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  • In the oneshot Achilles' Heel, Lusamine reacts negatively to an attempted compliment that her estranged husband Mohn gives her about her parenting skills. She curses at him right before having a meltdown:
    Lusamine: "You don't know shit, Mohn."
  • In By the Book, Sparrow calls Duchess a "bitch" in the last chapter.
  • A Crown of Stars: At the height of chapter 75 Shinji is fighting to save his world, has got family and friends back, he and Asuka have gotten together, they are going to be parents and Asuka has FINALLY said him that she loves him right before a battle. Faced with the possibility of getting killed in action, he says:
    Shinji:"To Hell with dying. I'm going to live!"
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  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 3 Misato demands knowing what is being kept from her about the nature of the Evas. Ritsuko tells she gave her all information regarding Eva. Misato's retort is accurate and precise:
    Misato:"Bullshit! You're lying!"
  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Firefly does two F-Strikes, both being aimed at Rainbow Dash. There are different reasons for it, however.
    • In chapter 12, while Rainbow is suffering from a Heroic BSoD:
      Firefly: You know what? TO HAY WITH YOU!
    • In chapter 16, when Rainbow tries to calm her down:
      Firefly: I CAN’T CALM THE BUCK DOWN!
    • In chapter 19, she does it for the third time, this time aiming it at Black Star:
  • In Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four, Mala tries to talk the young heroes into stepping aside as he kills Power Girl.
    Mala: We have not forgotten the thirty years we spent in the Kryptonite globe because of him. Nor have we forgotten being cheated of our revenge by his death. Should Kara Zor-L live, she will inevitably prove to be a hindrance to us. It is regrettable that she must die. But die she must. There is no need for battle. Our audience has left the stands. This show of combat pleased him, but it was most inefficient. Please. Let me do what is required, and I promise to make her death as quick as I possibly can. Your own will be even quicker, and as painless as possible. The decision is up to you.
    Fury: You know what our answer is, big man. Come and get it.
    Nuklon: Nope. Our answer is—go to hell!
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  • The Child of Love: In chapter 2, Shinji notices it has been a long time since Asuka left the apartment to go to the bakery and he gets worried since she is pregnant:
    Shinji (a bit alarmed):"It's been 45 minutes. Don't you think that's too long just to go buy some bread!?"
    Misato:"OH, SHIT!!! ASUKA!!! I completely forgot about that!!!"
  • Doing It Right This Time: After waking up in her bed and finding out she had returned to the past, Rei swore for first time in her life:
    'Rei: "Oh, shit."
  • Some examples from Supergirl fanfic Hellsister Trilogy:
    • Kara describes her feelings eloquently when she's told that the Legion of Super-Heroes needs her still again because Mordru and Satan Girl's son is serving Darkseid.
      Star Boy: But you can see why we wanted you on board for this one.
      Supergirl: Frab.
      Laurel: Yeah. My sentiments exactly.
    • Supergirl before killing her dark counterpart:
      <Hellsister,> said Supergirl, <go to Hell.>
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  • Of all people, Nia calls Yoko a "bitch" in Tengen Toppa Gurren Solvernia. Because of a Love Triangle, and the fact that Kamina had died, Nia was completely broken and then Kiyal thought it would be a good idea to have them talk about their feelings, that they could support each other. Things went from bad to worse, really worse. But, after their discussion, both Nia and Yoko are totally remorseful of it.
  • A Growing Affection is over 650K words long and uses 'shit' exactly five time (the 'F' word does not appear at all).
    • 1) Anko says 'Oh shit' in surprise when Naruto and Hinata walk into the restaurant where she and Iruka are having dinner (their relationship is supposed to be a secret from Naruto).
    • 2) Kankuro's only thought is 'Oh shit' when his team is attack by the unleashed One-Tail.
    • 3) Naruto says 'Holy shit, Hinata!' when she suddenly and unexpectedly strips down to some very sexy lingerie.
    • 4) Kayo of the Grass promises to round up 'everyone who isn't a traitor or too chicken-shit to help'.
