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  • Red vs. Blue:
    • It would normally not qualify for this, since cursing has almost always been one of the trademarks of the series. However, the last half of season 1 and the first half of season 2 were almost completely clean (Rooster Teeth had been trying to make the series more kid-and-work-safe). When the creators decided to reintroduce profanity into the dialogue, they did it with Caboose's "mental image" of Church, who spouted off more over-the-top vulgarity than had ever been heard on the show up to that point, a pretty major wake-up call to the audience.
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    • Doc hardly curses in the show, being one of the more tame characters. However, he later starts to swear more often to show his character development, starting with Revelation when he's captured by Agent Washington and the Meta, after the red team left him.
      Doc: Hey, guys? A little help here? Hello? ...Assholes.
    • He also utters one F-bomb in Revelation when aliens show up at the desert to highlight the danger they are in.
      Doc: Well, this is just fucking great.
    • Played For Drama in season 12 with Washington. The first episode he's featured in since he was captured and possibly killed starts out with his P.O.V. during the attack from the season 11 finale. He's passing out after having been shot when he sees Locus (the guy who shot him) standing above him and talking. The first words out of Wash's mouth in almost ten episodes in what he knows could be his dying breaths?
      Washington to Locus: Fuck. You. Monster.
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    • In Red vs. Blue: The Recollection, the new character Wash doesn't swear much. So in his final moment, when hearing a computer terminal use the word emp (when he had been repeatedly telling everyone is pronounced "E-M-P"), he basically goes out with his final line being:
      Wash: Emp? You have got to be fucking jo—
    • Sheila/FILSS is a soft-spoken, well-mannered A.I. whose voice never registers an emotion other than helpful politeness. When she does swear, it's always in the exact same tone of voice — and it is always hilarious.
      FILSS: Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.
  • Winter's F***ed Up by Animated James is a parody of the "Winter Wrap Up" song from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The title says it all.
  • Extra Credits has gotten worked up over subjects before, but has always kept it's language clean. But Call of Juarez: The Cartel's completely backwards depiction of human trafficking finally warranted a "That is f*bleep*ing disgraceful".
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  • The ending of Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour: Hugh saying "Oh shit!" when a sentinent pizza decapitates him.
  • Zero Punctuation has notable ones, which are hard to pin down when Yahtzee says the word at least ten times per review. However, two stand out with exceptional comedic timing:
    • At the tail end of his review of Child of Light, Yahtzee is talking about how annoying and poorly written the rhyming couplets that make up ALL of the narration and dialogue are. He ends by angrily yelling at the game: "You can't rhyme 'ravenous' and 'delicious'! Emphasis is on the wrong syllable! You FUCK!!"
    • In his review for Halo Wars, when he is recounting a particularly frustrating incident that made him stop playing the game all together, his explanation of his ire is like an F-word tactical carpet bombing (during a timed rescue mission, after he had completely cleared the map of hostile forces and the squadron he was rescuing were mere feet from the home base, the timer ran out and they disappeared, supposedly dying somehow):
    Yahtzee: "'We lost contact!' went a character. BULL! FUCKING! SHIT! All possible threats were dead! We didn't lose contact, I was looking at them! They were right fucking there! We were close enough to communicate by waggling our eyebrows at each other! What the fuck happens when the stupid arbitrary time limit runs out!? Do their Battle Royale collars explode!? They all lose honor and disembowel themselves!? WHAT!? And just to put the cherry on it, you know who they were? Absolutely bloody no one! Generic faceless pricks of the sort I'd vat-grown about 50 of that day alone! But we didn't make it in time, so they were gonna make me do the whole fucking mission again! As the exasperated Chinese zookeeper said to the last male panda in the world, 'Fuck that!'
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, this happens to both main characters who aren't Sir Swears-a-Lot like the Emperor:
    • Kitten's stoic qualities are put to test during episode 18 and lose.
      Kitten: ...the fuck?
    • Magnus prefers sharp wit to obscene language, but there's one person whose very mention pushes his Berserk Button.
      Magnus: Suck it, Leman, you furry fuck!
  • In the Lobo Webseries, an episode shows that Darlene used three precision f-strikes.
    "What an asshole."
    "Oh, for Christ's sake!"
    "Out of my way, piss-face!"
  • Camp Camp: In The Order Of The Sparrow, after spending the episode trying to break councilor David of his annoyingly optimistic personality and idealistic nature, especially towards their lousy camp, Max finally flat out asks David why he still cares enough to try to make things better, despite their lousy existence at the camp. David's response? "Because somebody fucking has to." Interestingly, the only reason this incident is this trope is because David, one of the few characters not to cuss regularly, is the one saying it; fans admit to being impressed that a show that tosses around swear words like they're nothing still managed to give a single "fucking" such profound impact.
    • Space Kid swears for the first time in season three, after being told by Vera America has a failing Space Program:
    Space Kid: What the fuck did you just say to me?
  • Near the end of Beans, a crossover between Peach's Slutty Adventure, Brawlgasm, and Smashtasm, Super64 — a character from a series where nearly no one cusses at all — drops one of theses.
  • RWBY has Tyrian call Ruby a bitch after she lops off his scorpion tail with Crescent Rose. This is quite possibly the strongest language dropped in the series thus far, since no character before has even uttered so much as " ass" beforehand, further cementing the Darker and Edgier turn the show took in the last season. Lampshaded for laughs by a commenter.
    Tyrian swore! I'm telling Salem! You can't do that on this show. Murder and dismemberment are fine, but swearing? Have some decency!
    • Yang drops equally harsh language when Ozpin retreats into Oscar's mind after revealing that Salem literally can't be destroyed, and he has no actual plans to stop her.
      Yang: That bastard! Tell him we're not done yet!


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