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  • Azur Lane has Enterprise give a short and sweet example.
    Enterprise: Enterprise, engage.
  • The one time Claire Stanfield of Baccano! breaks out a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner (in the fourth novel, Drugs & the Dominoes) he makes it count, quoting the first spoken lines of dialog in the history of film: "You ain't heard nothing yet!"
    • Jacuzzi in the anime, right before his traintop beatdown of Goose: "I have a my heart!"
  • Black Lagoon:
    • "If you want to see my sword that badly, so be it. You can all make the march to hell together."
    • "Shut the FUCK up." One occasion when Revy's hair-trigger temper wasn't to blame. Blitz Stanford's monologue on the virtues of his handgun was enough to try the patience of a Saint.
      • The full thing is pretty awesome:
      Revy: Shut the FUCK up! Couldn't you see I wasn't even listening? You tryin' to sell me the damn gun or what?
      Blitz: You fucking cu-
      Revy: Now it's my turn to talk. Here's some advice; if you can hit your target, pretty much any gun will do the trick. Now that's one to grow on. Say hi to the Furhrer for me, would ya?
  • Several in Bleach. For example, Aizen before rendering Hitsugaya a bloody mess. "Don't use such strong words. They make you look weak."
    • Ichigo after Orihime cries out for him not to die. He grabs the blade and... "Sorry, Grimmjow. Looks like I can't let you hurt me anymore." *SLASH*
    • Rangiku after Izuru has rendered her sword unusable. "So what if I can't hold my weapon to use it? I just won't hold it." She then proceeds to unleash her shikai which transforms the sword into dust and own Izuru with it.
    • Yumichika in Chapter 321. "Thank you". And that was just the start of his Moment of Awesome.
    • "That was a practice swing."
    • Way back when Ichigo and Sado first became friends. "Hello, I need an ambulance by the bridge. How many? *Counts the thugs holding Sado hostage* Five of them."
  • Touma From A Certain Magical Index does this always before finishing the current arcs Big Bad:
    Touma: I will break it... That messed up illusion of yours!
    • Accelerator has two while curb stomping Awaki: "But, you know, just because I've gotten weaker doesn't mean you're any stronger now does it?" and "Sorry, but this is a one-way-road!" (NOTE: The Alternate Character Reading for the kanji used to write Accelerator's name reads "ippotsuko" or "one-way-road").
      • Intersetingly, in the dub these lines were changed to "Just because I've gotten weaker don't think for one second I'm as pathetically weak as you - did you really think I'd fallen that low?" And "Unless you want me to Accelerate your death..." respectively.
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  • Done by Teresa in Claymore. "Say your prayer you wretches. Filth like you is even lower than Youma. I am going to kill every last one of you". Do not touch her Morality Pet, for you are weak against her and Made of Plasticine.
  • Done by Luciano Bradley in Code Geass. "Question! What is it that you value the most?" (cuts to a look of absolute fear from the victim) "That's right. YOUR LIFE!"
  • Cowboy Bebop: LET'S PARTY!
  • Digimon Savers: "It's fightin' time!"
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z has a ridiculous amount of these.
    Cell: You fool! Have you forgotten? I know you! Your cells are woven into my very being! You, Vegeta, are a part of me!
    Vegeta: Now I'm going to take you apart! How ironic!
    • "Maybe if this were five-hundred times Earth's gravity, you would have the advantage. But ten? I don't even feel it."
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    • A few minutes before the above: "Welcome to the end of your life. And I promise, it's going to hurt."
    • Gohan also delivers an immensely badass one to Super Buu when he arrives on the battlefield after Old Kai unlocks his potential. Buu says to him "So hotshot, you want to fight Majin Buu?" and Gohan responds with "Fight you? No, I want to kill you," and then lays the biggest beating on Buu that he had probably ever experienced.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods gives us two from Goku:
    Goku: If you're going to use blasts against me, then fine! I've got one... for YOUUUUUUUUU!
  • Durarara!!:
  • Fushigi Yuugi: "WHAT—DID YOU DO—TO—MIAKA? I asked you a question, DAMN IT!"
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • "The first thing I'm going to burn is your tongue." Mustang says this to Envy when he finds out that the latter killed Hughes.
    • Mustang takes this to a higher plane. He pulls one off with the simple words "Too slow," before proceeding to nuke Ed, the stadium, and a whole lot of spectators in a barrage of fiery explosions.
    • Also:
    Greed: I'm sorry, who the hell are you?
    Izumi: PISSED OFF!
    • "I'M A HOUSEWIFE!!"
    • And the end of the manga with the fight against Father. All of the alchemists are pounding on Father like there's no tomorrow, Ed's automail arm is completely destroyed, Al sacrifices his soul to bring Ed's real arm back, and at this point, Edward is majorly pissed, and brings back a line from the very first chapter:
    • Since nobody actually got hit, it might not count, but one good line was from Episode 2's penultimate scene, when Ed responds to Father Cornello's underestimation of his alchemic powers by animating a statue of god the size of a church to deliver a warning shot in the form of a punch. Cornello only survived this because Ed is the most pacifistic of all main characters, aside from Al. Considering Ed spends about 97% of his time kicking ass, this is saying something.