    • 5) A random grey Shozoku proclaims 'Shit' when realizing her squad has fallen into the heroes' trap.
  • Address Unknown has Rainbow Dash's exclamation of "Bastard!", after learning how Derpy's previous boss put her on probation and then fired her at the first opportunity, over an accident that was actually Twilight's fault. She follows it up with an undescribed Cluster F-Bomb.
  • The Ranma ½/Teen Titans crossover duology Dark Titans uses one near the end of The Titans and the Lost Boy, Brother Blood has a laser blade to Kasumi's neck, and has ordered the Nerima Wrecking Crew and his rebellious students — including some of the Nerima regulars, themselves recruited earlier in the story — to kill the Titans or else. Both sides appear to be hopelessly stuck... until Kasumi quietly calls Blood... something... and shocks him so badly that she's able to break his grip and judo throw him.
  • My Immortal: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS!" Shocking because it's the Dumbeldore's Incoming Ham moment.
  • Yea verily, though I charge through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am driving a house-sized mass of "fuck you."
  • "Look me in the eyes, Light damn you!"
  • Mega Man At McDonalds: in the first chapter, Proto Man sees Mega Man accidentally kill one of his coworkers with volcano sauce (Made with actual lava) and yells "HOLY SHIT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?"
  • Pulled off to great effect by Hinata in Team 8: "That's bullshit!" (pause, slaps hands over mouth)
  • Pittan in episode 38 of Pretty Cure Perfume Preppy:
  • Finishing the Fight MC vs Matron Baenre. During the assault on Mithril Hall, Baenre Teleports out. The MC's response? "Shit!"
  • Those Lacking Spines, about entering Voreland: "ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT!"
    • There's also chapter 12, when the Grand Master Fangirl's evil plan has finally been revealed, and we get this:
    "Well, now what?" Lexaeus sighed.
    "It would seem we are…" Vexen murmured.
    "Lost for options?" Xaldin suggested.
    "In a tight spot?" Lexaeus added.
    "Between a rock in a hard place?"
    "In hot water?"
    "Verily fucked," Vexen answered.
  • If you can get the DC Nation universe version of Connor Hawke to the point of swear words, it's usually one of those.
  • For the most part, the Shocker fan fic Polarity avoids any swearing worse than "damn" or "crap." Even after fighting zombies, avoiding heroes, brawling with villains, and getting his ass handed to him night in and night out, Herman Schultz and company keep the language tame...until Big Bad the Grim Reaper shows Shocker what happened to the last guy who turned him down, revealing the Punisher trussed up like a stuck pig slowly being bled to death.
    After my jaw dropped for a few seconds, I decided it was time to sum up this entire situation in a very simple and succinct phase. "You're fucking nuts."
  • In Pretty Cure Heavy Metal episode 24, Shugo fakes an Australian accent and lands a precision N strike in a parody of the N word privileges supposedly held by white Australians. The rest of the N words are spoken by the token black, who has all the N words in episode 25.
    • Later, in episode 51, Shugo drops an uncensored F bomb right before she dies from her wounds, just to maximize the impact. She gets better.
  • In Kira Is Justice: "Oh crap." Bear in mind that the author almost never uses any curse words in his writing. Not even "stupid".
  • In Relationships Series story "Pain", Shamal asks "what the hell happened" to a badly injured Yuuno. Vita notices that this is the only time she has heard Shamal swear.
  • Takeru Takaishi from the Tamers Forever Series delivers one of these:
    "Do you understand now? We're not going to a fucking walk in the park. This is not a goddamned picnic."
  • From the Digimon Adventure 01 and V-Tamers crossover fanfiction The Teacher of All Things: "THIS IS FOR GOTSUMON, YOU BASTARD!"
  • Elemental Chess Trilogy: "You leave my family alone, you cowardly son of a bitch!" The "family" in question are the speaker's True Companions. It's also the only time in the entire series that anyone uses a swear word other than "damn."
