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  • This guy answering a prior video's question as to why God won't answer prayers.
  • Every time Nine swears in 17776, it comes off as this.
    • During their increasingly dour messages in the first chapter:
      "Please answer me.
      Please fucking answer me.
      Fucking answer me.
      Fucking answer me."
    • After a lengthy discussion about humanity's reaction to immortality and seemingly wasting time in chapter 5:
      "God damn."
    • Once Juice goes too far in insulting them in chapter 9:
      "You know what, fuck you."
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  • An O.O.C. Is Serious Business occurs in AJCO when Egg, the quiet teenager who had sworn only once up until this point (and even then she was only mimicking Kube in a friendly fashion), swears at A_J following her removal from the hangar and the news that she will be expelled to the radioactive outside world.
    <Egg> F-fine. Fine. I'll take the bullet, or the gas, or the radiation. But at least I was liked. And loved. Unlike you, you heartless bitch.
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • While he prefers the Cluster F-Bomb, his video on NES Accessories had a rare case of a literal Precision F-Strike. When talking about a headset that fired based on voice, he learns you can say anything and it will work. Leading to...
      Nerd: FUCK! [hits duck] Wow, I just shot down a duck by saying fuck.
    • And a more literal example in part 3 of his CD-I review
      Nerd: It's time to start dropping some f-bombs! FUCK [bomb explodes] FUCK [bomb explodes] FUCK [bomb explodes] FUCK [bomb explodes]
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    • He does it again while reviewing Ghosts 'n Goblins.
      Nerd: [rage builds up] F...F... Curse! Curse, Goddamn it! Mnh! I used up all my fuck points during the last 107 episodes. I don't have anything new. I gotta rely on the old tricks. [begins to fight the game cartridge RPG-style] All right. Let's try the Cluster F-Bombs. Fuck this fucking piece of shit fucking shit fucker game! [game attacks the Nerd] UGH! Uhh, gotta go for the Precision F-Strike. Oh, how this game lures you in with its appealing gameplay, and charming atmosphere, and then bends you over and FUCKS'' you to Hell!!
  • Robyn of Anime America is not a sweary person at all. Well, not extremely sweary, at least. She does speak in a sort of sarcastic tone, but rarely surpasses words like "crap," so when TOP 10 WORST CLICHÈS IN ANIME came out and she got to the No. 2 spot, "Underaged Fanservice," she goes on to say this:
    Robyn: I know Rule 34 states if it exists, there's porn of it, but this is just—
    (cue Boku No Pico)
    Robyn: FUCK NOOOO!
  • Atop the Fourth Wall: Linkara makes a point of avoiding to use stronger profanity, especially the F-Word. Sometimes he plays around with this "rule", by including a Curse Cut Short, but at a rare, selected times he has been known to drop some slightly crasser words than usual and even full-on F-bomb or two.
    • Notably, Linkara (who never uses stronger language) actually referred to a character as a twat in his JLA: Act of God review. Also in that review, he uses the word "goddamn," which is all the more appropriate as the comic was partly written as Christian propaganda.
    • In a crossover review of The Fantastic Four with Bennett the Sage, he had Bennett do the Precision F Strikes for him. Linkara paused when most people would curse, and Bennet said the F-word for him. Immediately followed by a subversion of the gag:
      Sage: Are you, uh, done here?
      Linkara: Bitch, I haven't even gotten started yet.
    • And then when he made an appearance in Bennett the Sage's Masterpiece Fanfic Theatre in which he was tied to a chair and forced to listen to his own teenage fanfiction, he WOULD have dropped an f-bomb...if Bennett hadn't conveniently gagged him.
    • He does say "Son of a bitch!" (his strongest swear, aside from a bad imitation of him by The Nostalgia Critic, who made him say the F word in a faked apology video) when he reaches his breaking point, much to Bennet's amazement.
    • Cry for Justice had him as close to dropping the f-bomb as he'll probably will ever get: "This is a freakin' joke!!!"
