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  • Considering the fact that Inazuma Eleven is aimed at childrennote  and usually uses minced oaths in place of cusses (such as a generic lines from your players when you are failing during matches like "Blast it all!", "Darn you!" and "they're making it heck for us!") it comes across as especially out of left field when Jude Sharp drops this towards the antagonist, Ray Dark in Inazuma Eleven 3:
    Jude: Dark, damn you!
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  • The one time Artyom speaks in Metro 2033 is when he yells "guhhh-fffFUCK" when he notices that a derailed train is about to crush him into the ground.
  • The Metal Gear series is very low on swearing, so the one F-bomb in Metal Gear Solid 4 is a laser-guided Precision F Strike indeed. Delivered by what turns out to be a mind raped psychopathic teenage girl who never stopped her deranged laughing for years, "It's all so FUCKING HYSTERICAL!" manages to creep you like you wouldn't believe.
    • Especially considering the creepy nature of the boss fight, against an enemy who uses stealth against you. Cue the nightmares.
    • In the Japanese release of Metal Gear Solid 3, EVA, when cornered by Colonel Volgin, snarled "fuck you" before trying to shoot at him with a concealed gun. In the English version, the line was changed to the more mild "go to hell" - although it was saved by the voice actress's delivery.
    • Kaz delivers a perfectly targeted one in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when The Man On Fire appears behind Venom Snake while in The Devil's House.
      Kaz: Get the fuck out of there!
  • In Neo Contra, Bill Rizer does this by using "Hell" while against Pheromone Contra (Lucia) and Master Contra.
  • At the apex of the story in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (a Disney game), Axel rewards himself with one of these for a job well done, although it was rewritten into a different, F Strike-less line in the PS2 version.
    Axel: Now, Sora! Naminé! Riku! Marluxia! Larxene! It's about time you gave me one hell of a show!
  • In Mega Man 7, Bass throws in a rather unexpected "damn" in a dialogue toward the end of Shade Man's stage. Mild by the standards of a T-rated game, but it was quite surprising in a KA-rated SNES game. Too bad it was taken out in the Anniversary Collection.
    • Mega Man X had a couple "damn"s in the early games, which were kept in the X Collection. In fact, one "damn" (from X no less) was actually added to the first game for some reason. Although the fourth game missed its chance by having a late boss character shout, "See you in the underworld!" rather than the less unwieldy "See You in Hell!"
    • Mega Man Battle Network 2 also has one, when, after you defeat MagnetMan, and expose Gauss as the hijacker, he lets out a rather unexpected "Damn it to hell!"
      • MMBN2 had several other times incidences as well, unlike the rest of the series. Oh, and the guy wasn't hijacking the plane, he was trying to crash it.
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  • Example using mild swears: despite being rated T, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance almost always uses words like "blast" and "dastard". Ike only says "damn" if he dies (which is also Game Over).
  • In Gradius V, if you lose your last life after having gone through 6 stages on a single credit, the announcer exclaims, "What the hell?"
  • In Half-Life 2, Dr. Wallace Breen, ever the the classy and intelligent villain, never stating so much as a "darn," lets out a loud and clear "Oh, shit!" when he sees Gordon and Alyx are close behind him during his conversation with an Advisor.
  • In Team Fortress 2's "Meet the Spy" the BLU spy drops a Your Mom Joke, quickly followed by a (censored) F-Strike. Since the Spy has always been the picture of sophistication, these two combine to be absolutely hilarious.
    BLU Scout: What are you, the President of [the RED spy's] fan club?
    BLU Spy: ...No. That would be your mother. (produces compromising pictures of the Scout's mother and the RED Spy)
    BLU Scout: What the?...
    BLU Spy: Indeed. And now he's here to f-ck us! So listen up, boy, or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing to happen to you today.
    • Doubles at making the Spy Sophisticated as Hell.
    • Spy drops another in "Expiration Date", when, after Scout has humiliated him in front of the rest of the team, the kid shows up at Spy's smoking room to ask for something. The response follows thus:
    Spy: Scout. Please. Go f-ck yourself!