  • Harry Potter: Draco nails this trope in Yea, Though I Walk when he explains to Hermione, that killing Snape won't stop the demon that is claiming the Death Eaters from possessing his body The cursing and Draco's grief due to mercy killing his possessed father in vain, and her mother sacrificing herself to the demon to save her son really highlight that the situation seems completely hopeless.
    Draco: You can't kill a fucking demon with a pillow!
  • In another Harry Potter fan fic straight-laced Percy realizes that the Minister of Magic is under the Imperius curse, which could only mean Voldemort is controlling him. His mental response: "Oh, shit."
  • The Gift: While other characters seem not to mind colorful language, JoJo...doesn't. Except when the invisible hologram explains that she's part of a time experiment gone awry, she combines it with a spoonerism:
    JoJo: "What the talk are you fucking about?"
  • In Hogyoku ex Machina, after being told by Ichigo (who has traveled from the future) that his plan to take down the Big Bad by acting as a mole and assassinating him will ultimately not work, Gin's eyes are wide open and he says, “Well....shit.”
  • In the fifth chapter of this Death Note fanfic, Mello finds out that Matt scored a lot higher than he'd assumed. It turns out the two of them made a Side Bet, with Mello assuming that he'd win. Well it turns out things didn't go that way...
    Matt: I'm getting a codename.
    Matt: Nope
    Mello: Shit.
  • Turnabout Storm:
    • Phoenix drops a pair of "Dammit"s through the story. It doesn't go unnoticed.
    Phoenix: Dammit! She knows!
    Twilight: Phoenix! Language!
    • Gilda drops a few "Damn"s in her interrogation out of anger (which makes Twilight Death Glare Phoenix for some reason). She also leaves out a "Crap", but given the circumstances, no one calls her out on it.
  • The normally unflappable Prowl has a couple of these in Things We Don't Tell Humans, one as a child, establishing his intense dislike of Sentinel Prime, and another when Terratron allows his students to gather together in public.
  • In What About Witch Queen? the first and only so far use of an F-word in story comes when a man sent to kill Elsa discovers he can't do this, despite his would-be victim already missing part of the brain, the spine and connection between head and the rest of the body.
    You don't have a spine, you don't have a brain, you don't have your throat and you're still goddamn moving?! What the fuck are you?!
  • Mass Effect Interregnum:
    Garrus: I don't say this often, so understand that I really, really mean it: go fuck yourself.
  • The first sentence of Chapter seven (or six, not counting the prologue) of KOTOR The Prodigy Of Revan Book One ends with Carth noting Jack's mood isn't the most ...civil.
    • Considering the whole Zalbaar-being-captured-by-Gamorean-slavers circumstance, it's understandable
  • In Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars, Lina gets a Precision Black Strike, and because she's white it is NOT the N word (it's been stated numerous times in-story that she isn't racist, though she does drop an epiphet from time to time and gets called on it by either one of the other characters or the narrator). Here's a hint: think Clint, for whom the author named her.
  • In Reconciliation, this happens at two different points in a single chapter, as Lilly is undergoing an emotional breakdown after her husband Hisao's funeral.
    Akira: "Help me to understand here, Lilly, because right now I’m getting really fucking scared. I’ve never seen you like-”
    Lilly: “That’s bullshit. My husband is dead. He’s dead, Hanako, and he’s not coming back.”
  • Talking of Gurren Lagann fics, Nia also gives a Precision F-Strike in Sound Of Heaven Pulling Down, during a discussion, but she doesn't seem to be aware of the meaning of the word "fuck". Simon even lampshades it, saying he won't swear next to her anymore.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape has one from Applejack, aimed at Herald, after the latter has banished the Princesses:
    "What did you do to the Princesses you bucking son-of-a-bitch!?"
  • In Street Sharks Redux, Bends mentally gives a "fuck" when he realizes that Paradigm likely saw a note he left, proving that he had been in contact with the Boltons after they were experimented on.