    • In the Forget About It "review" of Titanic, Linkara is heard saying "well MOTHERFU-" before being cut off by a montage of Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, and Sad Panda lip-syncing to "My Heart Will Go On".
    • In the bloopers for the Wonder Woman review he swears uncensored.
    • In his 200th episode review of One More Day, he called Joe Quesada (or whoever wrote this particular part) a dickhead for essentially calling comic book readers and gamers losers.
    • In Obscurus Lupa's review of Evil Dead 2, after the rest of Channel Awesome gave Lupa a "Reason You Suck" Speech, Linkara summarizes what they have said.
      Linkara: Add up everything that you have ever done, and what do you have to show for it? Jack and shit. And jack left town.
    • Someone decided to rant on Linkara's blog about seeing another JewWario video. Linkara (basically the biggest Nice Guy on TGWTG) ended his response with "Fuck you. Fuck you and never come back." This happened AFTER JewWario committed suicide, it's no wonder why Linkara was so ticked.
    • During ConBravo D20 Live 2014, Linkara slips up and says fuck while arguing with Big Mike, before correcting himself immediately.
    • During one of the TGWTG charity Livestreams, Linkara offered viewers who donated more money the chance to hear him say "fuck." Doug pointed out that he just said it, to which Linkara replied, ", I didn't."
    • The best example would be during the final battle with Mechakara during the movie.
      Mechakara: I shall paint these walls with your blood!
      Linkara: Yeah? Fuck you too.
    • He dropped one in this tweet in regards to Channel Awesome's "response" to the #ChangeTheChannel document.
  • Matthew Buck of Bad Movie Beatdown swears when it is appropriate, and usually bleeps out the word "f*ck." Except at the end of his famous monologue at the end of Seven Pounds
    Matt: This movie is literally saying that it's okay to kill yourself as long as you donate your organs. What the fuck kind of message is that?
  • Board James:
    • Happens during their playthrough of Shark Attack when Bad Luck Bootsy arrives wanting to play, much to the annoyance of James and Mike. Bootsy responds to this by pretending to reel in a fish, and flipping the bird while playfully chanting and singing. Then he straight up says "Fuck you, you motherfucking piece of shit!" in a very hostile manner, dumbfounding both James and Mike.
    • That same episode, towards the end, Board James suffers a bit of a breakdown which turns into a "Reason You Suck" Speech due to Mike's cheating, and Bootsy's hijinks.
      Board James: Come on, really guys?! This is a really simple fucking game! Why can't we just play a fucking board game?! IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY! Like this is the most dysfunctional group of friends I've ever had! Like, you're over here cheating, you're over here trying to make love with the damn shark, I'm bored, I wanna play a fucking board game, and YOU'RE FUCKING PISSING ME OFF! FUCK YOU GUYS! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR GUYS' FUCKING PROBLEM?! FUCK!
  • Captain Sparklez:
    • Captain Sparklez rarely swears in most of his videos beyond anything stronger than "god damnit", and that's generally reserved for his non-Minecraft videos. But in his appearance on React when the subject was The Farting Preacher, he found out that his theory on the subject was wrong (he had assumed the videos were a church using viral video as a promotional campaign), and commented "I am so fucking gullible". A year later, he dropped an F-bomb when going for the "Try Not to Laugh" video, vowing to "fucking ace it".
    • And again in "Coffee Tactics". He also throws out the no swearing rule while playing Slender, because he finds it that terrifying.
  • Clumsy Chicken usually lets out a quiet expletive when something bad happens in one of the games she's playing. Otherwise, she doesn't swear a great deal.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Ivy is more foul-mouthed than her meek reputation would lead one to believe, but she still doesn't do it a lot. This makes it stand out more when she asks a pointed "What the fuck is wrong with you?" when Hyeon shoves her during the Mass Super-Empowering Event.