  • Lost Planet 2 doesn't have any qualms with using foul language when appropriate, but this line from the lead Rounder at the end of Episode 3 takes the cake: as he mans the controls of a railway gun to fight a massive Akrid:
    "I am so gonna shoot THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!"
  • Castlevania
    • In Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, the third boss in the game consists of a gigantic crab that the heroine Shanoa must fight all the way up a lighthouse. At the top, Shanoa gets into an elevator, tells the crab to "go to Hell," rides the elevator all the way down, crushing the crab. This is made all the more awesome by the line appearing as a sound bite rather than as a text box.
      • It bears mention that the original Japanese phrase ("Jigoku ni ochiro.") translates to "Fall into Hell." and, when used in its entirety, is at least somewhat less offensive than its English equivalent.
    • Castlevania: Judgment has one of Grant's "damn"age grunts be a certain four-letter word. Can you guess what it is?
  • 1213 has exactly one piece of profanity, and in the special edition commentary, Yahtzee makes note of how it emphasises how absolutely pissed off the guy saying it is:
    Westbury: "How much these things cost? Is that all you have to say? You... You... YOU FUCKING BUREAUCRAT!" * BANG*
  • The Warcraft games don't shy away from milder curses like "damn" or "hell", but the harsher ones can still be surprising:
    Sylvanas Windrunner: (to Arthas in Warcraft III) Give my regards to hell, you son of a bitch!
    (After being scolded by Garithos in Warcraft III) Dwarf Rifleman: They did not pay us enough to put up with that arsehole
    Kael'thas Sunstrider: (in WoW) Insolent son of a... let's get this over with! (he came close to making one)
    Garrosh Hellscream: (to Sylvanas in WoW): Watch your clever mouth, bitch.
  • In the X68000 version of Thunder Force II, losing your last life causes the player character to shout "Shit!"
  • In the white chamber, though she uses other swear words throughout the game, Sarah uses the F word only once, when she's being shocked in an electric chair and the laser gun beside her doesn't work.
  • In the final moments of Modern Warfare 2, you, as Soap, get stabbed in the chest by General Shepherd, whom you've been chasing for the majority of the last mission. As you stir, he gives you his Motive Rant, starting:
    Shepherd: Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just fuckin' watched.
    • In "Wolverines", when an enemy drone targets the restaurant you're on top of: "Ramirez, get the fuck off the roof!"
  • In Advanced Warfare, Oz in the end of the first Exo Zombies intro.
    Oz: I fucking hate the Atlas Corporation.
  • In Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Scorpion has a small chances of punching up his iconic catchphrase when using his spear, either as "GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!" or "GET OVER HERE, BITCH!"
  • From DonPachi: "WARNING: This is not similation. Get ready to destoroy the enemy. Target for the weak points of f--kin' machine. Do your best you have ever done."
  • In the Japanese version of Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, good-natured Franco Bash's win quote against Geese Howard is "Fuck you! Geese!"
  • In the Japanese audio for Sonic Adventure, Sonic says "shit" once. Translated to something along the lines of "darn" in the American version.
    • A milder example comes from Sonic and the Secret Rings: when wondering what possessing all seven World Rings could do, Sonic ponders, "It might even open the gates of hell.."
    • Another mild example: in Sonic Heroes, Vector calls Rouge a "broad" in the cutscene preceding the Team Dark/Team Chaotix boss battle.
  • Though it's not as vulgar as the other examples on this page, there IS one moment from the normally G-rated language Final Fantasy VIII that deserves a mention. When one minor character very NEARLY kills another by accident (by hanging him with a fishing line, no less), the almost-victim understandably berates his idiotic pal, finishing up by calling him "DUMBASS!" Complete with red text and a slashing sound as the word as said, to drive home the point that yes, this is as foul as the language is going to get. Maybe they were trying to avoid what happened with Final Fantasy VII.
    • FFVIII has two other notable instances. One is when Zone, one of Those Two Guys, lays into Squall for letting Rinoa get hurt: "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" the other is when Squall and party overhear fatherly and normally ineffectual Headmaster Cid arguing with Garden Master NORG:
      Headmaster Cid: "Greedy son-of-a-bitch! Why did I ever bother talking to you! SeeDs were brought up for the future! And that future is now! Why can't you understand!? Dammit! I should've never trusted you! I wish I could go back ten or so years. To tell myself that you're nothing but a money grubbing son-of-a-bitch!"