      Cornello: You didn't fool me with that little display down there. Without this, the only alchemy you can perform is to your own metal arm.
      Edward: You know what? You're not the only one who can't stand doubters, Preach'. Here's the REAL hammer of God!
  • Another Ryoma, though from Getter Robo. He purposefully grabs hold of a yakuza boss' knife blade and tells him "What's the matter? Come on, either push or pull. You'll save face if you at least chop off one finger" before kicking his terrified ass and scaring off the rest of his thugs.
  • Gintama has a lot, whether they are hilarious lines -
    Matsudaira: Wash your own shitty underwear!
    • Or serious lines -
      Gintoki: Don't ever show your face around her again, you sick son of a bitch!
  • The hot-headed Kirie "Jump-to-conclusions" Kojima of Girls Bravo also does this often anytime she sees the protagonist Yukinari in a hard-to-explain situation.
    Miharu: Yes, we were in the bath together.
    Kirie: Take a bath... IN! HELL!! (clobbers Yukinari)
  • The cures of Go! Princess Pretty Cure have "Okakugo wa yoroshikutte"!
  • "Don't think the combined Gunbuster is some ordinary machine, IT HAS COACH'S HEART BEATING WITHIN IT!!!"
  • Hayate × Blade:
    Hitsugi: Now then... Hoshikawa-san... Let us dance!
  • In Hellsing TV's last episode: "I'll send you to the DEEPEST PITS OF HELL!! While you're there you can LICK THE DEVIL'S ASS!!!!" A very badass thing to say.
  • You really don't want to be around when Sesshoumaru of Inuyasha fame says, "It seems I've been underestimated".
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure features Jotaro Kujo, a character who spends his screen time either being The Stoic or making cheesy one-liners.
    Jotaro: Nice watch. Too bad you won't be able to tell the time on it after I break it. And by it, I mean your face.
    Jotaro: Josuke, say something to him. Something cool. Let him have it!
    Josuke: Y-You didn't scare me at all, you idiot!
    • But in the same part, Koichi manages to pull it off combined with Ironic Echo while dealing with Yukako and her Prehensile Hair Stand. She wraps it around Koichi, unwittingly triggering his Stand by touching a "KABOOM!" written on his jacket:
    Koichi: You're touching the writing that's gonna blow you away! Not bad for a pants-wetting little shrimp, HUH?!
    (Koichi's Stand turns the writing into an actual explosion, blowing Yukako away.)
    • Also one in Phantom Blood:
    Jonathan: Guess who survived their time in hell.
  • Kara no Kyoukai: "Those... really were... dreamlike days. Thank you. But, I'm sorry. I know I'll lose everything. But still. But still... I can't forgive him.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    • GET SET. "I'm sorry, and thank you, Erio, Caro. There's nothing to doubt, right?" RIOT ZANBER.*Cha-CHACK.* "Because I was weak, I was hesitating and worrying. I will probably always repeat this. But. That's fine... Because all of that is me."
    • "I found you..."
  • Given how much asskicking there is in Maiden Rose these show up fairly often. One of the more memorable ones is after Berkut recovers from the train being derailed by two anti-tank missiles and comments that Taki must be insane to have done that. Cue Taki standing on top of the wreckage with his katana adding, "and yet, I still haven't managed to finish you off, have I?" before a Curb-Stomp Battle ensues.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Nodoka of all people gives one of these when facing Dynamis.
  • Mai-Otome: Rena Sayers from the prequel series. "I'm sorry everyone, but please hang in there. If you look away, you'll die." And boy does she deliver.
  • From My Hero Academia, during All Might's fight with the villain Noumu.
    All Might: "Now for a lesson. You may have heard these words before... but I'll teach you what they really mean! Go beyond! Plus... Ultra...!
  • Naruto:
  • One Piece has a few good ones.
    Chu/Chew: What did you say was over?
    Usopp: This fight! Wine is flammable! (Usopp lights Chu up like a Christmas Tree)
    • The perhaps most epic one: In Enies Lobby, Luffy is informed that its garrison numbers in the tens of thousands.
      Luffy: And I'm alone. Get out of my way!
    • There's also post-timeskip Luffy who gives us one with only one word. He's fighting the same exact pacifista that defeated and scattered all nine Straw Hats two years before. It shoots a laser made of light at Luffy who remarks; "slow." Then lays it down for good with one jet pistol.
    • Admiral Kizaru delivers an awesome one before kicking the crap out of Basil Hawkins:
    Speed is... "weight". Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light?
    • Luffy stands atop a building, calling out for Bellamy who asks Luffy if he "even knows how to throw a punch", causing the observing crowd to burst in laughter. Luffy simply says "Do I know how to throw a punch?" and proceeds to one-hit Bellamy, the crowd instantly goes silent.