    • Her mother, a teacher at the school, is introduced letting a 'shit' slip out while she's going through work e-mails, showing that she's more casual around her daughter than she is her husband or students.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged is not averse to swearing, and often lets swears as far as "shit" go uncensored. It does, however, regularly use a Sound-Effect Bleep for the word "fuck". In episode 60 Vegeta, known for his pride and arrogance, apologizes to Gohan because his actions got Gohan, the only person who can defeat Cell, seriously injured. Gohan responds to this with a simple, uncensored, "Oh wow, we are fucked..." This comes after Cell unleashes a fully bleeped Atomic and Cluster F-Bomb and before Vegeta has "Fuckin' better" bleeped out.
  • Brad Jones in the DVD-R Hell review of Rock: It's Your Decision. He was perfectly willing to let the worst stereotype Christian ever rail against Rock Music (which he quite likes apparently) and he would just laugh. Then he brought up lifestyles of these people, that being their homosexuality.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History:
    • In one episode, the F-bomb is dropped by Mr. Rogers, of all people, shortly after his opponent, Mr. T, accuses him of being a pedophile. Link
      Mr. Rogers: I'll say this once Laurence, I hope it's understood./Get right back in your van, and get the fuck out of my neighborhood.
    • Chuck Norris vs. Abraham Lincoln: "I AM CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS!"
    • Hitler vs. Darth Vader: "Now stand at attention, and Sieg fucking Heil!"
    • Martin Luther King Jr vs Ghandhi: "I am passively resisting the fact that you suck/I am celibate because I don't give a fuck."
    • There's generally one per video, after they stopped used a Cluster F-Bomb early on (though not always).
  • Extra Credits one F-bomb in the show's entire run was in the episode talking about the game Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Bleeped, but it still counts.
  • At the end of Film Cow's Detective Mittens: The Crime Solving Cat:
    Good work, Mittens. [beat] You scary fucking cat.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: Nekbone, who normally only speaks by shouting his own name, shouts out "OH SHIT!" when confronted by Nightshade.
  • Of the three hosts of How Did This Get Made?, June Diane Raphael is the one least prone to swearing. In the course of their episode on the film Howard the Duck, June claims that there are points where it looks like Howard is trying to fly. Everyone scoffs but at the end of the episode, opt to try and find what June's talking about. June shouts triumphantly when they find exactly what she's talking about (a scene in which Howard is flapping his arms as if trying to fly).
    June: Right there! Right fucking there!
  • Kurtjmac barely ever swears, preferring "crap" and "nuts to you" and occasionally dropping a "hell" or a "damn". In the most recent episode of the Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore series (in which well-known Minecraft Let's Players duke it out last-man-standing-style while running a difficulty-increasing mod), he goes from full health (and a very complete player-killing kit to boot) to dead, in less than a second, by glitching into a block because his (four) dogs teleported to him while his boat was near land, in memory-intensive terrain, on a laggy and crowded server. His response? "Motherfuck-" *cut to old-timey We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties slide*
  • The LoadingReadyRun video Son of a Bitch tends to leave viewers with the impression that it is a Cluster F-Bomb. This is not actually, true, it's just that few F-bombs in the video are done with such intensity.
  • The earlier episodes of Lonelygirl15 were like this. Bree swears precisely once in the entire series, in "I Probably Shouldn't Post This...", when she is defending the Hymn of One in a heated argument with Daniel: "It's my beliefs! There's a million fucking different religions in the world!"
  • YouTube microwave show Microwave Me fits this trope, especially with the most common variation of the opening tagline. "Hello, and welcome to Microwave Me, the show where I microwave shit so you don't have to!", but beyond that, it's rare for him to use sexual innuendo or swear words more severe than "damn", "hell", or "ass", although this trope is subverted in this case because he considered "shit" to be equivalent to the three listed above, and not up there with words like "fuck" or "cock".
  • Mystery Science Theater F1: Cluster F-Bombs later became this in the show, apart from special occasions.
  • Compared to other Navy Seal Copypasta variants, including the original, the pirate version is the least profane, with the strongest language being heard in the second-to-last line, "I will shit fury all over ye, and ye will drown in the depths of it."