  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Tidus calls Jecht a "self centered old bastard".
  • Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect 2:
      • There's only one rule on Omega: "Don't fuck with Aria."
      • Sidonis also drops one after you tell him that Garrus is trying to snipe him.
      Shepard: I'm the only thing between you and a bullet in the head.
      Sidonis: ...Fuck.
      • Also, if you play as a paragon Shepard, flipping off to The Illusive Man becomes this..
      • Mixed with Pardon My Klingon: when Tali asks to be allowed to try to rescue her father in the midst of her trial, one of the Admirals accuses her of trying to get herself exonerated posthumously.
      Tali: I'm looking for my father, you bosh'tet!
      • And if you've got enough points to make the Renegade speech at Tali's trial:
      Shepard: Do whatever you want with your toy ships! But leave my crew out of your political BULLSHIT!
      • And in the same incident, Kal'Reeger if he's still alive.
      Kal'Reeger: Tali's done more for this fleet than you assholes ever will!
      • And yet another one from Tali's trial, this time if she does get exiled;
      Shala'Raan: I don't give a vorcha's ass about the fleet! I was trying to protect you, Tali!
      • Udina's entrance if Anderson was picked to the Council
      Udina: — Do the words "political shitstorm" mean anything to you?
      Fist: Hey, yeah, that's great. Fuck you, too
    • Mass Effect 3:
      • EDI takes a break from her Spock Speak if you help her romance Joker.
      EDI: He said I didn't have to conform to some feminine ideal in order to impress him. I then called him on his bullshit, and we then proceeded to talk normally.
      • Tali of all people gets on in the third game when the Alliance shows up to bomb a Cerberus base to bits.
      Tali: Choke on it, Cerberus bastards!
      Jack: (to Joker) Screw you, F...light Lieutenant.
      Joker: ... Eheh, what was that?
      Shepard: Jack's been watching her language for the kids.
      Joker: What, does she have a swear jar or something? Because if we emptied that out we could afford a new cruiser.
      Jack: Cover your ears, kids. Hey Joker, f— (Loading Screen)
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda
      • Most of the profanity in the game comes from the Player Character, Ryder. They swear much more often than Shepard, but don't use obscenities as punctuation like Jack did.
      • Suvi Anwar is normally the most soft-spoken and proper member of the crew, only letting out a single "hell" during a tense moment in the beginning of the game. Which makes it all the more jarring when she drops this gem near the end.
      Suvi: Between the Remnant city, Meridian, and however the Scourge fits in... pardon my Martian, but it's all weird as shite.
      • Later on, when things get worse, an aggravated Suvi drops a double-shite bomb.
      • Jaal, not normally one for swearing, drops the occasional cuss.
      Jaal: (after getting confused by Blunt Metaphors Trauma) Ah, I see. Idiom.
      Ryder: Yup.
      Jaal: Shit.
  • Similarly, in Fallout 3, if you've been playing with positive karma, you get the opportunity to pull one off when you're being captured and interrogated by Col. Autumn, who wants the activation code for the purification device.
    Autumn: You tell me that code, and maybe we can work out a deal for you.
    The Lone Wanderer: Fuck you. I'm not telling you anything.
    Autumn: I'll be honest. I'm running out of patience here, and I'm not looking to play games with you. You tell me that code, or it's going to cost you.
    The Lone Wanderer: No, seriously. Fuck you.
    Burnt Skeleton's placard: We're dying out here, assholes!
    • Talon Company Merc: I want this one's head on a fucking plate!
    • The biggest one is probably from Madison Li at the end of "The Waters of Life." Normally a cold, but certainly clear-headed woman, she ends up watching the man she harbored unrequited feelings for sacrifice himself, and then had the dream of Project Purity crushed for a second time. After that, her life, and the lives of all her companions are put into the hands of the kid who's a constant reminder to Li of James. Then, finally after narrowly escaping death, she's denied sanctuary at the one place where the group would be guaranteed safety. She sounds like she's on the verge of tears.
    Madison: Lyons! I know you're in there, I know you can hear me, you open this goddamn door right now!
