sensual Slav Femme Fatale without a few fancy furs.

Every time I see a fur coat in a store window it does something to me! It just takes me out of this world!
Patsy, Patsy Walker

Ways in which fur garments have shown wealth, status, and glamor in comic books.

  • Archie Comics: Heiress Veronica Lodge wears lots of furs. Betty has even worn a few, some given to her by Veronica.
  • In Batman Marth Wayne is sometimes shown wearing a fur coat on the night she gets shot.
  • Black Widow of the Marvel Universe occasionally wears fur. Her first appearance was wearing a brown mink wrap. In a mid 90s Iron Man comic, she met Tony on a trip to Russia and she wore a white mink coat and hat over a slinky purple dress.
  • The Snow Queen of Fables wears a fur boa. In her final scene she wears a white fur cape when she proposes to Winter, who herself is wearing a black cape trimmed with white fur.
  • In Danger Girl, Abigail wears a mink coat to infiltrate a party.
  • The skating dress worn by The Flash enemy Golden Glider has white fur cuffs.
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  • The girls of Katy Keene have owned and modeled several furs. Once a guy proposed to Katy by promising her all the furs she would want if she married him.
  • Supergirl:
    • Lois Lane has worn some furs, such as a fur jacket she wore in winter during the early issues, or a full length mink she occasionally wore in the fifties.
    • In Starfire's Revenge, the eponymous Supergirl villain shows off her wealth by wearing a luxurious, fluffy, sleeveless, ermine coat the second time she is meeting up with her minion Derek.
  • Love Romances #99 shows a truck driver who's fallen for a redhead Uptown Girl wearing a white fur coat, while her father has caught them in the act. In the actual comic, she does not wear a fur in that scene... she instead wears the fur coat when they first meet.
  • The girls in Millie the Model have owned and modeled several furs. At least twice there was a joke where she was trying on a fur at a store, and the manager asked if she wanted a saleslady to model the garment. Another time she had to wear a full length white ermine coat in the middle of summer.
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  • Patsy Walker has worn some furs, and one issue stated on the cover how excited she would be getting her first fur coat.
  • Carmen Hosanna of Sinister Dexter wears a long, white fur coat.
  • Squadron Supreme: Villain The Mink's costume is a fur coat and furry boots.
  • Thunderstrike: Marcy Masterson opens a health salon, and decides to dress to the nines for the opening. Her ensemble includes a white fur jacket, which is waist length to emphasize her hips. So her fur shows both glamour and Sex Sells.
  • The Ultimates: Wanda wears a fur-lined coat just before she is tragically shot.
  • X-Men:
    • Jean Grey wore a few furs.
      • In the 70s she has a blue winter coat trimmed with gray fur.
      • She wears a white fur coat in an issue of the first series of X-Factor. Since she lost her last coat in the previous issue, she and Scott do some shopping. As she walks outside, and is enraptured by how soft her new coat's fur is, she recalls that the salesman gave her a particular look when she told him she wanted to wear it right out of the store. That and Scott's "specialized needs" comment all hint (as much as the comics code allowed) that they were hoping to have Jean wear the fur in other ways. She later gets in a Snowball Fight with Scott while she wears the coat, calling herself "The Queen of the Icy North!".
      • Her mother, Elaine Grey, wore a brown mink coat when she and her husband first appeared.
    • Psylocke wore a fur-trimmed coat when on a date with Warren (aka Archangel).
    • In the first issue of the 1980s miniseries Kitty Pryde and Wolverine, Killy goes ice skating in a pink and black dress topped with a white fur pillbox hat.
    • In a joke issue, Kitty gets a number of wacky fashions, where a fur-trimmed skating dress is one of the more normal ones.
    • Sabretooth is a Rare Male Example: most of his outfits are trimmed in self–sourced, 100% genuine Wendigo fur.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman has worn some furs, including a Christmas issue where her outfit was trimmed with white fur, making it effectively a Sexy Santa Dress.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): Myndi Meyer struts into Julia's office wearing a large ostentatious white fur coat that stands in stark contrast to Julia's utilitarian outfit and office.
    • Wonder Woman and the Star Riders: Purrsia's outfit includes a rich purple and blue cape trimmed in purple fur and a skirt trimmed in the same fur.
    • The Legend of Wonder Woman: Priscilla Rich manages to combine this with Fur and Loathing since she's a heartless murderer who gleefully colludes with the Nazis and is the only named character to noticeably wear furs, and those furs are glamorous well designed pieces that help her look very pretty.