  • You know you're in deep shit when GOD swears, as The Nostalgia Critic found out the hard way when he called God benevolent when in fact he was vengeful.
    God: Your ass is grass.
  • Passing Those Who Inspire Me by Matthew Santoro includes one use of "pretty damn good", but no other swearing.
  • Petscop: Whatever Paul saw in episode 9 has him give this reaction.
    Paul: What the fuck?
  • Pie Guy Rulz doesn't usually swear in his videos, apart from the occasional "crap". But in a video regarding his experiences in college, he says that he uttered an "expletive" at his roommate.
  • Rogueamp usually has a few of these in his videos, but perhaps his most famous is "SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS" from the Network Crime Ransomware video.
  • Scaramouches Attic: When Scaramouche got to the ending of Flowers in the Attic in her review, she began the paragraph with "The fucking ending."
  • SeaNanners, a normally eloquent man, typically never uttering anything more intense than "damn", dropped the f-bomb after visiting the Nether in his Minecraft Let's Play. Interestingly, he began using more intense swears ever since that.
    "Seriously? I know this is innappropriate, but what the fuck."
  • SF Debris isn't afraid to swear in his reviews, but even so, he's surprising adept at dropping laser-guided F-bombs to emphasize certain situations. This is demonstrated when he inserts his own dialogue into the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Where Silence has Lease," where black, redshirted Ensign Haskell proves just Genre Savvy enough to realize how screwed he is.
    Nagilum: Now would be a good time to learn about death by killing one of you.
    Riker: Oh, no!
    Picard: Oh, no!
    Troi: Oh, no!
    Data: Oh, no!
    Haskell: MOTHER FUCKER!
  • Fred Clark's Slacktivist blog has a great example in Stop Demanding That You Get Screwed, which has 20 or so paragraphs explaining calmly and patiently why healthcare reform isn't a bad thing, then emphasises it by finishing the postscript with "fuck you, you fucking moron".
  • Stuart Ashen is a generally deadpan person, and isn't known for swearing very often, generally only dropping an F-bomb if he's feeling particularly strongly about something. So it's easy to be caught off-guard to his reaction to 116 year old chocolate being a combination of this and an Atomic F-Bomb, since the thing had essentially turned to solid rot.
    Ashens: Depending what it looks like, I may bite off a little bit, I might lick it, or I might not eat it at all. And here we go— FFFFUCK!! *corpses helplessly*
  • Used spectacularly in Survival of the Fittest. Yes, while most characters swear like sailors, cute, meganekko, sugary sweet Louise "Lulu" Altaire manages to pull this off. When she meets Lenny for the third time, after he has just killed her friends the previous times, this time she's prepared. She's killed people, she has a gun and isn't afraid to use it.
    Lulu: See this thing, Lenny? Now you take your fucking hands off your handgun or I'll blow a hole through your head.
  • In Shmorky's "Titanic" (a parody of the animated works of Dingo Pictures), Scrooge McDuck drops one out of absolutely nowhere, the only actual swear in the entire thing.
    Gaston: You are so bad, you could play for Latvia.
    Scrooge: GO FUCK YOURSELF!
  • Video Game High School has skirted the line in recent seasons, but in episode 5 of season 3, Calhoun vents his frustration in a particularly non-highschool friendly way at the Barnstormers.
  • Whateley Universe: In The Three Little Witches, Abra, a pre-teen, swears after a very humiliating failure in a long list of failures, but which also involved her best work:
    “It was a cluster fuck!” Abra snapped as she paced around the floor in Clover’s room.
    “Abra!” Clover gasped, “If Mrs. Nelson heard you, she’d wash your mouth out with soap!”
    “My best work, up in smoke, and we’re still not any closer to getting any essence!” Abra groused as she shifted yet a little more chalk dust out of an uncomfortable crevice. She plopped down on Clover’s bed, arms crossed, eyebrows beetled. “So, how’re we gonna fix this?”


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