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, a memorable one occurs when after tracking Benny down to the penthouse he's staying in, if allowed to leave he quickly double-crosses the Courier and attempts to murder them (again) by sending up a squad of goons. He then calls over the intercom.
    Benny: The cleaners will knock twice. Tell them to be thorough.
    Courier: It's a real mess in here - four bodies.
    Benny: ... What the fuck?!
    • Since being a package courier involves trekking across post-apocalyptic wastelands, often by oneself, it seems no wonder Cass claims that one of the rules of the Caravan Wastes is apparently "Don't fuck with the guy who delivers your mail".
  • In Fallout 4, the fully voiced player's Deadpan Snarker conversation options tend towards this trope.
  • StarCraft plays both sides of this trope. Units will frequently refer to "chicken-[beep] outfits" and not having time to "f[beep]k around", but in cutscenes "shit" and the like are thrown uncensored whenever it's deemed dramatic enough.
    • Remember Kerrigan calling herself the queen bitch of the galaxy? The (unofficial) Hungarian version made her the "Fuckin' Queen of the Galaxy".
  • Bayonetta, surprisingly, as Bayonetta herself actually doesn't swear much in-game.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII, Sazh's baby pet Chocobo actually pulls one of these off when "The Pulsian Chocobos are being attacked by your mission target", which Sazh can easily translate.
    Sazh: Hurry the what up?
  • Banjo-Kazooie: "But you have told them my last code, damn you book, I'm ready to explode!"
  • Also doubling as a Foreign Cuss Word, in the first two Mario Party games, Wario will say "SO EIN MIST!", which roughly translates as "Holy crap!" if something bad happens to him.
  • Fail at Item Crafting with Claude in the Star Ocean: The Second Story and you'll be treated to a nice, hammy "DAMNIT!!!"
  • Some of the characters in killer7 let these out after hitting a Heaven Smile's weak spot - young punk Con Smith jubilantly shouts "FUCK you!" and shady thief Coyote Smith snarls, "You're fucked." Depending on how good the player is at hitting the Smiles' weak points, this can quickly turn into a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • Henry Townshend of Silent Hill 4 has a "What the hell?" which is used repeatedly around the first part of the game.
    • Near the ending of the game after not being able to stop adult!Walter from kidnapping child!Walter Henry says "Damn it!"
  • Heather from Silent Hill 3, right when Claudia's plan is about to come to fruition: "SHUT YOUR STINKING MOUTH, BITCH!".
    • Earlier, when the amusement park changes into its nightmare version, "Oh hell!"
  • Subverted in the Madagascar video game, where after Wilbur the Warthog attempts to help Marty in his quest to find Alex by pushing a rock out of a passageway, an incredulous Marty says he's "about to lay a can of whoopa-butt on you, Warthog!" It is however played straight in the New York City Street Chase level where an NPC says that Manhattan's "full of freakin' animals" upon seeing Alex, Gloria, or Melman.
  • From Braid: "Now we are all sons of bitches."
  • In Primal, when Jen encounters her first demon, she slowly looks up his body and to his face and summarizes her emotions with one heartfelt "Ohh... shit!"
  • Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell hardly ever curses, which is particularly noticeable in Conviction, where he's pitted against Mooks who prefer ClusterFBombs So, throughout the game he has a few that really stand out, particularly when he tells people to go fuck themselves.
    • In Malta, having no family left, his agency wanting to kill him, trying to find a reason to go on, Sam is pursued by thugs hired by a drug and arms dealer to kill him. After easily (and brutally) taking care of the Mooks, he finds the leader who tried to run away, but ran into a dead end in a bathroom.
    Sam: Looking for me, asshole?
    • In a Flash Back mission during the Gulf War, Sam is captured by (presumably) Ba'athist soldiers and is interrogated by two men, and apparently of the English those two men have learned, half are vulgar terms. When they threaten to Electric Torture Sam, his only response is a quiet, gruff "Go fuck yourselves. I'll be here when you're done." For maximum effect, barge in and rescue Sam right after this point, but right before they start torturing him.