  • Used in Human Curiosity, after Italy, Japan, and Canada regain their memories and find the other free nations.
    "Sir, we can faintly detect North Italy, Japan and Canada!"
    "Where are they?"
    "... Oh shit."
    "Sir, we do not tolerate such language in this-"
    "Sir, they're with America, Germany, Spain and South Italy in the USA, a couple miles away from Canadian borders."
  • Keena & the Defendants of Constan Magic Academy has two from Keena herself to Mr. X in chapter 2:
  • "Christ, what an asshole!" in Who Silenced Elly Patterson. Surprising in that it's Anthony, the rather bland Creator's Pet from For Better or for Worse who said it.
  • Kuushou aka Kyuubi doesn't necessarily shy away from cursing in Swapping the Cage. However, one occasion that really stands out is when he learns that virtually every ninja skill (including chakra control exercises) is considered advanced training, and thus not taught until after graduation.
    Kuushou: "For fuck's sake! How in Kami's name did you let those kids graduate?"
  • Three in Perfection Is Overrated
    • When Mai encounters Nao in the hospital, learns about her comatose mother, the incident that led to that, and that Nao had to let that incident happen to avert a temporal paradox, she offers her condolences, but Nao, embittered and thinking of most people's expressions of sympathy as being empty and insincere, shoots back with "You're fucking sorry?".
    • Natsuki utters Oh, Crap! verbatim when she suffers a Psychosomatic Super Power Outage that leaves her defenseless when Yukariko reveals that she has betrayed the Himes.
    • Mai, when faced with a last ditch attempt by the Big Bad at convincing her to accept his plan.
  • In Lilly Epilogue Family Matters
    • After Hisao learns that Lilly's parents are coming, and fears they might force her to come home.
    Hisao: Oh fuck.
    Akira: I can't believe that asshole!
    • Even Lilly gets in on this, after her father insulting her best friend and her boyfriend pushes her over the edge and she, for the first time, calls him out for leaving her in Japan for six years.
  • After 18 chapters of nothing worse than "damn", "hell" and "arsehole" in Warriors of the World, the character most likely to swear calls someone else a "little shit". This turns out to be an OOC Is Serious Business moment, as he only swears that severely when he's trying not to resort to violence or anger.
  • Earl Flatbroke in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf adaptation of The Smurfs and the Magic Flute delivers one: "I don't give a flying fig for what they'll say."
  • A relatively mild one from Can You Imagine That? (do keep in mind that it imitates a children's movie):
    Worker: Why do [the kids] need a milkshake?
    Retro: How the hell should I know?
    • Also leads to a narmy moment when Retro later yells "YOU SKANKS!"
  • In the Pony POV Series, during the Final Battle between Shining Armor and General-Admiral Makarov (the Big Bad of his arc), Makarov wants the captive Shining to say "I surrender, Solomon". What he gets is "Go fuck yourself" (and actually the f-word, not the pony substitute word "buck", as Makarov is a male half-deer).
  • In Saki: After Story, while there is a fair amount of profanity, Sumire's screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?" when finding Teru beating up her younger sister Saki (as well as Nodoka when she tries to help).
  • Coupled with OOC Is Serious Business in The Next Frontier. Bill's startled yell of "Holy shit!" immediately alerts Jeb to the fact that something major is going down.
  • In Monster Movie, when Crow tries to contact Joel after Joel's caught by the shadow-thing that the SOL picked up, Joel tells Crow to "Shut the fuck up and leave me alone!" This horrifies Crow because Joel would never say that to him.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, ProtoMan drops the fic's single f-bomb upon seeing Dark Man 2.
  • Moon Daughter has the infamous "FUCK THOU."
  • In Bleach: Fan Works, Jolene Meyers, an in-universe fanfic writer, does this in response to a fictional reviewer.
    Jolene Meyers: If you don't like my character, then fucking don't read.
  • Bait and Switch:
    Gaarra: Well, look at it this way: You think it's any easier for me? You fucked your ops officer, I fucked my commanding officer.
