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"Hello everybody and welcome to Weekly Manga Recap." — Nik's opening line

A podcast hosted by former That Guy with the Glasses producers RolloT (Chris Larios) and Y: Ruler of Time (Nik Freeman) Weekly Manga Recap is an ongoing podcast that reviews the most recent chapters of manga series released in Shonen Jump as well as recommendations of complete or ongoing manga series as provided by the fans.


Having begun on May 16 2011 Weekly Manga Recap has over three hundred recorded episodes in the can. A completed archive of their episodes in audio form can be found here. To see the podcast in video form (which starated being released on December the 9th 2015} can be viewed on their YouTube channel here.

WeeklyMangaRecap provides examples of:

  • Angrish: Whenever one of the manga being talked about gets bad enough one or both of the hosts will be reduced to this.
  • Attention Deficit Oh Shiny: A Running Gag on the show is that Chris and Nik often end up going on tangents during the show which often have little or nothing to do with the manga they are reviewing. This eventually lead to one episode where Chris decided to eat a variety of disgusting jellybeans as a type of penalty game every time they got on a tangent. Suffice it to say Hilarity Ensues.
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  • Early Installment Weirdness: Early on in WMR's run the guys often tried to keep their episodes about an hour long, sometimes less. Overtime the episodes got longer and longer and nowadays it's rare to find an episode under two hours.
  • Fan Fic: Chris made an erotic World Trigger fanfic that he (thus far) has made five parts off and will often ask Nik or one of the guests to read out on air.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Chris will make several Halloween-themed puns during any podcast around the holiday.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Inverted while the two may introduce themselves with their internet handles Nik and Chris refer to each other by their first names and the chat replies in kind. It helps that they are both good friends in real life.
  • The Rival: Have declared the woodworking podcasters on the iTunes hobby section to be their rivals. They used to consider the Shonen Jump Podcast to be their bitter rivals for many years but nowadays they are more Friendly Rivals then anything.
  • Running Gag: A lot over their many years reviewing manga. To list a few we have:
  • Tempting Fate: During the podcast, after reading an emotional Uruka chapter of We Never Learn Chris earnestly declared that it was a better Harem series then Nisekoi. The next goddamn chapter was and Overly Long Gag about breast sizes. Nik was not amused.
    Nik: This chapter was garbage. It only makes sense that we got a chapter this phenomenally stupid and juvenile immediately after you declared this was a better series to Nisekoi as if the god of manga came down and said "oh you dare to speak such heresy? I'll show you what's a worse harem series!
  • Trademark Favourite Food: Chris will often talk about how much he loves honey mustard and Nik often talks about his enjoyment of cinnamon pop tarts that are untoasted. This eventually led to a Running Gag that, if they lived in the world of Food Wars!, they would make awful contestants or judges since Chris would just praise any food that is slathered in honey mustard and Nik would just put an untoasted pop tart in front of the judges face.

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