    • Then there's this exchange. Sam has been shot in the shoulder and had his hands bound by Grim, who for all Sam knew at that point may have still been suffering from Chronic Backstabbing Disorder due to what had been going on throughout the game. He's in front of a similarly captive President, Smug Snake Tom Reed, and about 5 actual highly trained splinter cells, and he still drops one.
    Tom Reed: So Sam, how does it feel knowing you're about to go down in history as the man who assassinated President Caldwell?
    Sam: (still calm) Fuck you, Reed.
  • The American dub of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has the Heroic Mime drop one of these in the form of Symbol Swearing.
    • And if there was such thing as a Stealth F-Strike, try using the Angry emote after Ryu Kou steals the Magma Orb.
      Karis: Wow... graphic!
  • In Persona 3 Portable, Stepford Smiler Saori casually uses an S-strike at one point, just to see what it feels like to say whatever she wishes. Given that her S-Link keeps steadily rolling downhill, the poor girl's probably due a few of these.
  • Persona 4 gives the main character a chance to say "Calm the hell down!" during a particularly... tense... moment after his cousin/surrogate little sister seemingly dies and the main characters contemplate killing the man they think is responsible. The above line is used in order to calm down the protagonist's understandably furious friends and get them to think more rationally. The protagonist can curse several times throughout the game, but the delivery of this is what makes it especially poignant; He YELLS and gets visibly angry for the first, and only, time in the entire game.
    • The opposite decision's line is just as unexpected, but more chilling: "Throw the bastard in."
    • Due to being the game's Yamato Nadeshiko, Yukiko usually reigns in her curses as much as possible. So during Rank 8 of her Social Link, when hounded by a particularly misogynistic "reporter", she barely maintains her composure until said "reporter" suggests that the Amagi Inn would be better as a whorehouse than an actual inn... which really sets her off, and she mutters to him to "...[shut] the hell up." This is the only time she consciously curses in the entire game (her Shadow Archetype, who is a Lady Swears-a-Lot, is Yukiko's hidden fears going haywire, and the other time she curses is when she's Drunk on Milk and it's Played for Laughs), and it's particularly chilling for how furious she sounds.
  • Persona 5 has some of this as well. It's nothing unusual if Ryuji cusses, but if Ann or Makoto break out the profanity, you might want to reconsider your life.
    • Shadow Kamoshida has Ann captive and decides, at the behest of Princess Ann, to have her chopped up, starting with her clothes. With some prodding from the protagonist, Ann decides to tell him off in a way that makes Carmen take notice.
    Ann: "You're right. Letting this piece of shit toy with me... what was I thinking?"
    Kamoshida: "It's like I always say. Slaves should just behave and-"
    Ann: "Shut up. I've had enough of this... You've pissed me off, you son of a bitch!!"
    Carmen: "My, it's taken far too long."
    • Shadow Kamoshida fires one back after Ann awakens Carmen.
    Ann: You know what? I'm not some cheap girl you can toy scumbag.
    Kamoshida: Bitch!
    • Shadow Kaneshiro starts negotiating with Makoto in regards to dealing with her new friends, bringing her down as he talks. Then he decides to mock her desire to prove herself and her relationship with her older sister. Needless to say, he stares an atom bomb in the face the next moment.
    Kaneshiro: "You'll earn three million yen in no time. Although, your life and everything along with it will be a complete wreck by then! *laughs*"
    Makoto: "I've been listening to you go on and on... Shut your damn mouth, you money-grubbing asshole!"
    Kaneshiro: "Huh?"
    Johanna: "Have you decided to tread the path of strife...?"
    Makoto: "Yeah. Come to me!"
  • Assassin's Creed II delivers a perfect Precision F-Strike combined with a massive Mind Screw after beating up Rodrigo Borgia and meeting Minerva. What. The. Fuck?! indeed...
  • In Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, when Big Bad Gabriel Nowak taunts you about Joanna being shot.
    Gabe: What do you get when you cross a bullet and a pretty little intelligence officer?
    Bishop: Fuck you.
  • In Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield has a pretty good one towards the end, when forcing an overdose serum of onto Wesker: "I've had enough... of your BULLSHIT!!"
  • Leon Kennedy has an even better one in Resident Evil 6 while fighting the man who murdered his partner's sister (and then forced them to kill her again) and forced him to kill an old friend. "Kill this fucking bastard!" Double the impact because Leon is usually a deadpan snarker who rarely swears.