    • In the prequel "The Universe Doesn't Cheat":
      • From Commander Hackett after Eleya rams her way past the initial encounter with the Klingons.
      "Holy shit! Did you see that?!"
      • Eleya is a Sir Swears-a-Lot, but she still has an example by swearing in English instead of Bajoran as is more usual for her. This is after Captain Sivuk asks her opinion on no-win scenarios.
      "Oh, I believe in no-win scenarios. I also believe they mostly take place because somebody fucked up!"
    • Eleya again in "Last Rights", this time in her Internal Monologue:
      "The thing I hate most about surface warfare? It’s the smell. I’ve showered twice and I still can’t get that awful stench of earth, smoke, fuel, blood, ozone, and shit out of my nostrils."
  • Valkron in Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune never swears any worse than "hell" or "damn" throughout the entire story despite what happens. Which makes this one quite effective.
    "Look here, you little shit."
  • Peace Forged in Fire has a fair amount of untranslated Rihan swearing and a bit of Farsi, but at one point Morgan tells her command crew that:
    "... getting an armistice is critical to our national security, and that means our conduct is critical to our national security. If somebody fucks this up, this warbird will not be responsible."
  • Dragon Age fic Middle Of Nowhere closes its first chapter with a beauty.
  • Raven Child's The Smurfette Village series combines this with Smurfing in the third story, interestingly not used in any sort of parody.
    Hefty: It's because of you that we lost our home, and our fellow Smurfs.
    Asmoday: That is correct. Now you will join them!
  • Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness:
    • Dennis: "Avada Kedavra, you SON OF A BITCH!"
    • Ernie: "That’s my wife, you BITCH!"
    • Neville: I know my BLOODY plants!0
  • Subverted in chapter 6 of TD's Little Rarity, where TD appears to be doing one of these, but then notices the filly Rarity next to him and does a Last-Second Word Swap.
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Thor's brief written response, channelling his James Potter side, to Fudge's demands that Sirius be turned over to the Ministry:
    Fudge. Fuck off and die. Thor.
    • This is Peter Wisdom's one word reaction to seeing the massive army of the undead and monsters (including more than a hundred undead dragons) that Gravemoss has unleashed on Britain, and which is converging on London.
    • The line that indicates that the Winter Soldier has broken free of his brainwashing:
    "Well, fuck the mission then."
    • Arthur Weasley, of all people, delivers one when Lucius Malfoy gives the heads of the Ministry of Magic a Join or Die ultimatum:
    "Go fuck yourself, Lucius."
    • Chapter 71 has two cases of someone using "Oh, fuck" to describe the Oh, Crap! reaction they're having: first, Loki upon realizing that Harry has been possessed by the Phoenix, and then the Winter Soldier, of all people, when finding himself face-to-face with an angry Wolverine.
    • And in chapter 2 of the sequel, Ghosts of the Past, Carol responds to as part of a "Freaky Friday" Flip, being stuffed into Pepper Pott's heavily pregnant body.
    What. The. Fuck.
    • And in chapter 27 of said sequel, Harry's reaction to being selected for the Triwizard Tournament.
    Oh, for fuck's sake.
  • In Eroninja, Hinata gives her first curse (outside of having sex) when her father publicly announces that she's accepted a marriage proposal to a member of a much lower house.
    "The hell I did!"
  • While talking to Jedi Master Luminara Unduli about her former apprentice Bariss after having left the Jedi and becoming a bounty hunter in Price of Life, Ahsoka finally reaches her limit when Luminara implies that Ahsoka might fall to the Dark Side due to leaving the order.
    Ahsoka: "Master Unduli, you have my deepest respect as a master Jedi. You know things about the Force I could never hope to understand, and you were a role-model for me when I was a Padawan. So I want you to fully understand, I mean it when I say: Go fuck yourself."
  • Vivi expresses her sentiments on being accused of treason by the World Government in This Bites! as "Fuck every last one of those bastards who banished me from my home, hard."