    • Zoro also has many of these. For example this golden line in the Fishman Island battles, when he fights an eight-sword-wielding fishman. Zoro slices the fishman's swords horizontally and stares very scarily at him.
      Zoro: You want to kill me?! You couldn't even kill my boredom!!!
    • Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper have a great one when taking on the Franky Family. "Don't leave a single bone unbroken."
  • Meowth gets a hilarious one when he confronts the Dream Thief in Best Wishes!
    Dream Thief: A Meowth that can talk? We'll be rolling in dough! Now just sign this contract...
    Meowth: AFTER ALL YOU PUT ME THROUGH, I WOULDN'T SIGN YOUR REPORT CARD!!! (slashes Dream Thief's clothes off with one attack).
  • The Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's "Mada mada dane" ("You've still a ways to go") before turning around and wiping the court with an opponent he was losing against up until that moment.
  • Rosario + Vampire: Moka's ever famous "KNOW YOUR PLACE!" Followed by a kick to the face.
    • "I hope you didn't see a doppelganger... because, you know, that means you're going to die." Cue the Evil Laugh and a roundhouse kick administered to the bad guy.
  • A pretty badass one from Rurouni Kenshin:
    Random Bandit: Who the hell are you?
    Hiko Seijuro: Speaking my name to someone about to die is meaningless.
  • You wouldn't believe it, but The '90s DiC dub of Sailor Moon had one with the final battle between Sailor Moon and Queen Beryl.
    Luna: Sailor Moon, you just have to win! Everyone's counting on you!
    Sailor Moon: I hear you, Luna. *Raises Wand* I'm not afraid anymore.
    Queen Beryl: ''YOU SHOULD BE!''
  • "I... am Samurai Gun."
  • Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV has Carol Malus Dienheim deliver one to the members of Noble Red, in the same tone of voice one might use to discuss the weather, as her response to Millaarc trying to pull a sneak attack on her.
    Carol: You interrupted my reverie. You know you're going to pay for that, right?
  • Sengoku Basara: "Put Ya Guns On!"
    • Every single character has one or two trademark one liners for use in the event of asskicking. Masamune who says the above also uses "Are You Ready?" and "Let's Party!".
  • Hao Asakura of Shaman King has a minor example with his, "So tiny/small" line. Not sure if this counts since it's not restricted to being said pre-battle; indeed, it's been said as a response to an attack mid-battle, or as a post-battle One-Liner. But it seemed appropriate.
  • Lina Inverse from Slayers does this quite often.
  • In the first Tenchi Muyo! movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love, Big Bad KAIN makes the mistake of injuring young Noboyuki in front of Achika. This ends up unlocking Achika's power.
    Achika: I have had enough! I will not allow this! I will pay you back! Because forgiveness... for one like you... could ''never'' be an option.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, every hero in the show, at one point or another, gets to yell some variation of "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!!?". This culminates in the speech before the final fight, where every Dai-Gurren member gets one line in their epic Badass Boast speech.
    Yoko: The dreams we left behind will open the door!
    Leeron: Even if the universe stands in our way...
    Simon: We'll break through time and space!
    All: And defy all who would stop us to grab hold of our path!
  • Trinity Blood: "Crusnik 02. Nanomachine output 40%. Activate."
  • Tsukihime: "Life and death may be back to back, but they will never face each other. ...I'll show you. This is what it means to kill something."
  • Umineko: When They Cry:
    • Done by Ange before she kills Kasumi with the help of the Stakes:
    • Also done by Beatrice just before killing George and Shannon during the second game in the anime:
    Beatrice: You think I'd let him say it!?! Duuumbaaaaass!!!
  • The scene in Yu-Gi-Oh! where a villain is talking about how he can use his powers to seduce any woman in the world — after knocking out and planning to rape Tea/Anzu. Yami is waiting by the door, listening to the whole thing: "You think so?" Asskicking ensues.
    • The Toei anime gave Yami Yugi the catchphrase "Saa, GAME no jikan da" (So, it's game time) which usually meant the dice were fixed, the cards were palmed, and you were probably going to wish you could die. The manga translates this to 'Let's play a game' instead. The Manga also has a pair of one liners for him, bookends style. He would open with 'Game Start' and end it with his Ass-Kicking Pose and the Pre-Mortem -I Mean, insanity one liner, Penalty Game.
  • Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho. Anyone remember in the beginning when he was fighting Suzaku?
    Yusuke: For all your careful planning, you made one mistake. You went and pissed me off!
    • I seem to recall a really good one from that fight from the English dub that went something like this:
    Yusuke: Alright, if you call off your goons now, I'll only rip out one of your lungs.
    Suzaku: And if I refuse?
    Yusuke: Then hold your stinkin' breath!
    • That fight Yusuke had with Jin during the Dark Tournament Saga:
    Yusuke: (about to fire an attack into Jin's that will surely kill them both) Let's see which one of us can take a bigger asskicking!
    What's amusing is Yusuke's follow-up reaction: "Damn! At least one of us should have died!"


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