  • In Devil May Cry 4, when fighting Sanctus one of the things Nero will say when using the Devil Bringer is "I'm not interested in your bullshit!", with a punch to the face for effect.
    • One of the things Nero says when doing a DTd Buster on an Alto Angelo sounds a lot like "fuck you!", but this is somewhat debateable since it's not as easy to make out as the above one.
  • In Devil May Cry 5, during the final battle with his father Vergil, Nero's first unleashing of his true Devil Trigger is punctuated by a furious "FUCK YOU!"
  • In Baten Kaitos Origins, Sagi, normally a Nice Guy, will drop these whenever he gets really pissed off.
    Go to hell, you son of a bitch! You hurt my mother!
  • Touhou 8: Imperishable Night, stage 4 with Marisa/Alice. Due to a bad misunderstanding, best friends Reimu and Marisa wind up having an actually for serious fightnote , and we know things got real when Marisa tells Reimu:
    Marisa: Bitch, get out of the way!
  • While anyone would have a clean mouth compared to Ragna the Bloodedge, Prof. Kokonoe, and Hazama (all from BlazBlue), Makoto Nanaya's choice of language indicates that [A] something is really not right or [B] she's not happy with you. That said, she is more prone to swearing when [C] by herself.
    Example A: What the eff, guys? Just because Mommy can be a psycho-bitch on occasion doesn't mean you have to cast a sociopath!
    Example B: Shut the hell up! We were never tools, you stupid asshole!
    Example C: If Tsubaki were here, she'd give me such shit for sleeping in the middle of an important mission... never mind that I'm on an aircraft and can't do crap, anyway...
    • Likewise, you know Valkenhayn is angry when his language goes bad (anything regarding Terumi fouls his mood real quick).
    "Imbeciles! Don't they realize what that shitty little cur is capable of...?"
  • Cole Phelps in L.A. Noire loses it when his crooked ex-partner Roy Earle snidely insults the dead Courtney Sheldon.
    He was a better man than you'll ever know. You say one more word about him and I will blow your fucking head off!
  • Immortal Souls is mostly clean aside from the occasional "bastards", but at one point offers a Symbol Censored one from a character who's totally fed up with getting You Are Number 6 treatment:
    Desmond: Subject 2401, you must obey-!
    John: For the last time, my name is John! @&#*! Turner!
  • In Syndicate (2012), Jack Denham is civil for most of the game. When you speak to him face-to-face at the end, though, he's become more rude, including using a full F-bomb.
  • The manual for Doom makes sure to spell out that the BFG-9000 is short for "Big Fucking Gun".
  • In Borderlands 2, after doing her best not to swear throughout the whole game, Angel uses her last breath to call Jack an asshole.
    • Moxxi generally isn't much for swearing - she'll do it, but only rarely. Then she finds herself in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, with Tiny Tina hijacking an interview she was doing with Torgue to work on her sponsored Vault Hunter's PR.
      Moxxi: Motherf[BLEEP]cker!
  • The language in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is usually pretty mild (to us, anyway: characters tend to swear using the names of their gods and it's never stated how profane it's considered to be), which makes it all the more satisfying when Ulfric Stormcloak calls it like it is in regards to Elenwen - at a peace conference, no less:
    Ulfric: To think that we would sit down with that...Thalmor bitch!
  • Donkey Kong 64 has this line during the DK Rap (to put it in perspective, this occurs in an E-rated game): "He may move slow, he can't jump high, / But this Kong's one hell of a guy!" This gathered huge amounts of complaints from parents, so in the remix in Super Smash Bros. Melee, they changed it to "heck" (despite the fact that Melee is a T-rated game).
  • A few examples from Brütal Legend:
    Eddie: I told you not to climb on that, you stupid mother—[a notification appears on-screen asking if the player would like to hear the swears, or bleep them]...FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!
    Lars: The time has come for you to SHUT THE HELL UP, Lionwhyte!
    Eddie: Dude, how 'bout this? How about you pick up your little baby foo-foo, lay down your diaper, and GO DO YOUR FUCKING JOB RIGHT NOW?!