  • Fleur Delacour reacts to Rita Skeeter's blatant racism (asking whether she felt a Veela could compare to "proper wizards") in For Love of Magic by telling her to "eat shit and die" in French.
  • While known for cursing in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, it says loads about how exhausted Harry Potter is (both physically and emotionally) that he drops any dirty jokes or insinuations towards Aayla Secura after he comforts a group of slaves he saved and only wearily utters a single line.
    Harry: Get the hell off my ship, Jedi.
  • Powers of Invisibility has one (by the story's standards) when Marinette asks Juleka for permission to call her parents asshats (after they abandon her again right before Christmas), and then does when Juleka gives it.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged
  • LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    • The series in general greatly subverts this, by inserting a beep every time someone swears. Except when Marik or Dartz do it, then it's "EFF!"
    • Gentle Giant Odion Ishtar concerning the resurfacing of Yami Marik Melvin:
      Odion: Let me put it this way: you guys are all totally f[bleep]ed.
    • Tristan, completely out of the blue:
      Tristan: I sure hope we don't run into any more intrusive subplots!
      Jean-Claude Magnum: Did somebody say "intrusive subplot"?
      Tristan: Oh, son of a bitch!
  • Equestria Daily usually has the "Grimdark" section for Dark Fics. However, for Cupcakes the site has a specific section: GRIMDARK AS FUCK!
  • The Undertale fan-video Papyrus Finds a Human plays out largely like a Warner Bros. cartoon, with the human child easily dealing with any traps Papyrus comes up with, and Sans cracking his bad jokes all the while. The trope comes into play with Papyrus' "special attack:"
    Papyrus: There is a bomb strapped to my chest, human. Surrender now and I'll disarm it. But if you do not surrender I'll be forced to detonate the device, killing us bo- (the human child casually cuts a wire to disarm the bomb) You edgy bitch... That was a real bomb you maniac!
  • The Differentverse: Chapter 4 reveals that in the past, Moondancer managed to knock some sense into Twilight by calling her a "snooty, stuck-up little plothead" in the middle of class. This is actually when Twilight began to see the value of friendship.
  • My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap has these at least Once per Episode, but a couple notable examples include:
    Applejack: Twilight, I know you love Celestia, we all do, she's a very nice lady and I respect her immensely. But I think she might be a fucking idiot.
    • This little exchange:
    Fluttershy: You're coming with me and you're getting a job.
    Zephyr Breeze: Dude, I don't need a job! My mane therapy YouTube channel is totally taking off. I've almost got a hundred subscribers and my Patreon -
    • The CMC give one to the adults for running the Elementary school cart race:
    CMC: You know what, fuck you guys! We just asked for your help, so we could have some fun and you made it about you. It's always about you guy, you're a bunch of self-important control freaks and you fucked up everyone's day, because you couldn't contain your massive egos.
  • Sweet little Euphemia in Living Contradictory tries to talk to Lelouch about his love life and asks about Shirley. When Lelouch insists they could never be together now, Euphemia asks why as they still seem to be friends.
    Lelouch: I killed her father.
    Euphemia: ...Fuck.
  • In Ages of Shadow, Mildred gives a curt Shut Up, Hannibal! to Jade just before the Final Battle in the form of a "Oh, fuck you" when she offers to let the heroes all switch sides and serve her.
  • From Star Trek Voyager: A Fire of Devotion Part 4: Hotter Than Hell
    Borg Queen: "We have lost many of our voices, but they will be replaced. A newer, stronger Collective will rise. The Cybermen failed. You failed. And your crew will be the first of my new drones. But not you yourselves, no. You, Captain Kathryn Janeway, and you, Seven of Nine, will be the last act I take as the emotional, petty, being the Cyberman virus left me. As my last bit of spite before I return to being what I was always meant to be, a creature of logic, a part of a hive mind, will be this; I will decorate my central alcove with your bones!"
    Seven of Nine: "Yeah, fuck you too."