  • In Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, after defeating Cursed Leorina, she falls to her knees, crying "Damn it! Damn it all!" In an E-rated game. Also, in the GBA game, Empire of Dreams (also rated E), Klonoa says: "Damn it! Not again!" when Jillius' troops spot him in World 5.
  • Dead Island: Riptide does not shy away from the F word at all, for the most part. The exception being Xian, whose reaction to smashing a bulldozer loaded with fuel into the quarantine zone is a small "oh my god." It takes something more than that to set her off, once after the virus causes a massive Berserker Rage, and again at the end where after learning the virus outbreak was deliberate and the victims experimented on and having to stop a crazed, purposely infected Harlow, confronts Serpo who openly admits to causing the disaster to test and later sell the virus.
  • In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory After Neptune abandons Nepgear in the past Gamindustry for Plutia, Nepgear swears for the first time.
    Nepgear: What the HELL! NEPTUNE!
  • Whenever Cyborg in Injustice: Gods Among Us swears, it arguably feels like this trope since he is heavily patterned after the cartoon version of the character, including having the same voice actor. So when he says "You're lookin' for an ass-whoopin!", it sounds like Cyborg from the cartoon is swearing.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog has the infamous "Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?" line. (Interestingly enough, the subtitles put the emphasis on "fourth", but the voice actor puts the emphasis on "damn"). Also, when Shadow dies in that game, he'll exclaim "Damn! Not here!"
  • One of the routes you can take in Façade has one when Grace admits she's been secretly painting to Trip:
    Grace: I am an artist, Trip. Fuck you!
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • The honor of the first f-bomb in the games themselves goes to Blackwall.
    The Inquisitor: The Inquisition will take all the help it can get, but what can one Grey Warden do?
    Blackwall: Save the fucking world if pressed.
    • The Iron Bull drops a couple.
      • When working out his feelings about a demon of fear...
      The Iron Bull: And who killed you?! That's right! Iron fucking Bull!
      • If he defects from the Qun...
      The Iron Bull: Tal-Va-fucking-shoth.
      • After a third person walks in on him naked just after having sex with the Inquisitor...
      Cassandra: Is something the matt-Aah!
      The Iron Bull: Oh, for fuck's sake!
    • Dorian drops one while Calling the Old Man Out for attempting Cure Your Gays with Blood Magic.
    Halward: I only wanted what was best for you.
    Dorian: You wanted the best for you! For your fucking legacy! Anything for that.
    • A possible piece of Party Banter between Cassandra and Cole has the former asking the latter if his powers as The Empath enable him to pick up on any secret pain afflicting Evil Sorcerer Erimond, a quest arc villain. The usually airy and cryptic Cole readily responds "No. Erimond is an asshole."
    • The Trespasser DLC has one, should you choose the angry response to your mark flaring up in the middle of a heated argument between your advisors. It's probably the first time a BioWare protagonist uses the word:
    Inquisitor: Shit! Damn it! We saved Ferelden, and they're angry! We saved Orlais, and they're angry! We closed the breach—twice—and my own hand wants to kill me! COULD ONE THING IN THIS FUCKING WORLD JUST STAY FIXED?
  • In Dragon Age II, when your party interrupts a Templar about to unjustly harm a mage, Varric drops a gem if he's in your party:
    Varric: (responding to a "Who Are You?" from the Templar) "It's the Divine, come all the way from Orlais to tell you personally what a jackass you are."
  • There isn't a whole lot of cursing in Strife: Quest for the Sigil at all, but when you witness the leader of the resistance, Macil, descend into Sigil-induced madness and self-perceived godhood first-hand, your Mission Control/Voice with an Internet Connection, Blackbird, lets loose one well-timed curse in response:
    Macil: I am the one God! I need his spirit to be free, so that I can leave my body and join him in flight! You have no idea what you possess, and what terror you've faced! The one God must be free! He will reward me... I will be one!
    Blackbird: Sick fuck... Waste him!
  • Saints Row: The Third
    • While The Boss has no qualms about swearing, one instance stands out in particular in how appropriate for the moment it feels. After falling out of a plane, hijacking a battle tank mid-air, and fending off an entire wing of jet fighters with it, the Boss finally lands in Steelport—only to discover that the whole neighborhood was turned into a localized Zombie Apocalypse the Saints now have to deal with, too.