  • In Empathy, during the Final Battle, Riley tells the Gorg that the heroes are going to "fuck you up". The others can only stare at her in surprise, before Go-Go bursts out laughing.
  • In Dreadnought Despair during Honoka's execution, Ishi grabs Honoka in an attempt to save her by holding onto the edge of the trap door, but ends up losing her grip and falling in... or so we think. Afterwards, it's revealed that MONO-9000 broke his own rules by slashing Ishi's fingers because he wanted to get rid of her. Everyone is, naturally, angered by this, and they have a few choice words for the robot, but it's Timaeus of all people that drops the most swear words out of everyone.
  • While still adjusting to Harry Potter's magic in A Wizard's Interference, Jedi Master Fay and him find themselves in a Je'daii Temple (the precursors of both the Jedi and Sith) and trying to translate the carvings there only for Harry to casually use a translation charm on them.
    Fay: ...That's bullshit.
  • Three More Things!, a Jackie Chan Adventures/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover (part of the Adopted Displaced project) has a couple of examples:
    • Hsi Wu lets out a panicked "Fuck!" when he realizes that the newly demonized Valmont is violating the magical No Man's Land in Australia (where the Book of Ages and other such dangerous artifacts are kept).
    • Santa Claus, of all people, uses "Go F*** Yourself" as a Pre-Asskicking One-Liner on Daolong Wong, somehow managing to pronounce the Symbol Swearing.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!:
    • This is actually a plot point during the fight against the Ultra-Humanite, who curses for the first time after Izuku knocks him over. This tips Izuku off to the Villain's false bravado and exposes the fact that his Quirk was deactivated. This gives Firestorm and All Might the opening they need to finish the fight.
    • Lara Lor-Van was the head priestess of the Temple of Rao, which emphasized values like modesty and acceptance. She doesn't hesitate to call bullshit on her husband's notion that a Lurvan mainlander would have been any more likely to convince the stubborn and greedy Kryptonian Science Council than he could.
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return: When Fluttershy is cornered up a piece of wreckage by Chrysalis' zombies, she's saying "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness", but it's shown that what she's thinking is more along the lines of "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit".
  • In Hellsister Trilogy, the heroes are in a hurry to stop Dakseid from enslaving the universe by speaking the Anti-Life Equation, and Supergirl is clearly not in the mood for word-mincing when she runs into his top minion.
    Granny Goodness: Supergirl.
    Supergirl: Shut up, you bitch!
  • In Big Sister, Ga'Ri in Vulkan challenge the Emperor to a board game. He exclaims "BULL! SHIT!" as half of his army is wiped out in less than thirty seconds.
  • In Gundam Seed Destiny Altered Yzak frequently does this, as well as the occasional Cluster F-Bomb. Also, Shinn on one occasion.
  • In Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, the Chapter 39 Omake has Ash drop one of these at the concept of a 'betrayal fic' after meeting a version of himself from one.
  • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light, in chapter 14, Matthew, upon seeing Fortitudo, says:
    Matthew: What the fuck is that?!
  • Sunset does the pony equivalent of this during her argument with Twilight in The Meaning of Harmony.
    Sunset: During this trip, you’ve become more to me than just my best friend. But to you, I’m apparently nothing but a bucking dreamcatcher.
  • After waking up from a drunken bender in After The Burial, an extremely embarrassed and terminally hung-over Elizabeth is eventually assured by the Lutece twins that she spent most of the time in Rapture and its many iterations - so she didn't cause too much damage to the multiverse as a whole apart from crashing into the TARDIS. Eventually, the Luteces also reveal that Drunk!Elizabeth made her dream of going to Paris a reality. Elizabeth asks how she would have done this if she hadn't ever left Rapture... and it turns out that Drunk!Elizabeth actually teleported a huge chunk of Paris into Rapture. Elizabeth's response is succinct and quite uncharacteristically profane:
  • In My Huntsman Academia, the prim and proper Glynda Goodwitch tells Ozpin that she'll shove his coffee mug up his ass when he tries to defend Peter Port's ill-advised training exercise that nearly killed Weiss and Tsuyu.
  • Oversaturated World: Multiple:
    • With Great Sour:
      "Oh, no, I'm totally fine with new jewelry, I'm a teenage girl after all. But do you know what else I am? I AM A FUCKING SCHIZOPHRENIC!"
    • Mysteries of the Comos:
      The unicorn-aspected science officer turned her attention back to the readout and blinked before replying in a dumbfounded tone of voice, "Ma'am, it appears to be... a small ceramic pot."
      Surprise blinked, a look of, well, surprise, and confusion appearing on her face before stuttering, "Wha... Whuuuu.... What the fuck?"
    • Zapostate:
      Sour bit her lip and shimmied from side to side. "I know it's kind of the pot calling the kettle black, buuuut... Indigo Zap has gone fucking insane."
  • In Avenger Goddess, this is how Diana sums up her explanation to Tony about The Fair Folk.
    Diana: Fuck Tinkerbell is what I'm saying.
  • In The Vanishing Cabinet of Time Harry is betrothed to four girls.
    Susan: You'll make an excellent First Wife, Hermione. You're already practicing.
    Hermione: Me? But I'm - well -
    Susan: Muggleborn? Socially considered lower than Harry's other future wives? Pardon my French, but fuck that.
  • When Eggman invades for the first time in Sonic and Donna, Sonic yells back at him "To hell with that!". The narration mentions that Donna would usually act offended at Sonic swearing, but she agreed with him this time.
  • In A Magician's Secret, Endeavor gives his spiel to Izuku about how great his "creation" Shoto is, only for Izuku to open his counterargument with:
    Izuku: My name isn't boy. And you know what, fuck you.
  • Used in Mastermind: Strategist for Hire, as Eraserhead brings news regarding Mastermind to Tsukauchi:
    Eraserhead: According to my contact, over the past week, Mastermind has met with the leaders of several minor gangs. In person.
    Tsukauchi: Fuck.
  • The Resident Evil fanfic The Progenitor Chronicles is pretty light on the profanity. One very notable exception is Claire after she escapes the island in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. At that point she believes she’s the only survivor, someone she trusted betrayed her, and she has no idea why any of it happened because the mastermind behind it all shot herself in the head and self-destructed her lab before they could find any answers. Claire isn’t in a good mood. At all.
  • Wind Whistler in Another Rainbow In Another Sky calls Care Bears "nosy bastards". She says that she can curse around Megan, now that Megan's an adult.
  • A variation in The Loud House fanfiction What You Wish For. Lori swears several times on her rant to Lincoln, and while she has sworn before, it was never at someone.
  • Us and Them: After a physical therapy workout with a staff, Aeris is flopped on a bed completely sore. When Sephiroth offers to find her a pain killer, she vehemently declines since she can't stand any more of their damned medicine.
    Sephiroth: Hey-that's one gil.
    Aeris: Oh, shut up."
  • At the climax of Halloween Unspectacular X, E350 notes that since the series is rated T, he's technically allowed one F word per story, but has never used it before. Now, as he and his friends face their Last Stand against the corrupt FBI forces allied with the Bus Driver, he decides he may as well invoke it. So he gives the honor to Tulip, whose wording leaves Agent Parker incoherent with rage.
  • In the Junior Officers chapter "Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes", when Deborah has been pushed a litle too far...
    Deborah: You'renote  just like me dad, you bastard!
  • In What it Means to Be a Hero, Sir Nighteye tries to give his canon lecture to Izuku about how unsuitable he is for One For All and that he should pass the Quirk to Mirio immediately. Izuku, who doesn't even have One For All and had previously been excited to meet a hero without a physical Quirk, lets Nighteye know exactly what he thinks of them.
    Sir Nighteye: Togata Mirio. He is the superior candidate. He should be the one to use One For All.
    Izuku: You want me to give it to him?
    Sir Nighteye: The sooner the better. He needs to master it as quickly as—
    Izuku: Fuck you.


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