      Boss: (exasperated groan) Oh, fuck my life. (hops back into the tank)
    • If you go for the "Save Shaundi" ending and stop Kia from blowing up Magarac Island, Monica Hughes will call out Cyrus Temple for still trying to go after the Saints.
      Monica Hughes: You declared martial law and destroyed half of the city; the Saints just saved a treasured monument. Who the fuck do you think the public will side with?!
  • In Saints Row IV, when the Vice Kings go after the Saints in Ben King's simulation, King releases this combined with a Badass Boast.
    King (unleashes a hail of bullets on some VKs) You think you bitches can take me out?! My name is Benjamin Muthafucking King!!
  • In Dust: An Elysian Tail, when Dust, Fidget, and Ahrah return to the Mudpot Village after liberating the water supply for the village, they find out that BoPo's father and MaBop's husband passed away while they were gone. Dust takes it very hard.
    Dust: We...We failed, Fidget. We weren't fast enough. Damn it! We weren't fast enough!
  • The English translation of Pokémon Green has this gem coming from one Picnicker (or "Girl Scout", as the game calls her) after you defeat her:
    Picnicker Nancy: Damn you! Being defeated really lose face
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising has one from Hades.
    Hades: Just how much more hell do they intend to raise?
  • Alone in the Dark (2008) has the classic "I don't have your stone! And fuck you anyway!"
    • And of course, one of the endings:
    Lucifer (in Carnby's body): "I'm the light bringer! I'M THE FUCKING UNIVERSE!"
  • Age of Empires II: Decompiling the game shows that Reynald's Raiders from the Lord of Arabia secenario in the Saladin campaign were supposed to say "Merde!" (French for "shit") when defeated.
  • Undertale has one that counts not because of the level of the swear but because of who uses it: Toriel. "Who the hell is Sans?" It's said when you've achieved the best ending, signalling how the tension has completely evaporated.
    • When Toby Fox released the Undertale Art Book, he posted some images that weren't appropriate for the book on his Twitter. One of them is concept art for what would later become Waterfall, with the text "water should be black because cyan would just look like Shit" with the word "shit" written in a super fancy font.note 
  • The good ending song of Charlie Murder gives one with this line:
    And the living/warm their bones/won't retaliate/fuckin' drones!
  • Rick from Splatterhouse doesn't emote too much, so whenever he swears it comes out as a mini-Cluster F-Bomb. Meanwhile, the Big Bad gets one much later in the game.
    Rick: Yeah? Well, fuck you!
    Dr. West: No Rick, fuck you!
  • In My Harem Heaven Is Yandere Hell, when a stranger flirts with Kanna, she replies bluntly, "Fuck off."
  • In Evolve, Bucket has precisely one line of dialogue where he curses. Said line is delivered in the same deadpan tone as all his other lines and comes only if everyone else on the team is killed.
    Bucket: Well fuck.
  • In Fabulous: Angela's High School Reunion, Level 49 shows a cutscene where Janet calls Angela a bitch. What's interesting about this is that while it was censored in English, it wasn't censored in other languages, making this game the first Gamehouse Original Story to include an uncensored swear word.
    Janet: ANGELA Knows? That BITCH!
  • There's a fair amount of cursing in Injustice 2, but Captain Cold gets the only one to actually require a Sound-Effect Bleep in the entire game... when he calls out Gorilla Grodd at the end of his arcade mode while putting him on ice.
    Captain Cold: Going after the Regime was one thing, but destroy the planet for Brainiac? You really thought I'd go through with it, Grodd? Really?! F[beep] YOU!
  • In Overwatch, the cheerful and hyperactive Tracer will occasionally call an enemy player a "wanker" or a "tosser" while wearing her Punk or Ultraviolet skins.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Hearing any explicit swear word in a first-party Nintendo game is sure to catch the player off-guard, and this game has several.
    Malos: Don't get cocky, you little shit!
    I don't give a rat's ass what you think, brat!
    Morag: No! Shit! Who gave that damn order?!
    Kasandra: (upon performing Secret Desire in which her cursed mask takes control) Karma's a bitch!


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